Student Scholarships at Kingston University London

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Student Scholarships

Student Scholarships at Kingston University London are available to UK, European and International students, Kingston University award over 200,000 a year in scholarships with an average international scholarship award of 4,000 for each year of study.

International Scholarships

International scholarships are available for any undergraduate course at Kingston University and all subjects studied at the university are available for student scholarships, in addition to Kingston University international scholarship students should also consider the Fulbright Scholarship, World Bank Scholarship, Oxford University, University of Birmingham, Bill Gates Scholarship or a Student Loan.

Overseas Students

Any student living overseas (not living in the UK) can apply for a scholarship, this includes students from Europe as well as worldwide, the scholarships are based on academic merit which means that the better grades you have the more likely you are to be selected for a scholarship, so it's important to have good grades at school to meet the scholarship entrance requirements, note that the scholarship entrance requirements may be higher than the entrance requirements for the undergraduate degree you are applying for, this is because students will be in competition with other students and the student with the best school grades will be awarded the scholarship.

That's not to say that students with lower grades cannot get a Kingston scholarship, the actual grades required will be course specific, if the subject applied for is undersubscribed then with less applicants there will be a lower grade requirement, so it is always worth applying for a scholarship and worth choosing your subject carefully as less popular subjects are often more likely to lead to a scholarship.

Entrance Requirements

Before you apply for a student scholarship at Kingston University you will need to make sure you meet the entrance requirements and these include being an overseas student, overseas students can't be living in the UK prior to application and must apply from their home countries. Students will also need either an unconfirmed offer or a confirmed offer to study at Kingston University, you can't apply for the scholarship unless you have been offered a place at the university and this means applying first and then worrying about the scholarship once your application has been successful.

When you apply for your scholarship your need to scan and email several pieces of documentation to the universities scholarship department and these include a copy of the offer letter that you received from Kingston University, an academic reference from your school listing your academic abilities and grades, a copy of your academic transcript or grades and a copy of your IELTS (International English language Test System) or TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) results.

Scholarship Application

With the scholarship application students will need to include a letter of support which should be no more than five hundred words and demonstrate why you should be selected, this might be because you have excellent grades and in your own free time further your knowledge of your chosen subject through clubs, societies or helping out with relevant activities allied to your course of study.

Your need to answer the question of why studying is a good idea for you, what will you get from the experience, you might want to say that the chance to gain a qualification will help you return to your home country with the knowledge to help your fellow countryman in your chosen field and your also need to mention your longer term goals, maybe you want to continue your study to a higher postgraduate level or maybe you want to study for a professional qualification in your chosen field or go into teaching or work abroad. The main point to remember is that the scholarship committee will want to see how you will use the knowledge you have gained in your own country, how will you be able to help your own country with the knowledge you have learnt, it is for this reason that the scholarships are being offered so its important that the scholarship committee can see that money spent on you will help your country.

Reference Letter

Scholarship students will also need to write a reference letter this can be written by either your previous employer or your past tutor at school, or university, the reference letter should cover a few points, one of the most important is to clarify in the letter the relationship between the student and the tutor or employer, ideally there should no family relationship, this shows that the reference letter is unbiased and written because of your abilities and not because you are a family member of the person writing the reference.

The referee can then go onto say why the student deserves a scholarship this might be a combination of good academic qualifications and their financial situation for example the student might always work hard and has produced good grades but on top of this comes from a poor family which would not be able to send their son or daughter to university without financial assistance. Lastly the referee must say why the student would be an asset to their chosen field of study, this means answering the question of how the student will contribute to the furtherance of the subject for which they are studying, for example the student might be studying architecture and be passionate about social housing wanting to develop houses for the local community.

UCAS (Undergraduate Courses At University And College)

When you submit your scholarship application your need to quote your UCAS (Undergraduate Courses At University And College) number which will be provided to you by UCAS when you apply for an undergraduate degree, for postgraduate degree students you will need the KU ID this is an internal Kingston University identification number that will be written on your official offer letter inviting you to come and study at Kingston University.

Students can submit their scholarship application online directly from the Kingston University website, note that it is free to submit your scholarship application to Kingston University and anyone charging you for the service is not authorised by Kingston University. After you have submitted your scholarship application online you will receive a confirmation email back to the email address you gave on your application. If you are successful in your scholarship application you will receive both an email and a letter through the post informing you of the scholarship committees successful offer, if you do not receive an email or letter through the post then your scholarship application has been refused.

Scholarships Committee

The scholarships committee makes all the decisions about who to offer a scholarship too, once all decisions have been made an email will be sent to all unsuccessful scholarship applicants informing them that they have not been selected for a scholarship. Kingston University say that the scholarship committee decision is final and no communication before the decision or after the decision is made will be allowed, students may try to write in with questions or pleadings but all applicants will only be accepted through the application form.

Successful scholarship students will first receive an email informing them that they have been selected for a scholarship and then later a letter will be sent out in the post informing the student that they have been successful, included in the letter is the official process of how the student must respond and accept the scholarship position that they have been offered. As part of the conditions in accepting the scholarship Kingston University students may be asked to help in promotional activities either during or after their studies, these promotion activities may include giving testimonials about Kingston University, helping with university events in your home country or assisting with promotional pieces with photos and quotes from you the successful scholarship student.

Whilst generally you can apply for an undergraduate or postgraduate place at Kingston University and defer, starting the degree course one or more years later, however if you have successfully applied for and been offered a scholarship you cannot defer your start date and must start in the upcoming academic year.

Undergraduate And Postgraduate Scholarships

As well as undergraduate and postgraduate scholarships, Kingston University also have a range of what they call Loyalty Bursaries these are for alumni (students who have attended Kingston University already) and friends of Kingston University (family members of someone who has studied at Kingston University). To apply for a loyalty bursary students will need to enrol on a course of study (have started the course).

Loyalty Bursary

The first type of loyalty bursary to discuss is the Alumni Bursary for international students who have already studied at Kingston University, alumni will need to have competed a bachelors or master's degree at Kingston University and be an overseas student, although as the student will have just finished their course of study at a lower level they do not need to return to their home country to apply for the alumni bursary. Students have ten years between completing a bachelors or master's degree and starting on a course of study and claiming an alumni scholarship so plenty of time to go back home and seek employment if they want time off between their studies.

Alumni Bursary

If accepted onto the international student alumni bursary, students will receive a ten percent discount on each year of their PhD study, a very important point to note is that the alumni bursary is not open to international students who have applied to Kingston University using a university agent or university representative, always apply directly to Kingston University yourself, not only is it free to apply for an offer of a place on the course it is also free to apply for a scholarship or a bursary and the international student has nothing to be gained and just money to be lost in paying agency fees for their study or scholarship place.

Family Bursary

Kingston University also offer a family bursary for international students with children (sons or daughters) , siblings (brothers or sisters) or a spouse (husband or wife) who also wish to study at Kingston University, for family the university offers a bursary to the value of ten percent of the course fees (the bursary is awarded for each year of study). Family members applying for the bursary do not need to be studying at the university at the same time as each other.

The family member applying for the ten percent bursary will need to prove the family relationship, this can be proven with for example a birth certificate or marriage certificate.

Study Abroad, Summer School and Exchange Student Bursary

The last loyalty bursary available from Kingston University is the Study Abroad, Summer School and Exchange Student Bursary where former Study Abroad, Summer School and Exchange Students will get a ten percent reduction in their course fees if they enrol on a full time degree at Kingston University, note that this is a ten percent reduction in course fees as opposed to a bursary that gives back ten percent of the course fees, the ten percent reduction in fees is available for every year of study.

Summer School Courses

Summer school courses or preparation courses at Kingston University for English language classes, courses or qualifications do not qualify students for the ten percent reduction in course fees. As soon as a successful bursary application is made the reduction in course fees or bursary will be awarded, you can apply for these loyalty bursaries by contacting the Kingston University International Office, you will need to supply the international office with marriage or birth certificates which have been official translated and notarised as a true copy of the original (for the family bursary) or a graduation certificate for the alumni bursary or your academic transcript or certificate for the study abroad, international summer school or exchange bursary.

As is the case with all scholarships and bursary applications to Kingston University and a great many other UK universities you must apply and be offered a place on your course before you can apply for the bursary. Students have three months after starting their course to claim the loyalty bursaries, failure to claim before three months means that the bursary will not be awarded.

Scholarships are awarded to students from a specific university department, it is not possible to apply for and be granted two scholarships at the same time.