Scholarships for Single Mothers at the London School of Economics

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Scholarships for Single Mothers

Scholarships for Single Mothers at the London School of Economics include maintenance loans and grants, special support grants, bursaries, scholarships, awards and access to learning funds for UK, European and international students.

The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)

The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) specialises in social sciences, from economics, politics, law, accounting and finance to sociology and anthropology. The LSE is consistently ranked as one of the best universities in the world ranking highly in all major university rankings including the World University Rankings (23rd best university in the world), QS World University Rankings (35th best university in the world), The Guardian (13th best university in the world) and the Times Good University Guide (3rd best university in the world).

Other universities offering either specific scholarships for single mothers or general scholarships suitable for single mothers include Free University Scholarships at the University of Nottingham, Fulbright Scholarships, Scholarships for Minorities from the National Film and Television School, Nursing Scholarships, Scholarships for Women the Jeanette Rankin Women's Scholarship Fund, Engineering Scholarships from the Women's Engineering Society, Free Scholarships for International Students at the University of Birmingham and Free Scholarships to Harvard University.

The London School of Economics is located in London, England, LSE realises that with the university located in central London it's attractive not only to UK students but international students from around the world looking to study in and experience London, but also that the LSE London location means a higher cost of living for students so the LSE has several scholarships and other financial aid available for students.

Maintenance Loans

UK students can apply for a maintenance loan this gives the student 8,009 a year, of course this is a loan and must be paid back, however if after your studies you are unable to get a job that pays above the minimum threshold for repayment then you will never have to pay the loan back and if you earn enough that you are able to pay the loan back, the loan will be paid back each month over several years, it's a good option for UK students as the loan is interest free and available to all students regardless of financial status.

Maintenance Grants

Maintenance grants available for UK students are unlike loans in that a maintenance grant does not have to be paid back, as a student with a family earning up to 25,000 your be able to get 3,354 a year in support. If you have an income of between 25,000 and 42,600 you will still have access to a smaller maintenance grant.

As a single mother you can get a special support grant which supplements the maintenance grant during term time (during holidays you are expected to seek employment), qualifying students are single mothers who receive income support or housing benefits, it must be noted that you don't have to have income support or housing benefit to apply for the special support grant, you just have to be eligible for income support.

Financial Support From The UK Government For Single Mothers

Financial support from the UK government for single mothers from the European Union is not normally given, however if you or your children have lived in the UK for three or more years before you start your degree then you will qualify for a student loan.

LSE Bursary

The LSE Bursary is available for UK and EU students that are eligible for a full or partial maintenance grant, the bursary is valued at 4,000 for students on the lowest income level of less than 18,000 a year. Below 25,000 per year income and the student will receive a full grant valued at 3,500, the amount of grant decreases by 500 for every 5,000 in increased income up to a minimum grant of 750 for a student with an income of over 40,000 a year.

The LSE bursary can be used for any costs you as a single mother incur from paying for your accommodation to helping pay for tuition fees of other living costs. It might be obvious but a point worth mentioning is that LSE Bursaries are only available for students studying at the London School of Economics, if you are studying at another UK university or transfer to another UK university you will not get, or continue to get the LSE Bursary.

Single Mothers

Single mothers do not need to separately apply for a LSE Bursary, the bursary is automatically applied for on your behalf once you make a Student Loan Company (SLC) application, as you enter your financial details in your SLC application, you must make sure to check the box on the SLC application that says 'share this information with other institutions' otherwise the LSE will not be made aware of your financial status by the SLC and you will not be able to get a LSE Bursary.

Discretionary Bursary

Single mothers who face exceptional hardship can apply for a Discretionary Bursary directly from the LSE, caring for children or the need to live at home and travel to the LSE are all valid reasons for this bursary to be awarded. The value of the bursary is discretionary (left up to the LSE to decide for themselves how much to award an individual student) but generally the discretionary bursary will not be higher than the LSE Bursary award, the discretionary bursary does not have to be paid back.

To apply for a discretionary LSE bursary your first need to be offered a place to study at the LSE, so apply for a course first and then apply for the bursary. Assessments for the discretionary bursary are made at the start of each year and whilst it's not a guarantee that you will receive the bursary every year, if your circumstances don't change then you are more than likely to continue to receive the bursary for all your years of study at the LSE.

To apply for the discretionary bursary you can use the standard undergraduate scholarship application form available from the LSE Financial Support Office, as with most UK bursaries the LSE will use the financial details you supplied to the Student Loan Company and make the payment directly into the bank account recorded with the SLC, so make sure these details are entered correctly with the SLC or you will be unable to access the funds.

Single Mothers Are Also Eligible For The Parents Learning Allowance

Single Mothers are also eligible for the Parents Learning Allowance to help with the cost of childcare whilst you study, this award is made by the UK government for UK and EU citizens or children who have been resident in the UK for three years prior to the commencement of the mothers studies.

Single Mothers with one child will receive 155.24 a week and for two or more children than amount rises to 266.15 a week, children will need to be under the age of fifteen for the mother to qualify for childcare payments or seventeen if the child has special needs.

EU Students Can Apply For A Tuition Fee Loan

EU students can apply for a Tuition Fee Loan from the UK government which whilst not covering the cost of living will cover the cost of the course, this is available to all EU students and not just single mothers. The Tuition Fee Loan is managed by the Student Loan Company as are student loans for UK students.

The LSE Access Fund Is Available For Single Mothers

The LSE Access Fund is available for single mothers and other low income students who need financial support whilst studying, the fund is designed to pay for specific costs where you request help with specific financial payments for example paying of your rent or paying tuition fees, the award is designed for students in hardship rather than a continuous award that is paid monthly. Emergency payments and financial crisis payments are what the access fund is designed to help with, for example a student who without the support of the access fund would have to give up their place at LSE.

LSE Scholarships are for undergraduates studying at the London School of Economics and Political Science and are for UK students only, the amount of the award varies depending on the needs of the student, the scholarships are based predominantly on financial need but also on merit so students that are less well-off are more likely to receive an award and a student with high grades and little money is more likely to receive the scholarship than a poor student who has low grades.

The London School of Economics charge 9,000 a year in tuition fees to UK and EU students, with the LSE scholarship helping to pay for all or some of the tuition fees. Should the student qualify for a government loan (this is not means tested meaning all students are entitled to a loan regardless of their families wealth), the government loan must be paid back but only if the student gains employment and is able to earn more than 21,000 per year.

London School of Economics National Scholarship Programme

The LSE NSP (London School of Economics National Scholarship Programme) is a financial award for students earning less than 7,000 per year. Students can apply for and receive both the LSE Bursary and the LSE NSP at the same time. The LSE NSP pays out 6,000 over three years (two thousand pounds per year) and can be used for either tuition fees or accommodation, the award generally is made direct to the university finance department to cover fees or accommodation and only 1,000 can be made as a cash award each year.

The LSE NSP is a UK government initiative to provide scholarships to the poorest students, universities must match the finding provided by the government to the student, so for example if 3,000 is paid to the student by the government then the LSE musty also pay 3,000 to the student. The award is only available for undergraduate study and students must earn less than 25,000 per year (this is total family income) to get the full award, a smaller award may be available for students whose income (earned income not scholarship or bursary income) is greater.

The LSE NSP is normally paid to the student as a waiver, meaning the costs are waived or removed for a specific university fee for example accommodation or tuition fees meaning that with an LSE NSP the eligible student may not have to pay accommodation or tuition fees.

Stelios Scholarship Award

The Stelios Scholarship is awarded to students studying business at the LSE. The Sir Stelios Scholarships are for undergraduates started a course of study at the LSE with the BSc in Economics being the preferred course for funding, the award is based on financial need rather than academic merit with the poorest students who have been offered a place on the BSc in Economics course winning the award.

The Stelios scholarship is worth 20,000 per year and is renewable for all three years of study meaning a student successfully applying for all three years of study will receive 60,000 in funding for their degree. Students from Greece, Cyprus or the UK are more likely to receive this scholarship than students from other countries. The award is made by Sir Stelios Haji-Ioannou the founder of EasyJet the low-cost airline.

Students wishing to apply for the Stelios scholarship should complete the application form available from the LSE Financial Support Office. When completing the application form students will need to include an academic reference from their most recent school or university who can comment on your professional qualifications and suitability for study at the undergraduate level at the LSE.

Benefits And Tax Credits

The Access to Learning Funds is for single mothers and other students from low income households who need extra funding in order to take up their place at the LSE. Access to Learning Funds are provided by the UK government. The award is designed specifically for single parent students or mature students with other financial commitments, students don't have to pay back this award and can apply directly to the LSE Financial Support Office, students will also need to provide the LSE with a letter from the SLC (Student Loan Company) showing how much financial aid the student is entitled too.

The money from bursaries and awards won't be added to your income for the purposes of calculating benefits or tax credits. The LSE make several scholarships and bursaries available for single mothers, not all the awards have to be paid back. First apply for a place at LSE and then depending on the award your automatically be considered for the bursary as you will have also applied to the Student Loan Company, the SLC details will be made available to the LSE to automatically offer you a bursary if your eligible.