Scholarships for African Americans at the University of Oxford

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Scholarships for African Americans

Scholarships for African Americans at the University of Oxford are awarded by the African Studies Centre which is part of the University of Oxford. Several different colleges make up the University of Oxford and the scholarships are normally for studying at specific colleges within the University of Oxford, England.

The scholarships available include the ORISHA MSc Scholarship fund, The Eldred Waverley Scholarship, Mitsui Scholarship, Commonwealth Shared Scholarship Scheme, Ioma Evans Pritchard Scholarship, ENI Scholarship, OCSK Scholarship, Patrick Duncan Scholarships in Sustainable Development in southern Africa and the Standard Bank Derek Cooper Africa Scholarship.

Oxford University African Studies Scholarships

In addition to the Oxford University African Studies Scholarships other scholarships African Americans might like to consider include World Bank Free Scholarships for Developing Countries, Fulbright Scholarships, Scholarships for Minorities from the National Film and Television School, UNCF, NAACP and AB540 scholarships and university awarded scholarships from the University of Birmingham and Harvard University.

ORISHA MSc Scholarship Fund

The ORISHA MSc Scholarship fund awards two full scholarships which include living expenses. ORISHA (Oxford Research in the Scholarship and Humanities of Africa) is awarded by the African Studies Committee and is for postgraduate Master of Science degree for the study of Africa in the humanities subject areas.

Students will be studying at St Cross College which is a college of Oxford University the scholarships covers the full annual college fee which is actually rather inexpensive at only 3,000 per year (cheap compared with many other universities and paid for by the scholarship) the annual university fees and living expenses are also paid as part of the scholarship and these amount to an additional 12,000 plus the 3,000 for college course fees, so the total annual scholarship is worth about 15,000.

For students that are not from the UK, the scholarship also pays for one return airfare to wherever in the world the student is from, so your flight costs to attend the course in Oxford, England and return to your home country after the course are all paid for by the scholarship.

Scholarship students may be current students already studying for a first degree and about to start their postgraduate degree at Oxford University or new students who have a first degree from another university and wish to come to Oxford University on a scholarship. The scholarship is awarded after the student has been accepted onto the MSc in African Studies at the University of Oxford, so potential scholarship students will need to apply for the course before they can be award the scholarship.

To be considered for the scholarship students must name St Cross College, University of Oxford as their first college choice on the University of Oxford application form, students do not need to separately apply for the scholarship as all St Cross, MSc in African Studies candidates will be considered for the scholarship.

Eldred Waverley Scholarship

The Eldred Waverley Scholarship at Linacre College is a full scholarship including a living expenses stipend, potential scholarship students must be a resident of Sub-Saharan Africa and plan to return to your home country after the degree course has completed (this scholarship does not allow you to remain in the UK or claim UK citizenship). Students will need to choose Linacre College, a college of the University of Oxford as their first choice on the University of Oxford Application form.

For the Eldred Waverley Scholarship and indeed seventy percent of Oxford University scholarships, students will be automatically considered for a scholarship when they submit their Oxford University application form, in seventy percent of the cases no additional information is required and the scholarship will automatically be awarded to the student, subject to the student meeting the entrance requirements.

Mitsui Scholarship

The Mitsui scholarship is a fully funded scholarship including a stipend to cover living expenses and all course fees, the scholarship is available to all students who come from Sub-Saharan Africa (North Africa and the Arab states Algeria, Egypt, Libya, Morocco, Sudan, Tunisia and Western Sahara). Students will need to select St Anne's College which is a college of the University of Oxford on the universities application form. Scholarship candidates do not need to make any separate scholarship application as all applications from Sub-Saharan Africa to St Anne's College will be considered for the award.

The Oxford-Mitsui & Co. Europe PLC Graduate Scholarship is a partner scholarship between the University of Oxford and Mitsui PLC which is one of the largest corporations in the world owning trading, banking, shipping, chemicals, retail, logistics, food and beverage companies worldwide.

Two fully funded scholarships are available for MSc students who study for an African Studies MSc at St Anne's College Oxford, this is a full time course and the total award is 15,000 which covers course fees, college fees and a grant to live on whilst you study, it is envisaged that the scholarship student would not need to provide any additional funding of their own and will be able to graduate with an MSc in African Studies from the University of Oxford at no financial cost to themselves.

Scholarship students need to make their course application by January, the scholarship application is automatically made for you when you apply for the African Studies MSc as students on this course at St Anne's College are automatically considered if they are coming from an African country.

Whilst there is in fact a March deadline for applying for Oxford University courses, to be considered for the scholarship you will ideally need to get your application in for the January deadline. Scholarship selection is based on academic merit, course applied for and country of origin, you or your families financial status are not considered which means that whether you are able to pay for the course yourself or not you will be offered a scholarship.

It is possible that you can apply to do the African Studies MSc course at another college within Oxford University but in doing so you may not be considered for the scholarship as your applying to a college that does not have the scholarship available, this may be picked up by the administration department and your application will be transferred to the appropriate college but to ensure a fast and easy application process take note of which college the scholarship applies for and only apply to that college on your Oxford University application form.

Students who are applying now and deferring their start date until the next academic year will not be eligible for a scholarship, so if the scholarship is important to you then you will have to take your year out before you apply for a place at Oxford University, then on your return from your gap year make your application to the university so that you can be considered for a scholarship.

Between February and June the university will select scholarship students from the list of all students that have applied to the course (generally your need to make sure you apply to the correct college for the automatic selection to be made), Scholarship students are only informed if they have received the scholarship (by late June), those unsuccessful in getting the scholarship are not informed they have failed their scholarship application because in a great many cases the students might not even be aware the university has automatically entered them for scholarship selection, the volume of University of Oxford applications is so high that only successful scholarship applications are notified to the student.

Commonwealth Shared Scholarship Scheme

The Commonwealth Shared Scholarship Scheme in partnership with Ioma Evans Pritchard is a fully funded scholarship which includes living expenses (a stipend) and is for students who live in a developing Commonwealth country and wish to study at the University of Oxford. Potential scholarship students must not have studied in the developing Commonwealth country where they live for at least one year, meaning that your first degree must have been completed at least one year ago.

Students for this scholarship must also select St Anne's College as their preferred University of Oxford College on the Universities own application form. The Commonwealth Shared Scholarship (CSS) is a full scholarship for students applying for a Bachelor of Civil Law (BCL) or the full time MSc degree in Economics for Development.

The scholarship award amounts to 13,000 which includes course fees, college fees and living expenses, note that the award amount of 13,000 is the minimum amount you will receive, individual student circumstances will increase this basic award. The course fees and college fees are paid for by the scholarship for the full length of your study, most developing Commonwealth country students looking to study on a scholarship will do so on the Economics for Development MSc.

The scholarship is funded directly by the University of Oxford and the UK government Department for International Development and is designed to support students from developing Commonwealth countries who without this scholarship could not afford to study at the University of Oxford. Students wishing to receive this award must meet certain criteria and that incudes not currently living or studying in a developed country, so if you are already in the UK then you are unable to apply for this scholarship.

Potential scholarship students must also not have studied in a developed country for more than one year, these criteria are in place to truly help the poorer student and not those students who have already managed to Study Abroad. Students will need to sign a document to say that they and their families are unable to pay for the student to study in the UK (the scholarship is only for those who cannot afford to study in the UK, if the student or their family have sufficient funds for studying abroad without a scholarship then the student is expected to use their own money).

Scholarship students only need to provide this confirmation in writing after they have been nominated for a scholarship and don't need to make any declarations when they apply to the university. Students must be prepared to return to their own Commonwealth country after their studies have completed, a Commonwealth scholarship is not a way to remain in the UK or seek UK citizenship. Although the Commonwealth Scholarship Commission will grant extensions to the student visa to remain in the UK for students to continue their education, for example if you have completed your MSc degree and now wish to go on and study for a PhD degree.

To apply for the Commonwealth Scholarship the student must make their application to St Ann's College for the MSc in Economics for Development and then if the student has listed their country of residence as a developing Commonwealth country the university will ask the student to complete a separate Commonwealth Scholarship Commission application form.

Developing Commonwealth Countries eligible as resident countries for students looking to apply for the Commonwealth Shared Scholarship (Loma Evans Pritchard Scholarship) include Antigua & Barbuda, The Bahamas, Bangladesh, Barbados, Belize, Botswana, Brunei Darussalam, Cameroon, Dominica, The Gambia, Ghana, Grenada, India, Jamaica, Kenya, Kiribati, Lesotho, Malawi, Malaysia, Maldives, Malta, Mauritius, Mozambique, Namibia, Nauru, Nigeria, Pakistan, Papua New Guinea, St Kitts and Nevis, St Lucia, St Vincent and the Grenadines, Samoa, Seychelles, Sierra Leone, Singapore, Solomon Islands, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Swaziland, Tonga, Trinidad & Tobago, Tuvalu, Uganda, United Republic of Tanzania, Vanuatu and Zambia.

ENI Scholarship

The ENI scholarship is a fully funded scholarship which pays for a student's course fees and college fees and provides a stipend or living expenses for the entire course. The scholarship is for students living in Angola, Ghana, Libya, Mozambique and Nigeria and preference will be given to students who have studied at an African University, students who have previously studied at a UK, European, US or Asian university are less likely to be awarded this scholarship as this scholarship is for African students who have not studied abroad before.

Students looking to apply for the ENI Scholarship will need to select St Anthony's College (a college of Oxford University) as their first choice on the Oxford University application form. ENI is the International Integrated Energy Company (ENI S.p.A), it is an Italian multinational oil and gas company. Oxford University partners with ENI to award this scholarship.

The scholarship is designed to select the best African student, it is a scholarship based on merit and not means, the scholarship is awarded no matter how rich or poor the student is, all that matters is that the African student is the best applicant to St Anthony's College. St Anthony's are looking for students that will add both intellect and insight into a different culture to the university and is designed to further the leadership abilities of African students.

ENI are keen to recruit successful scholarship students on their return to Africa for work in the oil and gas industry.