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Student Grants

Student Grants at the University of Bristol, funding options for undergraduate and postgraduate study including paying for tuition fees and accommodation fees with student grants, bursaries and scholarships.

As well as student grants from the University of Bristol, you can also look at grants and scholarships from the University of Nottingham, University of Kent, University of Glasgow, Kingston University London, Cardiff University, University of Leeds, University of Oxford and London School of Economics.

Access to Bristol Students Grants

The Access to Bristol grant provides local school children in the Bristol area with the opportunity to come to the University of Bristol and experience what it is like to study at their local university. The scheme is available for all students studying for their A-levels or equivalent and students may attend the programme in the first or second year of A-level study.

Students who attend the Access to Bristol scheme are eligible for the Access to Bristol support grant which offers a full tuition fee waiver for the first year of study, meaning in the first year of their degree students pay no tuition fees and receive a student grant worth 3,750, each additional year of study also offers a 3,750 student grant but for subsequent years there is no payment of tuition fees by the university, for a three year degree programme you would only need to pay for the last two years of tuition yourself, you can get a Student Loan to pay for this or look at a range of Free Scholarships.

To qualify for the Access to Bristol student grant, students will not only have to complete the Access to Bristol programme but also have a household income of less than 25,000 meaning the student and their immediate family must not earn more than 25,000 in order to qualify for this grant.

Students will also need to show the academic ability to successfully complete a first degree and be one of the first generation of students ot go to university in their family and be living in what the University of Bristol calls a low participation area, meaning a poorer area of Bristol where students are unlikely to go to university.

Local Students

Students will need to live within one hours journey of Bristol to qualify for this grant, the Access to Bristol programme which is the pre-requisite to the student grant is to show A-level students what life at university is like, students will receive advice and guidance not only from University of Bristol academics but also from current students.

The study programme takes place each Wednesday afternoon and is divided into sessions on specific subjects which include Animal Sciences , Archaeology and Anthropology, Biological Sciences, Biomedical Sciences, Chemistry, Childhood Studies and Social Policy, Earth Sciences, Economics, Finance and Management, Engineering, English Literature, Film with Theatre, Geography, Historical Studies, Law, Liberal Arts, Mathematics, Modern Languages, Philosophy , Physics, Politics, Psychology, Religion and Theology, Sociology, Sociology, Social Policy and Politics.

The Access to Bristol programme is for students who have excellent A-level grade and the enthusiasm and the commitment to do well at the University of Bristol. The Access to Bristol programme is often oversubscribed, not only because it provides an excellent introduction to the University of Bristol but also because it is the access path to the student grant.

The Access to Bristol course also helps you complete your UCAS application and provides you with the additional details you need not only to come and study at Bristol but to be confident studying for a degree at any UK university.

Guaranteed A Place At Bristol With An Unconditional Offer

Additionally students who complete the Access to Bristol course and are given a student grant will be guaranteed a place at Bristol with an unconditional offer, students will need to meet the requirements of living less than one hour travel time from the university and having a household income of less than 25,000 and from a deprived neighbourhood, but assuming these requirements are met your place at university is guaranteed which makes it much easier studying for you're A-levels knowing the pressure is off and you already have your university place guaranteed.

As well as the Access to Bristol programme, law students have another option open to them and that is to not do the Access course but instead apply directly to the Pathways to Law programme this is a student grant worth 3,750 a year for each year of your university studies plus no tuition fees in your first year of study, the student grant is just like the Access to Bristol grant but without the need to attend the Access course, this is because there is a greater demand for law students so Bristol has setup their own student grant for law students.

Students will still have to be part of a family that earns less than 25,000 per year and live within one hours travel of the university in a deprived area to be offered the student grant, students will need 5 AS or A* grades at GCSE and be attending a school that has below average levels of attainment or progress for its students on to university, a deprived area might be judged by the school having a higher than average number of free school meal students, the actual determination is left to the University of Bristol, but it's certainly worth applying for the student grant if you are a perspective law student.

Alumni Academic Achievement Award

The Alumni Academic Achievement Award is a merit based award for undergraduates, so students with the best grades are offered this grant, the student grants are made as one off awards to recognise academic excellence in a gifted student with a typical award being for 1,000.

American Alumni Scholarship

American residents looking to study at the University of Bristol and in need of a grant should consider the American Alumni Scholarship which is an initiative between American alumni of the University of Bristol, awarded to students for academic excellence, students in financial need and to encourage student ambassadors for the University of Bristol, the scholarship is awarded for American students who wish to do a one year taught postgraduate degree at the University of Bristol, as a taught degree rather than a research degree any one year postgraduate qualification can be studied.

The student is only required to pay half the postgraduate course fees for their study and must show that they have a scholarship or another student grant or their own finances to pay for the other half of the tuition fees. To apply for the half fee grant programme students must first be accepted onto a one year postgraduate degree programme and then contact the finance department with their request to be considered for the Alumni Academic Achievement award.

Centre for English Languages and Foundation Studies (CELFS) Academic Achievement Scholarship

Students from Pakistan may be interested in the Centre for English Languages and Foundation Studies (CELFS) Academic Achievement Scholarship this is a scholarship to reward Academic excellence of Pakistani students studying for the International Foundation Programme at CELFS who then progress to an undergraduate degree programme.

The scholarship is worth 2,000 and each year there are three scholarships available, the student grant is administered as a deduction in course fees so your course will be 2,000 cheaper than students who do not get awarded the grant. All Pakistani students applying for the International Foundation Programme will automatically be considered for the grant and do not need to apply separately.

The award is offered based on the students performance on the International Foundation Programme at the University of Bristol, students can choose to specialise in Arts and Humanities, Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics or Social Sciences and Law. The IFP International Foundation Programme is designed to improve the Pakistani student's comprehension and understanding of English allowing them to pursue their degree course with excellent English language and literature skills, do well on the IFP and your automatically selected for the student grant which will award you with a 2,000 a year scholarship.

Christopher Frederick Edwards Bursary

Students at the University of Bristol can also apply for the Christopher Frederick Edwards Bursary, this award was named after a former student and offers 750 to new undergraduate students studying dentistry, two awards are made each year, the requirements are that students must be on their first degree and not have studied for a degree before and been offered a place to study for a first degree at the University of Bristol and have a household income of less than 25,000 as determined by Student Finance, the people that administer Student Loans.

Eileen Drummond And Sheila Anderson Fund (EDSA) Student Grant

Law students may be interested in the Eileen Drummond and Sheila Anderson Fund (EDSA) student grant, this award is named after successful University of Bristol students who had careers in law and now wish to give back to the next generation of law students by giving the student 9,000 in their first year of study, the grant allows the student to pay all their first year tuition fees with the award without having to take out a Student Loan, note that students cannot apply for both the Access to Bristol grant and the EDSA grant, five awards are made each year, meaning five students receive 9,000 a year to help with their studies.

Students wishing to apply for this award will need to have an offer from the University of Bristol for a single honours degree course and have listed Bristol as their firm choice on the UCAS form, this is because the award is only for students that really want to come to Bristol and make Bristol their first choice of study. Students will need to ensure that their household income is less than 42,620 in order to claim this award.

Applicants will need to write a short essay called a statement of interest outlining what difference the grant will make to them and how it will enable them to study at the University of Bristol. The awarding group will read both the essay and the UCAS form in order to make up their minds as to which students to make the award too. It's the UCAS personal statement that will be of most interest to the committee along with the student's grades at A-level.

The award cannot be extended for subsequent years of study and is only for the first year, after the first year successful students will be required to write an end of year report about their time at university and how the grant helped their studies and how their studies are progressing.

Global Education Programme

Students resident in Russia looking to study at the University of Bristol may be interested in the Global Education Programme which is a Russian government sponsored programme that offers Russian undergraduate and postgraduate students the opportunity to study at the University of Bristol, the Global Education Programme involves more than just the University of Bristol, many other higher education providers are also involved, the Russian fund distributes 4.41 billion Russian roubles to 1,500 students each year.

The student grant is available for Science, Engineering, Medicine, Education and Management students and covers tuition fees, all travel expenses, accommodation in university halls of residence, all meals, medical care and cost of books, it's a very generous program from the Russian government and ensures that Russian students can stay at Bristol totally free of charge. The student grant is for masters, PhD and residency programmes at Bristol.

Hong Kong Alumni Scholarships

The Hong Kong Alumni Scholarships offer student grants from the Hong Kong Branch of the Bristol University Alumni Association where students resident in Hong Kong are offered 15,000 in the form of a reduction in course fees for one year master's degree programmes in any field of study offered by the University of Bristol.

The awards are made for academic excellence where the brightest student wins the awards but also on financial need where poorer students are more likely to get the scholarship than richer students, in fact poor yet bright students will get the student grant where rich but less gifted students would not.

Whilst the money has been raised by the Hong Kong alumni, the award is for studying at the University of Bristol and not in Hong Kong. Students who have had a job after their first degree are more likely to be awarded this scholarship than students who have not worked before, of course students who have not worked before can still apply and have won this award before, but students with an employment history as stated by the University of Bristol as being more desirable for this award.