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Tylenol Scholarship

The Tylenol Scholarship is a one year scholarship to study for a first degree or a second degree (undergraduate or postgraduate qualification), the scholarship is from Tylenol a brand of pain relief medication manufactured by McNeil Consumer Healthcare which is a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson, no employees or their families or suppliers who work for McNeil Consumer Healthcare are eligible to apply for the Tylenol scholarship, some company scholarships like the Coca Cola scholarship prevent those who work for the company to apply for the scholarships and other companies like the McDonalds scholarship require that you have to be an employee of the company to gain the scholarship.

Whether you have to be an employee of the company or not to get the scholarship is a decision for the individual companies, some companies want only their employees to benefit form the scholarship whilst other companies like Tylenol don't want anyone to think that working for the company provides some sort of unfair advantage, so company employees are not eligible for the scholarship.

The Tylenol scholarship is only available for US citizens, international students looking to study abroad in the USA cannot apply for the scholarship, the scholarship is administered on behalf of Tylenol by ISTS International Scholarship and Tuition Services a company who administer a great many scholarships on behalf of companies including the Walmart scholarship, you apply for the Tylenol scholarship directly from the ISTS website, you apply online and enter the address of the college or university where you will be studying, the college or university are paid directly by ISTS, the scholarship award is a one year award for course fees, books and educational equipment like computers but not including housing or living expenses.

Sixty Tylenol Scholarships Available

There are several Tylenol scholarships available, all scholarships are for one year only and successful applicants cannot reapply each year, you will need to already be enrolled in a university or college programme at the undergraduate or postgraduate level, many scholarships like the Bill Gates scholarship limit you to an undergraduate degree but Tylenol allow both first and second degrees, as the scholarship is only for one year it will not cover the entire cost of your studies, should you be successful in getting a Tylenol scholarship and also have a Pell grant, you will have to declare your Tylenol scholarship to Pell which may then limit the amount of money you receive from the state.

Tylenol have a range of scholarships including 20 scholarships ranging from $500 to $2500 dollars, 10 scholarships for $10,000 and 30 scholarships for $5,000, these three scholarships are all for one year only and are not renewable which means you will have to find another source of funding for the remaining years of your study, you can get a scholarship for any accredited two or four year college or university that has charitable status, so that is the majority of educational institutions in the United Sates.

Unlike the McDonalds scholarships and Bill Gates scholarships the Tylenol scholarship is available for all students regardless of race or creed (both McDonalds and the Bill Gates scholarships limit applications to African Americans and other ethnic groups).

No Grade Point Average Requirement

If you are awarded a Tylenol scholarship you can change college or university provided the educational establishment you are moving to is also accredited, if you are applying for a Tylenol scholarship and have not yet started your course of study then you should enter your first choice of course and university or college on the ISTS application form, Tylenol scholarships are only available for healthcare related first of second degrees the exact requirement is public health, health education, med school, nursing and pharmacy degree programmes, if you want to study in any other field except those listed then you will not be able to apply for a Tylenol scholarship the Fulbright scholarship makes no such subject requirements and might be a better choice if you want to study a wider range of subjects.

Whilst Tylenol do not publically state what Grade Point Average GPA they are looking for Tylenol do state that the GPA is taken into account and as the scholarship is merit based the studies with the highest GPA who also meet the other criteria will be selected, the other scholarship criteria include your academic records in public health, health education, med school, nursing and pharmacy, if you are applying for a scholarship for your second degree then this is very easy to show, if your applying for your first degree then you will have had to have started your degree programme in order to be able to show academic records in these subjects, whilst it's not a requirement to have started your degree programme, you will be in competition with other students who have started their degree programme and will be able to show study under these subjects and a GPA.

Other criteria for the scholarship are your community involvement or volunteer service records, this is an important part of most scholarship programmes and you will have to show how you currently serve the community, unlike other scholarships you don't have to show leadership skills like you would with the Fulbright or Bill Gates scholarships. So a good scholarship choice if you want to serve your community rather than lead your community, previous winners of the scholarship have all highlighted how their educational achievements will be used in their community and how their community involvement has inspired them to study for a medical or healthcare related career.

Volunteer and Community Work

Volunteer services you could document for example would be how you volunteer at a hospital or other medical centre to help your community and how what you have seen whilst volunteering has inspired you to continue your healthcare or medical studies, whilst you must show a strong community or volunteer aspect in your application you are not required to show community involvement with a minority group like you are with many other scholarships.

The Tylenol scholarship as with most other scholarships requires that you write an essay, the essay should document why you want to study medicine or a healthcare related subject, the progress you have made to that goal, maybe you are already studying medicine and need the scholarship to continue to the next year of study or maybe you have a first degree and need the scholarship to obtain a postgraduate qualification or even begin your degree studies.

Verifiable information and contact details should be included in your essay, if you have said that you volunteer at your local hospital then provide the contact details of a community leader at the hospital who can provide additional information about you, whilst there is no set requirement to do this, the easier you make your application to be assessed the more likely you are to gain the scholarship with sixty scholarships each year available there is a good change that you will be considered for one of the scholarships which will either pay for your course fees outright or go some way to supplement the course fees you have already paid.

Financial Support

Interestingly there is not requirement on the Tylenol scholarship to come from a financially needy background, you do not have to show that you could not continue your studies without the scholarship.

After applying for the scholarship through ISTS, your receive an email response directly from ISTS, scholarship candidates are assessed by ISTS and a list of semi finalists for each scholarship award is drawn up, the semi finalists are notified that they have reached the semi final level at which point they will need to provide additional details, documentation or clarification to their application, a further round of assessment takes place and the list of recipients is drawn up, all semi finalist and recipient contact from ISTS is done via email.

If you are the recipient of a scholarship it is up to you to make sure that the university or college information you have entered into the ISTS application website is correct as ISTS will be paying the college or university directly by cheque and not issuing you the student with the cheque, generally the college or university will deduct the cost of the course fees from the cheque from ISTS and any remainder fund will be made available to you by your college or university for the payment of books, computers or other course materials. Note that the Tylenol scholarship is not for accommodation or other living expenses, the scholarship is tax free because it is for the payment of course fees, if the scholarship allowed payment of accommodation or living expenses then it would become taxable which is why a great many scholarships are not full scholarships and do not include accommodation.

Proof of Enrolment

Scholarship winners will need to provide proof of enrolment onto a public health, health education, medical school, nursing or pharmacy degree program before the scholarship money will be released to your chosen university or college.

The online application allows you to create a username and password and save your place in the application process so you don't have to complete your application all in one sitting, you can contact ISTS by email to ask questions about the application process but Tylenol state that no personal correspondence will be entered into therefore you can't ask why you have not been given a scholarship or debate your application with ISTS as they won't respond to such requests.

Applicants will need to upload supporting evidence to their online application, this will include course transcripts, community and volunteering proof and tax returns to show income, whilst the Tylenol scholarship is open to all in that no Grade Point Average GPA is stated, no level of financial support from family or other grants is asked and the level of volunteering or community involvement is not stated and how far you are along in your studies is also not requested in the application criteria, it's the overall impression of all these criteria that will enable ISTS to approve your application for a scholarship, whilst it is quite possible that you will still get the scholarship with a lower GPA than other students if for example your community work or volunteering far exceeds other candidates who have a higher GPA.

US Residents Only

The award is for US students only that means students resident in the United States, no award is available for international students and no stipulation for ethnic minorities is made on the application criteria so the award is available to all US citizens, the application has much in common with other applicants like the McDonalds scholarship and is also administered by the same company ISTS, so it should be easy for students to produce the essay and scanned documentation requested and use this same information for multiple applications for different scholarships, as much as possible you will have to customise the essay if you are to stand any change of being awarded the scholarship but the use of a standard platform in ISTS means that it is easier to make multiple applications, although ISTS do not provide a mechanism to submit the information already entered to ISTS to other ISTS administered applications so your need to copy and paste the application details between the applications, in fact ISTS don't even make it easy to see what other scholarships are administered through ISTS, so use free scholarships to research the scholarships where you meet the entrance requirements and then apply directly through ISTS via the scholarship details page of the companies offering the scholarships.

All US students looking to study medicine, pharmacy, healthcare or a related discipline should consider the Tylenol scholarship because thirty different scholarships are available giving you much more chance of being awarded the scholarship than other single scholarship awards, also the scholarship criteria is not limiting like many other scholarships so all US citizens will be able to apply without fear of exclusion, you will need to show community and volunteer involvement but that is the case with the majority of scholarships available.