Scholarships for Girls at Roedean School

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Scholarships for Girls

Scholarships for Girls at Roedean School include Roedean Scholarships and Bursaries like the Sussex and London City Scholarships (Years 7, 9 & Sixth Form), Years 7, 9 and Sixth Form Scholarships (UK), International Scholarships and Brighthelm Awards (Year 7 & Sixth Form).

Similar scholarships to consider as well as Roedean School Scholarships are Nursing Scholarships, Scholarships for Single Mothers, Scholarships for Women from Jeanette Rankin and Engineering Scholarships for Women, universities that might also be considered include Nottingham University, Kent University, Edinburgh University, Glasgow University, Cardiff University and Kingston University London.

The Sussex and London City Scholarships (Years 7, 9 & Sixth Form)

The Sussex and London City Scholarships (Years 7, 9 & Sixth Form) are worth forty percent of the school fees, meaning should your daughter win this scholarship then you will pay forty percent less in school fees. These scholarships are available for girls with a passion for music, history, art or sport, girls who excel in other subjects will also be considered for this scholarship. As well as a love for their chosen subject scholarship students will be expected to have excellent grades and an interest in other pursuits that they can bring with them to Roedean School for the benefit of all pupils.

Year 7, 9 and Sixth Form Scholarships

The Year 7, 9 and Sixth Form Scholarships are for UK students only and are for girls who excel in specific subjects, these girls should apply for the Roedean School scholarship whilst they are in years 7, 8, 9 or Sixth Form, scholarship winners will receive a monetary award worth ten percent of the school fees, meaning parents will have a discount of ten percent on their daughters school fees.

Special Academic Award

The special academic award of All Rounder which is part of the year 7, 9 and Sixth Form Scholarship and is the better of the scholarships as it offers twenty percent off the school fees in years 7 and 9 only. As well as these scholarships students may also apply for a bursary, these bursaries are means tested which requires that parent's financial information is made available to the school, if the parents do not earn sufficient money to pay for the school fees then the bursary may be available.

Students in years 7 and 9 can apply for either the scholarship or the bursary but not both awards whist students in the Sixth Form may apply for both the scholarship and the bursary. Students in the Sixth form must also sit a scholarship examination in order to qualify for the scholarship or the bursary whilst students in years 7 and 9 are not required to sit the scholarship exanimation.

International Students

International students looking to Study Abroad at Roedean School have the choice of two international scholarships, these are the academic excellence scholarship and the musical ability scholarship, girls applying for the music scholarship will need to have good grades but are not expected to have top grades as the scholarship is focussed on music (although obviously the students must have the academic rigour to be able to complete their education at Roedean School).

In addition to these scholarship students at Roedean School who help out with scholarship activities within the school are awarded a small honorary scholarship for their involvement.

The Brighthelm Awards (Year 7 & Sixth Form)

The Brighthelm Awards (Year 7 & Sixth Form) must be nominated for the scholarship by the girls Primary School, the Head teacher at the girls Primary School must complete a nomination form available from the Roedean School admissions department.

To be nominated for the Brighthelm Scholarship students must be in the top two percent of year six students for English and Maths, Head teachers from the student's Primary School must apply on behalf of the student as applications received directly from students or parents will not be considered by Roedean School.

The Brighthelm Awards are means tested which means that the parents financial information must be submitted to the school (not at the same time as the Head teachers referral, this can be once Roedean School have approved the student on the basis of examination performance).

Girls looking to receive this award must come from UK based state Primary Schools and the award is worth from half to the full tuition fee for day school students meaning that should the student win the Brighthelm Award parents will pay either half the school fees or none of the school fees with their daughter receiving a completely free education at Roedean School.

The awards are designed to encourage the Head teachers of gifted schoolgirls to apply on behalf of the student, gifted schoolchildren will be given every opportunity to fulfil their potential at Roedean School both academically and in the wider school.

Brighthelm Scholars

Typically girls who become Brighthelm Scholars go on to apply for top universities in the UK and overseas, students applying in the Sixth Form should have A or A* predicted grades at GCSE. For all scholarships at Roedean School the student must continue to show progress in their top subject areas otherwise the scholarship money will be withdrawn.

Roedean Scholarships

Roedean Scholarships are awarded to year 7 and 9 students as well as to the Sixth Form, the school scholarships are divided into several categories there's an academic scholarship which is worth up to ten percent of the school fees where students must show excellence in Maths and English as well as a high score on the general entry paper examination.

Art Scholarship

The Art Scholarship is worth up to ten percent of the school fees a parent must pay for their daughter to attend the Roedean School where the students art portfolio will be assessed as well as the student required to talk about their art portfolio with Roedean tutors, there will also be an observational drawing test for applicants to complete.

Drama Scholarship

The Drama Scholarship is worth ten percent of the school fees which means parents will pay ten percent less than the full school fees per year, the perspective student will be required to give two performances in front of Roedean tutors, two choreographed dance performances must be given in any style of the students choosing along with a practical assessment.

Sport Scholarship

The Sport Scholarship is again worth ten percent of Roedean School fees where the student must undergo a number of sporting tests showing general skill in a wide range of sports plus a high standard of play in Netball, Tennis, Hockey or Swimming, the student must also show potential to be a future champion in their chosen sport.

Music Scholarship

The Music Scholarship is also an award of ten percent off the school fees and like the dance scholarship requires the performance of two different pieces, a music reading test will also be undertaken and their will be a general discussion on music with the music tutor. As with the sports scholarship the potential to excel in music is a requirement of the scholarship.

The Academic All Rounder Scholarship

The Academic All Rounder Scholarship offers more than the standard (as is the case with the other Roedean Scholarships) ten percent off the school fees and instead offers a twenty percent reduction in school fees, the student must show excellence in both Maths and English and perform well on the general Roedean School entrance examination as well as excellence in either Music, Art, Drama or Sport.

Sussex and London City Scholarship

For students in years 7,9 and Sixth Form the Sussex and London City Scholarship is available this offers a school fee reduction of up to forty percent, the scholarships are awarded to girls in the local area to the school or within the city of London who are able to offer Roedean School something extra, this might be excellence in music, history, art or sport or a high standard in several subjects (all-rounder), scholarship students are expected to thrive at Roedean School given this opportunity both academically showing strong academic promise but also as a high achieving contribution to the school and the local community.

Year 7 and Sixth Form students can apply for the Brighthelm Awards which offer fifty to one hundred percent reductions in school fees meaning parents will pay from half the school fees to no school fees at all should their daughters win this award. Brighthelm scholars have a wide range of interests and aptitude rather than a specific subject that they excel in, Brighthelm scholars are expected to make a significant and positive impact on the school with a range of activities and subjects.

The Brighthelm Awards

The Brighthelm Awards for year 12 students offer free scholarships (100% scholarships) with no school fees to be paid at all by parents, this is for direct entry into the sixth form and are offered to girls attending a state school who would thrive in a more academic environment with the best facilities.

The Brighthelm Scholarships

The Brighthelm Scholarships were created to provide an independent school education for girls who would otherwise only have the option of a state school education. The Roedean Scholarships by contrast are designed to provide completely free education to disadvantaged girls from poorer backgrounds. The Roedean Scholarships range from free education to seventy percent discounts on school fees.

The Brighthelm Scholarships are aimed at girls who are predicted to get eight to ten A-levels at A* or A grades, a huge number of A-levels for truly gifted girls. As well as the entrance tests, girls will be able to discuss with Roedean tutors their academic interests, girls scoring in the top twenty percent of students sitting the entrance tests will be entitled to a completely free education with the other students offered scholarships of seventy percent and higher value of the school fees.

Roedean Scholarship Students

Roedean typically has over twenty Roedean Scholarship students at the school at any one time, these scholarship students will be the students to show perspective scholarship students around so the perspective students can meet with girls just like them (from the same background as themselves and with the same opportunities at Roedean as themselves).

Roedean Awards

The Roedean Awards are designed to widen access (widening participation is the buzz word of the academic community) which means encouraging students into education who would have previously been excluded or not considered education due to their background, maybe the student is from a poorer family or maybe the student comes from a family of low academic achievement.

It's not only the entrance examinations that are used to determine if a girl should be offered a free place at Roedean, the students school reports are also considered so it's vitally important to have a history of high achievement in school.

Free Education Scholarships

Whilst free education scholarships are available for many students showing exceptional academic ability, children with less ability but still academically gifted can receive a near free education depending on their households family income with the lower income families receiving a free scholarship, for families with an income of around twenty thousand pounds the student would receive ninety percent of their school fees as paid for by Roedean with a student with a family income of around seventy thousand pounds receiving a ten percent discount on the cost of the education.

Scholarship Students

All scholarship students, even the scholarship students with a one hundred percent free scholarship must pay a registration fee to the school which is currently one hundred and fifty pounds.

Students must reapply for their bursary each year, even if they have been awarded a bursary in a previous year, continued academic achievement is required to continue the bursary and the students grades will be assessed each year by the school to see if the student should continue with the free scholarship, the student will not be required to sit assessments every year but will be required to compete the scholarship application form each year.

Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) Bursaries

Students whose parents are members of the government Foreign and Commonwealth Office FCO are entitled to a twenty percent reduction on boarding fees as these students will undoubtable be boarding at the school as their parents will most likely be posted abroad. Roedean School has places for day students as well as those boarding at the school.

Service Scholarships

Students whose family are members of the services (Army, Navy and Air Force) are also entitled to a twenty percent discount on boarding fees as these students will most likely also be boarders whilst their parents are posted overseas.