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Walmart Scholarship

There are two types of Walmart scholarship a Walmart Associate scholarship and a Walmart dependant scholarship in both cases you must work for Walmart for six months prior to your application for a scholarship, you can work at Walmart part-time or fulltime, both are eligible for a Walmart scholarship, the difference between the two scholarships is that a Walmart Associate scholarship is for an associate, that's what Walmart calls their employees, so the scholarship is for yourself with an Associate scholarship, the Walmart Dependant scholarship is for a direct dependant of the person working at Walmart, so for example a scholarship from Walmart for your son or daughter.

To get the Walmart scholarship there is a requirement to work at Walmart, but it is only for six months, if you are interested in this scholarship and you are a student considering finishing high school and going on to university or college then you are probably thinking of working part-time anyway, simply get a part-time job at Walmart and within six months you are eligible to apply for their scholarship, parents working at Walmart, your son or daughter can get a free scholarship from Walmart, simply because you work at Walmart.

A Walmart scholarship is awarded on the basis of financial need, if your rich and could afford to pay your own way through college then you won't get a Walmart scholarship, you will have to prove your income and therefore your need on the application form, note that this scholarship is not merit based meaning it is not awarded based on the student who is the most qualified or cleverest and could pass a degree with the highest grades, the Walmart scholarship is based on financial need and not your academic qualifications or intelligence.

Study at School or College

You can use a Walmart scholarship to study for a first degree like a B.Sc. or B.A degree in any subject you like at any college or university you like, all that is required is that the college or university is an accredited university and Walmart provide a list of accredited universities with the application form so you can choose where you want to study, although it is a large list so don't be concerned that your choice might not be on the list.

Associate (Walmart employees) looking to get the Walmart Associate scholarship which is a scholarship for the actuarial employee of Walmart and not their dependants (children) must first join the Walmart Lifelong Learning Programme an internal Walmart training programme, through this scheme and directly thought the Walmart scholarships website an Associate application form can be downloaded.

The Walmart Associates scholarship pays for you to do a undergraduate degree at the APU American Public University, this is an online university so you will be able to take your degree online using course notes and online examinations, the course is backed up by real lecturers who will mark your work and set assignments as well as conduct online classroom sessions, so whilst it is an online programme you shouldn't feel that you are left alone to study and have no support.

Four Year Degree

The amount of money that Walmart will pay for an Associate scholarship, is based on the number of credits that the course is worth and where you take the course, if you take the course online at the American Public University (APU) 3 to 6 credits will see you be awarded $500 USD for the course whilst 7 to 11 credits will provide a Walmart scholarship of $750 dollars and over 12 credits will get you a scholarship of $1,000 dollars, you can use this money to pay for the course directly or for books, computers and other expenses.

As well as taking your degree through the APU with Walmart you can also take the degree through a community college, a two year community college programme has its own scholarship fees which are 3 to 6 credit hours is worth $500 dollars whilst 7 to 11 credit hours is worth $750 dollars and finally greater than 12 credit hours is worth $1,000, as well as the APU and a two year college programme you can also get Walmart to pay for a four year degree programme at a college or university, this provides $750 dollars for 3 to 6 credit hours and $1,125 dollars for 7 to 11 credit hours and $1,500 dollars for greater than 12 credit hours, so the maximum amount that Walmart will pay out for a scholarship is for a four year degree programme and amounts to $1,500 a year for four years meaning you will receive a total scholarship of $6,000.

A six thousand dollars scholarship from Walmart certainly should go some way to pay your course costs and don't forget that to obtain an Associate scholarship from Walmart you must be an Associate and that means being employed by Walmart so with the money you earn from Walmart and the money you get from your scholarship you should be able to cover your course fees and living expenses, of course once you have a degree from Walmart you will be able to use that degree to get a full time position within Walmart at a higher rate of pay or you could leave Walmart for a higher paid job at another company.

No Repayment if you leave Walmart

If you leave Walmart after obtaining your degree through the scholarship programme you will not be required to pay any money back to Walmart as the scholarship is not dependant on you continuing to work for Walmart after your degree only that you work for Walmart whilst you are studying.

Whilst Walmart will pay for you to take a four year degree programme you are not required to complete the four year degree in four years and can take up to a maximum of six years to complete the degree, your get the maximum award of $1,500 dollars per year for the full six years meaning you will get a total scholarship award of $9,000 dollars that's $3,000 dollars more than completing the degree in four years, so it's worth considering taking longer to complete the degree as your get more scholarship money and also you should have more time to work at Walmart and earn even more working part-time whilst you study, you must continue on a degree programme with twelve or greater credit hours or you will receive less money from Walmart.

You need to reapply for the Walmart scholarship twice a year, every six months, the reapplication process as with the Pell Grant is much easier than the initial application process, so don't worry that you have to reapply, its just to let Walmart know that you are still attending your course of study and to list the grades and any change of circumstances.

$16,000 Scholarship

Whilst Walmart say that you must do twelve credit hours or above, if you do a full degree programme and spread the degree out over the maximum number of years which is six, then Walmart will give you a total scholarship of $16,000 dollars to get an Associate scholarship you must work at Walmart either full time or part-time, there is no requirement to be a permanent citizen of the USA, if you are an international student already in the USA you can apply for a Walmart scholarship too, you will need to have been working part-time at Walmart for at least six months, but that is the only requirement Walmart place on their employee, you do not need to be a US citizen to receive a Walmart scholarship, you will of course need to get a US visa and be able to travel to the USA and have a visa status that allows you to seek part-time employment, but meet those criteria and you will be able to apply for a Walmart scholarship.

Dependant scholarships operate in pretty must the same way as the Associate scholarship, the difference is that a dependant scholarship is awarded to the dependant (a close relative) of someone working at Walmart, so a parent can apply for a scholarship from Walmart for their son or daughter, it might be possible for a grandparent working at Walmart to apply for a dependant scholarship for their grandson or granddaughter, note that would require that the grandson or granddaughter are a dependant on the grandparents, in other words the grandparent who works at Walmart is the one who looks after and cares for the grandchild.

Walmart allow the recipients of the scholarship to apply for as many scholarships as they like, these must be one after the other and not consecutively so you must finish one degree before you start the next degree and cannot take two degrees at the same time to get double the scholarship, you could receive a scholarship for more than one first degree one after the other or a first degree and then a second degree, so for example you could take a degree in business administration and then do another degree in engineering all at the first degree level or you could take for example a first degree in engineering and then a second degree in business administration meaning you would have received a scholarship for both a undergraduate and a postgraduate degree all paid for by Walmart.

Better than other scholarships

Walmart scholarships which are worth a total of $16,000 US dollars over six years plus any additional money you earn from working at Walmart part-time are an excellent way to get a degree, not only can you use a Walmart scholarship to get one degree but two degrees or more at the same level or at higher levels, all whilst earning money and with no limit on the amount of scholarships you can apply for (one after the other, not at the same time), as not all Walmart employees or their dependants will be wishing to pursue higher education there is a very good chance that if you apply for a scholarship with a degree from an accredited university you will be awarded the scholarship.

There is much less competition for a Walmart scholarship than there is from say a Coca Cola scholarship, which actually prevents people who work for Coca Cola from applying for the scholarship, Walmart on the other hand works the opposite, only allowing those who work for Walmart to apply for a scholarship (or a dependant scholarship on the behalf of a son or daughter).

To continue receiving the scholarship for six years all that you need do is renew the scholarship twice a year, this just involves sending in a copy of the most recent transcript showing your grades, the transcript will be for the study undertaken on the previous scholarship award and must show a 2.0 or higher GPA Grade Point Average, so it's important not to let your studies slip if you want to continue to get the scholarship, as you can apply for more than one scholarship consecutively and for courses at the APU for online courses or four years or six year degree programmes there is no need to take a harder course than you are capable of achieving, you can break your study down into achievable modules insuring that you can maintain a 2.0 GPA.

Two Requirements

There are only two requirements for a Walmart scholarship and those are financial need and community involvement, basically if you are rich enough or your family is rich enough to pay for your education then you won't be able to get a Walmart scholarship, you have to submit financial details so this is easily checked, the next criteria is that you show community involvement, so if the Walmart where you work is involved in community activities and they will be, you better make sure you are taking part and leading in those activities, basically as with the Coca Cola scholarship Walmart want to see that the people they give the scholarship to are more productive members of society that will help improve society and are basically worth educating, by involving yourself in community activities you show both Walmart and Coca Cola those aspects of your character.