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UNCF Scholarships

UNCF scholarships are made available by the United Negro College Fund, UNCF is an institution who manages several college funds and free scholarships, you are able to apply for these scholarships directly from the UNCF website, most of the scholarships available through the UNCF also require that you apply for the Federal State Aid programme, this is also a free application from the FAFSA website.

UNCF scholarships are for those of African American or black American or black Caribbean descent, the number of scholarship programmes varies and each scholarship programme may award more than one scholarship but expect to see at least 20 scholarship programmes (some programmes with multiple scholarships available), if you're not of African American, black American or black Caribbean descent or one of a range of other ethnicities which are listed on the individual scholarships then your be unable to apply for a UNCF scholarship.

All the scholarships available through the UNCF can be applied for online, you can upload supporting information and register with the site, saving your application which does not need to be completed in one sitting, some of the scholarship programmes do not have online applications and you must contact the UNCF to declare your interest and ask about application, but most of the scholarships do have an online application, the application requirements and process are different for each scholarship and you cannot enter the scholarship details into the UNCF website once and apply for multiple scholarships at the same time, you will have to copy and paste the information between multiple scholarships but note that you will have to meet the requirements of all the scholarships that you enter and their entrance requirements will differ so not all information will be relevant for all scholarships, you will have to collect references and write essays for each specific application.

UNCF Administered Scholarship

All the scholarships administered by UNCF require that you be resident in the United States, even though you will have to show ethnicity from Africa, Caribbean or other descent, you cannot reside in those countries to claim the scholarships and must be US resident.

UNCF STEM Scholars Programme

The UNCF STEM Scholars programme is a scholarship programme administered by the UNCF to give scholarships to 500 black African Americans, your heritage can be either one or both parents with a black African American heritage, the scholarship is to study a STEM Science Technology Engineering or Maths based degree programme, you will have to be a US resident, no international students can apply for this scholarship and your need to have a GPA Grade Point Average of 3.0 and have high academic performance in maths and science subjects with a GPA of 3.0 including study of pre-calculus, you need to have already applied at a college or university and be identified by the college or university as in financial need, this can be done by including a letter from your college or university putting you forward for the UNCF STEM scholarship on the grounds of financial need.

Applicants will also need to show an interest and ability to undertake study in a STEM subject, the UNCF programme identifies STEM subjects as majoring in biological science, life science, physics, chemistry, computer science, engineering (industrial, mechanical, electrical or chemical) and mathematics, your need to complete a range of essays to help the UNCF get to know you through your essays and understand your potential and your reasons for wanting to study a STEM subject, your also need to be a full time degree student in their first year of study at an accredited college or university in the United States and your need to be a US citizen.

Applicants will need to submit two letters of application, one letter from their high school STEM teacher and one letter from a STEM programme sponsor or mentor, this is someone who has taught the student a STEM subject and can comment on the student's suitability for a STEM course as well as their academic ability and personal characteristics. Students applying for the STEM scholarship will also need to compete an application form that requires them to list their demographic information, their ethnicity, address and contact details as well as upload their student record or transcript and their involvement in the community and leadership within the community, this makes the STEM scholarship very much like the Bill Gates scholarships for African Americans or black US citizens where not only is the scholarship interested in their ethnicity and be in need of a scholarship in order to pay for university, but that the student has a great deal of community involvement and leadership within that community.

Community Involvement Essays

The community involvement essays must provide details of the student's role in supporting a black or African American community project and leading that project, for example the student might have setup workshops to teach other black Americans science based subjects in their community or the student might participate or lead in local hospital activities targeted towards black or African Americans. Community involvement is such a big part of the STEM scholarship and a great many scholarships that you simply won't be considered for the scholarship without being able to document your community activities and especially your ability to lead those communities, the reason this is an important scholarship criteria is that the scholarship money must go towards improving not only the life chances of an individual black or African American but the life chances of a great many black or African Americans and this can only be achieved if the student is involved in their local black or African American community and continues to support that community after their education.

Students applying for the UNCF STEM scholarship will also need to complete a FAFSA Free Application for Federal Student Aid form, an online application can be made from the FAFSA website, the FAFSA application is used to gauge eligibility for the scholarship by financial need, this makes it easier for the UNCF to check the students financial position as the FAFSA state aid approval documents will need to be uploaded as part of the UNCF application.

The UNCF STEM scholarship awards $2,500 dollars a year for freshmen and somophores and $5,000 dollars a year for juniors and seniors and an additional $5,000 for students in a five year academic programme, the money is awarded each year for a maximum of five years provided that the student maintains a GPA of 2.5 and remains enrolled on a STEM degree programme an additional $5,000 stipend for living expenses and accommodation will be made available if the student undertakes a STEM related project or an internship, the student must also participate in academic monitoring and support by the UNCF and must attend a pre-college K12 STEM summer college programme and a UNCF student technology empowerment workshop.

The student will also receive academic, personal and career mentoring and the invitation to attend entrepreneurial training in new tech ventures and start-ups through the UNCF Competitive Venture Accelerator Programme and invitation for a high school or pre college STEM based leadership event.

UNCF Anthem Corporate Scholars Programme

Another UNCF administered scholarship is the UNCF Anthem Corporate Scholars Programme for minority students which awards students with a scholarship of up to $5,000 for one year only, the final amount offered is based on the individual students need. To qualify for this scholarship students must maintain a GPA of 3.0 or better and must be in the sophomore year of a four year degree programme during the application period. Only students who major in one of the following subjects will be eligible for the award: business, communications, marketing, finance, healthcare administration, healthcare management and computer technology.

Students must be currently studying for a four year degree programme in one of the following locations: Woodland Hills California, Thousand Oaks California, Richmond Virginia, Virginia Beach Virginia, Atlanta Georgia, Indianapolis Indiana, St. Louis Missouri, Albany New York, NYC New York, Cincinnati Ohio and Mason Ohio.

Students applying for the scholarship must have strong analytical skills as demonstrated by their college or university transcript along with problem solving skills, interpersonal skills, written and oral communication skills, students must also be familiar with Microsoft Office (Excel, Word and Outlook) as well as social media platforms, this is so that scholarship winners have the skills necessary to intern at Anthem Inc. offices over the summer.


UNCF/Anthem scholarship students can apply for an internship with Anthem, Anthem do not make an internship available to all scholarship winners and you don't need to apply for the internship if you don't want to, however an internship will probably be an integral part of any four year degree programme. The internship is a paid internship over the summer and is open to college sophomores, summer internships are at the Anthem Inc. offices which are in all locations accepted by the scholarship and so if you are living in those locations there will be an Anthem Inc. office nearby. A presentation will need to be made to Anthem key staff at the end of the internship, there are no accommodation payments available for the internship but as it is in the student's current location, this should hopefully not be an issue.

Scholarship winners are required to attend the UNCF Student Leadership Conference which is a three day conference in Washington, DC , the internship programme includes travel expenses for attending this conference, the conference will cover how to get the most out of your internship and how to become a career professional at the end of internship.

Students applying for the UNCF/Anthem scholarship and internship will need to be African American, Black American, American Indian, Alaska Native, Asian Pacific Islander American or Hispanic American, only these ethnicities will be considered for the scholarship.

Ossie Davies Scholarship

As well as company provided scholarship and internships the UNCF also administer individual scholarships where individuals have setup scholarship legacies which upon their death are administered by the UNCF one of such scholarship opportunity is the Ossie Davies Scholars Programme, Ossie Davies was an actor, director and producer, the scholarship programme was established by Ossie Davies family to offer a scholarship to young black American and African Americans attending a black college or university in the USA. Ossie Davies was also an activist and successful scholarship applications must demonstrate artistic activism to address worldwide concerns, potential scholars will need a 3.0 GPA in any of the following subjects African American Studies, Communications, Education, Fine Arts, Humanities, Performing Arts, Political Science, Social Sciences, Theatre Arts, Theatre Drama or Visual Arts.

The Ossie Davies scholarship can be applied for online with the UNCF where students must upload an essay detailing how they are aligned with the principles of Ossie Davies and would continue his activism work using artistic expression, references and letters of recommendation also need to be uploaded as does an electronic portfolio of pictures, drawings or photographs detailing the students artistic activism endeavours along with a narrative describing the portfolio, the Ossie Davies scholarship award is for $6,800 per year renewable for up to four years of degree study.

African American and Black American Scholarships

The UNCF at any one time have about twenty different scholarship programmes available for African American and Black American US resident students to apply for and these include Walton-UNCF K-12 Education Fellows Program, UNCF STEM Scholars Program, AAMD/UNCF Museum Diversity Initiative, Ossie Davis Scholars Program, UNCF General Scholarship Application, Gates Millennium Scholars Program, UNCF/Koch Scholars Institutional Program Grants, Health Care Navigator (HCN), UNCF/Anthem Corporate Scholars Program, AAP-UNCF Internship, Gateway to Leadership, Burlington Northern Santa Fe Scholarship, UNCF Career Pathways Initiative (CPI), UNCF/Koch Scholars Program Undergraduate Application, Health Care Navigator (HCN) for 1st year law students only, SUEZ Corporate Scholars Program, Public Relations Internship, Mentoring and Education PRIME Scholars Program and Intel Scholarship Program.

As a black American or African American student resident in the USA in need of financial support to complete a first degree (undergraduate degree) at a US university the UNCF United Negro College Fund should be one of the first places scholarship seekers look, with twenty different scholarship programmes available with at least ten scholarships available that's two hundred scholarships available for black Americans and African Americans the scholarships often come with internship opportunities which very often can lead to the offer of employment after your degree has completed, so not only are UNCF able to help young black and African students to gain a degree when without finding they would not be able to study but the UNCF internship programmes help students get a job.