Scholarships for Minorities from the National Film and Television School

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Scholarships for Minorities

Scholarships for Minorities from the National Film and Television School are accredited by the Royal College of Art, the school award postgraduate art and design degrees, scholarships are awarded by the National Film and Television School (NFTS) and a long list of famous patrons of the arts including Dana and Albert R Broccoli Foundation, Richard Dunn Memorial Fund, The Lew Grade Memorial Fund, The David Lean Foundation, The Leverhulme Trust, Duncan Kenworthy OBE and Toledo Productions Ltd.

Other Minority Scholarships

Other scholarships for minorities include the UNCF and NAACP Scholarships and educational scholarships awarded by companies like Coca Cola, Pepsi, McDonalds, Burger King, Walmart and Tylenol.

The NFTS has 700,000 to award each year to scholarships, minority students wanting to study a UK Master of Arts (MA) degree should not be dissuaded from studying because they don't have the money to study, if the student wants to study and has genuine talent they will be able to receive a scholarship from the NFTS and a MA degree from the Royal College of Art.

Art Student Scholarships

For arts students there is no better place to study than the NFTS the major backing received from the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) and Channel 4 Television provide 250,000 of scholarship support just from these two generous donors. The scholarships are awarded to students from all regions and nations of the world with a specific emphasis on Black and Middle Eastern (BAME) students.

Ethnic Minorities Looking To Study In The Film Industry

Ethnic minorities looking to study in the film industry can apply for the Toledo Scholarships through the NFTS, this scholarship is awarded by Toledo productions and Duncan Kenworth who produced Four Weddings and a Funeral and Notting Hill. Typical scholarship awards are between 1,000 and 10,000 each year and are available to all minorities, for those students with two year's experience in the film industry a grant towards living expenses is also available.

As with most UK scholarships students will need to apply for a place on the MA degree program first, students will then be asked if they wish to apply for one of the scholarships awarded by the National Film and Television School as well as other scholarship funds the NFTS have access too. The size of the scholarship awarded depends on the financial need of the student and all scholarship awards are made on the individual financial needs of the student.

Black And Ethnic Minority Students

Black and Ethnic Minority students can apply for the Toledo Scholarship and the BAFTA Scholarship (British Academy of Film and Television Awards) which is a merit and needs based scholarship awarded for talented students in need of financial support. Students with a BAFTA scholarship receive 10,000 to cover NFTS course fees (less money will be available if the course fees are also less or if the student is able to pay some of the course fees themselves), students will also have access to a BAFTA mentor, this is an industry professional with many years in the industry who can help guide and shape the students studies and career, as well as the scholarship this is an excellent start in life for those looking to enter film and television.

BAFTA (British Academy of Film and Television Awards) Scholarship

Scholarship students will also receive free access to BAFTA events including the BAFTA awards ceremony, the BAFTA scholarships are available for several postgraduate degree courses at a small selection of UK universities, degree courses that qualify for the scholarship include PG Dip Broadcast Journalism, MA Screenwriting, MA Sound Design for Film and Television, NFTS Diploma in Sound Recording for Film and Television, MA 3D Computer Animation, MA Producing Film and Television, MSc 3D Computer Animation and Visual Effects, MSc Computer Game Engineering and MA Broadcast Journalism, international scholarship students could also consider the Free Spirit Scholarship in Journalism or the Channel 7 Free Scholarship and the Jeanette Rankin Women's Scholarship.

Universities offering postgraduate degree courses that offer BAFTA scholarships as well as the NFTS include Birmingham City University, Bournemouth University, Bristol University, Cardiff University, City University, Edinburgh College of Art University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh Napier University (Screen Academy Scotland), Falmouth University, Nottingham University and Bradford University.

Actors wanting a BAFTA free scholarship to study arts must be recommended by their drama departments which can include The Academy of Live & Recorded Arts (ALRA), Arts Educational Schools London, Birmingham School of Acting (BSA), Bristol Old Vic Theatre School, Drama Studio London, Drama Centre London (University of the Arts London, Central Saint Martins), Guildhall School of Music & Drama, London Academy of Music & Dramatic Art (LAMDA) and Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (RADA).

If the course that a student wants to receive a BAFTA scholarship award for studying is not listed then you can't get the scholarship for that course, BAFTA scholarships won't be extended to include additional postgraduate degree programs. If the student's course is in acting the student will need to be nominated by an official drama school, these are drama schools and institutions accredited by Drama UK, National Conservatories in Scotland and Wales are also eligible.

Creative Arts Scholarship

BAFTA scholarships are generally available on creative arts courses or courses accredited by the British Journalism Training Council (BJTC) or courses supported by commercial partners from the film and television industry like Warner Bros, as well as film and television, video games courses have been added in more recent years.

Mature Student Scholarships

Mature students are welcome to apply for the BAFTA scholarships as there is no upper age limit to the scholarship and BAFTA make a point of encouraging applications from older students and minority students. For the scholarship application BAFTA will need proof that you have been given a place on an accredited course, your offer letter from the university or institution can be used as supporting documentation on your scholarship application form.

Postgraduate Scholarships

Only postgraduate courses of study are eligible for a BAFTA or NFTS scholarship, students can apply for the scholarship at the start of their postgraduate education before they have taken up their studies, should you find yourself in the position that you only need a scholarship for the second year then you can still apply for the scholarship but your have to use the personal statement (on the scholarship application form) to explain how you self-funded the first year of your studies.

Two year postgraduate courses are eligible for the scholarship, as well as the BAFTA scholarship students on the scholarship program are eligible to apply for the Prince William Scholarship, this scholarship program provides funding for a paid work placement in film, television or games (whichever discipline most closely fits your academic studies), scholarship holders will also be expected to help out with BAFTA's outreach program to educate and inspire the next generation of talent.

Students who have two years of experience in film and television as well as being eligible for living expenses are also eligible for further scholarships from the Cinema and Television Benevolent Fund (CTBF). As well as NFTS scholarships and BAFTA scholarships Regional Screen Agency associations also have discretionary grants and scholarships available for minority students.

International Student Scholarships

International Students can apply for scholarships from the British Government Foreign and Commonwealth Office, Overseas Development Agencies and the United Nations. Students wanting to receive a scholarship for diploma level studies can also apply for NFTS Diploma Scholarships where the students tuition fees, living expenses and travel are all paid for by the scholarship. Full time scholarship students (students on a full time diploma course) are also eligible to use the UK National Health Service NHS when medical attention is needed, this will be freely available to the student.

Diploma scholarships also have the option of a film, television or game industry mentor to help the student with their education and career, not all diploma scholarship programs have a mentor attached, smaller scholarship awards for diplomas arranged through the NFTS often have a single industry veteran who takes a personal interest in supporting the scholarship student both financially, academically and through their career.

All NFTS scholarships are means tested where the students financial situation is taken into account, if you genuinely can't afford to pay the course fees yourself you will be given a scholarship if you are able to pay a smaller portion of the school fees yourself then you will be asked to make a contribution with the NFTS paying the larger amount.

Unlike UK student loans the NFTS and BAFTA scholarships are not repayable, there is no requirement or obligation to pay back any money given to you by BAFTA or the NFTS. There are many more scholarship applications both at the MA level as well as the Diploma level than there are scholarships so as the NFTS recommends always look for and consider other scholarships that you might be suitable for.

NFTS scholarship holders are also entitled to subsidised rail travel which makes getting to and from any auditions cheaper for the student. Minority students will find that there are many film, television and game scholarships available as the creative industries have traditionally been more welcoming than other industries, both UK students and international students have a range of scholarships to choose from.

All scholarships for study at UK universities require that the student first be accepted onto the course at university, a formal letter offering the student a place will be sent to the student after university application and then this offer from the university can be used as supporting evidence in the scholarship application.

World Class Education

There is much opportunity with these scholarships to get a world class education, for example with drama schools like RADA and institutions like Warner Bros, BBC, Channel 4 and BAFTA involved there are many possibilities for the successful scholarship student not only to gain an education but to enter the world of the performing arts or creative arts and make a real impact with mentors available to guide the scholarship students not only in their studies but in their professional careers the student is far more likely to succeed.

The mentoring program is as valuable as the scholarship money if not vastly more so as the advice from industry professionals who are successful and are names you will instantly recognise will both inspire the new student and help guide their future career.

With the BAFTA scholarship student also being offered the opportunity to attend all BAFTA events as well as the BAFTA awards ceremony there is the best opportunity to see the industry at work from within and gain valuable skills you can use both in your studies and in life.

Minority Student Scholarships

Minority students have as greater chance as any other student to gain a scholarship and complete a Masters of Arts degree at a leading university in the United Kingdom, whilst competition is high for these scholarships it is not as high as for general scholarships, the reason being is that as well as having an interest in the creative or performing arts students will need to have the talent, whether that be in acting, production, journalism or video and computer games industries.

All scholarships awarded by or administered through the National Film and Television School are for MA degree programs accredited by the Royal College of Art although students will be studying at the NFTS.

Whilst there are more scholarships available for UK citizens than international citizens in the UK film, television and allied industries that should not put off international students from applying in many cases there will be no or little support for drama based studies in other countries and UK institutions are not only world leaders but also one for the few countries where the creative and performing arts support their students with scholarships.

The first step for both UK students and international students is to apply for a course at one of the universities listed or the NFTS, once the student has been offered a place the scholarship application can start, note that no scholarship application forms will be considered for students who do not first have an offer from a UK university (the university must be accredited by the NFTS, BAFTA or similar organisation for the student to receive the scholarship).

Whilst many students from the UK or overseas will have a first degree that is not a requirement to study at the NFTS and join their Master's program a portfolio of significant work will also get you onto the course and get you a scholarship.