Scholarships for Graduate Students at Swansea University

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Scholarships For Graduate Students

Scholarships for Graduate Students at Swansea University, postgraduate and undergraduate scholarships for international students in America, Bahrain, Botswana, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Colombia, Cyprus, Ecuador, Egypt, Ghana, Greece, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Italy, Japan, Jordan, Kenya, Kuwait, Lebanon, Malaysia, Mexico, Nigeria, Norway, Oman, Palestine, Peru, Poland, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Syria, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

Graduate Scholarships

As well as Swansea University other scholarships you may be interested in are Graduate Scholarships at the University of Leeds, International Undergraduate Scholarships from the University of Westminster, National Scholarships at the University of Exeter, Academic Scholarships at the University of Kent, Scholarships for Students at the University of Edinburgh, University Scholarships at the University of Glasgow, Student Scholarships at Kingston University London and College Scholarship at University College London UCL.

International Excellence And Merit Scholarship Awards

The international development office at Swansea University offer International Excellence and Merit scholarship awards for students from all these countries listed, the award is for £6,000, students will need to be a national of one of these countries or permanently live in one of these countries and be viewed as an overseas student for the purposes of fee payment by Swansea University.

International Excellence Scholarships

The International Excellence Scholarship is offered at both the undergraduate and postgraduate level with undergraduate students receiving £6,000 and postgraduate students receiving £4,000. International undergraduate students studying any subject are eligible for £4,000 for their first year of study and then an additional £2,000 for year two of their studies providing the student has scored 65% or more as an average mark across their first year of study.

The postgraduate excellence awards are not available for MPhil and Ph.D. students, additionally students continuing their study from the International College of Wales at Swansea ICWS are also not eligible and international students already resident in the UK are also not eligible for this award.

International Merit Scholarships

The International Merit Scholarships are worth £2,000 at both the undergraduate and postgraduate level and are awarded in the first year of study. ICWS, MPhil and Ph.D. students as with the postgraduate excellence awards are not eligible for the International Merit Scholarship.

To apply for any Swansea University scholarship your need to complete the scholarship application form which is available from the Admissions Office at the university, your need to apply for and be accepted on an undergraduate or postgraduate course at Swansea University before you make your scholarship application because your need to put the student identification number given to all students offered a place at Swansea on your scholarship application form.

As well as completing the scholarship application form students will need to include a personal statement that can be up to one thousand words in length, in the personal statement students will need to write how they can contribute to Swansea University and benefit from the education at Swansea University, students will need to mention how they will use their skills and personality to improve Swansea University and get the most out of their education from Swansea University, so your improving your own life and those of the students around you.

Successful scholarship students are required to be advocates of the university promoting the university not only whilst they are studying but after graduation and students will need to mention in their personal statement how they will provide advocacy for the university.

Swansea University are also interested in your wider interests, these might be taking part in sports, music or charitable work to help your community, the personal statement is where you can document all the activities that make you stand out in comparison to other students. Students will need to include their academic records or course transcripts with their scholarship application so its important to use the personal statement as a way to highlight the best results from those transcripts.

Scholarships at Swansea University

Scholarships at Swansea University are used to offset tuition fees, what this means is that you donít actually receive any money as a scholarship, instead the tuition fees the university would normally charge you are reduced by the amount of the scholarship.

Scholarship students cannot have more than one type of scholarship or bursary, so for example a scholarship holder cannot already have a Swansea University Award or Home Country Scholarship, if students could have more than one scholarship that reduced the tuition fees the university might then not be receiving any money for tuition and be required to entirely fund the international students education which is not the point of the scholarship, the scholarship is to provide a reduced tuition fee and make the prospect of studying at Swansea more appealing than attending other universities where an international scholarship might not be available.

If Swansea University feel that the scholarship student is not making the required progress in their course the university may revoke the scholarship and require the student to pay the reduced tuition fees (the scholarship) back to the university, this rarely happens and would be the result of very poor grades through the year or some other disciplinary action having had to be taken against the student.

Students can only apply for either the International Excellence Award or the International Merit Award, students cannot apply for both awards and must choose which type of scholarship they wish to apply for, scholarship applicants can apply for a scholarship for any BA, BSc, MA or MSc course at the university, on the scholarship application form students will need to provide their three top reasons for applying to Swansea University.

Eira Davies Scholarship

Swansea University also awards the Eira Davies Scholarship which is a full tuition fee scholarship meaning that one hundred percent of the tuition fees are paid by the scholarship and you have free tuition for your course of study. The scholarship is for female international students only, who are resident in one of the countries that the World Bank qualify as low and middle income countries. Students looking to win the Eira Davies Scholarship will need to be studying for an undergraduate or a postgraduate course at Swansea Universities College of Human and Health Sciences.

International Postgraduate Alumni Awards

Students who have attended Swansea University at the undergraduate level are also eligible to apply for the International Postgraduate Alumni Awards, this scholarship is for all international students studying for a Taught Masters or Research degree in any subject that the university offers. To be considered for the alumni award students will have needed to studied at Swansea for a full degree including a Bachelor degree and be applying onto the MPhil and Ph.D. courses at Swansea.

Several types of student are not eligible for the alumni bursary and these include exchange students, English language course students, visiting students, pre-masters students, Cambridge English Language Test and Assessment CELTA students, Graduate Degree Law GDL students, Legal Practice Courses LPC students, exit qualification students (where you can leave a course of study early and still get a qualification) and students who start off on a MPhil degree and then decide to move to a Ph.D. degree.

Students with a first class degree at undergraduate level will receive £5,000 per year for their postgraduate education, second class first division undergraduate degrees will receive £3,000 per year for their postgraduate study and second class second division undergraduate degree students will receive £1,000 per year at postgraduate level. Students who have completed a taught masters degree and then progressed to a research degree will receive £3,000 per year, this award is subject to the student making satisfactory progress on their research degree to warrant payment of the scholarship.

Alumni Awards

Alumni awards donít have to be applied for as the universities hold your undergraduate and postgraduate records, international students eligible for an alumni award will be automatically selected as they complete their postgraduate degree application form, only students from outside the EU European Union may apply for an alumni award, students will get confirmation that they have been offered a scholarship when their application for postgraduate study at Swansea has been approved.

Alumni Bursaries

Alumni bursaries are available for part time and full time postgraduate degrees which is unusual as many times only a full time qualification can gain a scholarship. Obviously, to be offered the alumni scholarship you will need to be an alumni of Swansea University and have successfully completed and been awarded an undergraduate degree at Swansea, fall back qualifications where students who do not pass the degree and are offered an alternative qualification are not eligible for the alumni award.

As with all other scholarships and bursaries at Swansea University, students cannot claim an alumni bursary whilst they are also receiving any other type of scholarship or bursary from Swansea, government or business. All scholarship and bursaries at Swansea require the scholarship winner to do a certain amount of promotion for the university, this might mean their name and a quote from the student appears in university marketing materials or the students are required to give a talk to other students or similar activity.

Developing Futures Programme

Swansea make available the School of Management Scholarship for Postgraduate Students on the Developing Futures Programme this is a scholarship package which also provides career skills, the skills are developed by the School of Management, the programme is designed to find the best university ambassadors for Swansea and the best Ďbrand ambassadorsí once the student has graduated from Swansea University.

Outstanding Future Alumni and Ambassadors Scholarship

The Outstanding Future Alumni and Ambassadors Scholarship is designed to encourage the brightest students to apply, it is a merit based scholarship, the students with the highest grades are selected for the scholarship. Scholarships are available at both the undergraduate and postgraduate level with twenty undergraduate scholarships available for non EU undergraduate students (students who reside outside of the European Union, international students), the award is £2,000 and is given in the form of a tuition fee reduction for your first year of study.

Future Alumni Award

To be eligible for the Future Alumni Award your need to have an offer letter from Swansea University Management School. Postgraduate students can also apply for the Outstanding Future Alumni and Ambassadors Scholarship and will receive £3,000 which is deducted from their tuition payment in the first year. These awards are both merit based (the best student gets the award) and needs based (the student in the greatest financial need gets the award) so both these factors are considered in choosing the scholarship winners.

Students will need to show academic competence as well as financial need, passion for their studies and for their plans after graduation and the ability to give back to the university in the form of your time, ideas and enthusiasm to make the university a better place for future students. The Developing Futures Scholarship is available to students in Business, Economics, Accounting and Finance courses only.

College of Science Scholarships

College of Science Scholarships are awarded by the faculty to non EU, non UK students (international students) who are applying for a postgraduate degree at the College of Science. The scholarship is worth £3,000 and is used to lower the cost of the students tuition fees (the money is not made available to the students, instead the cost of tuition is lowered for each student). The scholarship is worth £3,000.

Science International Postgraduate Scholarships

The Science International Postgraduate Scholarships are made available from the science department and offer postgraduate scholarships for students who have applied for specific subjects within the science deportment, those subjects include MSc Environmental Biology, Conservation and Resource Management, MRes Biosciences, MSc Computer Science, MSc Advanced Software Technology, MSc Advanced Computer Science, MRes Computing and Future Interaction Technologies, MRes Logic and Computation, MRes Visual Computing and MSc By Research Computer Science.

Students looking to receive the Science International Scholarships will need a 2:1 or higher degree at undergraduate level and be in receipt of an offer letter from the university from a science faculty course before applying for the scholarship. The departments inside the Science faculty that offer this scholarship include the Department of Biosciences, Department of Chemistry, Department of Computer Science, Department of Geography, Department of Mathematics and the Department of Physics.

CHHS PGT International Excellence Scholarship

The College of Human and Health Sciences offer the International Excellence Scholarship (CHHS PGT International Excellence Scholarship) for postgraduate international students, the award is for £2,000 and is available on any postgraduate taught courses within the faculty.

International And EU Scholarships

The International and EU Scholarships available at Swansea include the Erasmus Master Loans which are loans that students wishing to study for a Masters degree abroad can apply for, the loans are offered by banks and Student Loan companies at specially reduced rates for up to two years after graduation so students can seek employment before having to pay the Erasmus loans back.