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Pepsi Scholarship

PepsiCo the makers of Pepsi and many other brands including Frito-Lay, Tropicana, Quaker Oats and Gatorade have several Pepsi Scholarships available including the Quaker, Tropicana & Gatorade Quality, Trust & Growth Scholarship which is based on the students financial position (poorer students are more likely to be awarded the scholarship), although there are several other criteria including the minimum of a 3.0 GPA Grade Point Average your also need to show community service and leadership skills and experience which now forms part of many scholarship requirements including the Coca Cola scholarship, McDonalds scholarship and Bill Gates scholarships.

Quaker, Tropicana & Gatorade Quality, Trust & Growth Scholarship

The Quaker, Tropicana & Gatorade Quality, Trust & Growth Scholarship is not a minority scholarship like the UNCF scholarships or NAACP scholarships so anyone can apply, all ethnic backgrounds are welcome whether black, white or Asian students. The student will need to show that they have involved themselves in their local community as this scholarship is for business or economics programmes only, your community work could be around those areas for example setting up a community venture to raise money for the local community or helping out at your local hospital or care home, whilst you must show community involvement that involvement must be leadership based, for example if your helping out at the local hospital maybe you setup a teaching programme for hospital outpatients to encourage healthy lifestyles or similar activities, your community work must show leadership skills to be successful in your scholarship application.

The reason many scholarships including the Quaker, Tropicana & Gatorade Quality, Trust & Growth Scholarship require community and leadership skills is that PepsiCo want those students selected for the scholarship to go on and make the lives better for their local community and become leaders in that community, that makes sure that PepsiCo's money is used to its fullest potential rather than sponsoring a student that would not give back to their community or become a leader in their community, the financial aid given by Pepsi extends beyond the money for the scholarship and the individual but actually extends to helping more people throughout the community.

This scholarship is for a four year degree programme with a business or economics major at one of eight universities, only study at these universities for business or economics degrees will be sponsored: Ohio State University, Texas A&M University, University of Texas, University of Arizona, University of Washington, Saint Joseph's University, Wake Forest University and Tuskegee University. The scholarship requirements specify that a four year degree programme must be studied at one of these universities but the scholarship is only for one year, you can reapply for further years of study and as there are fourteen scholarships awarded each year there is the possibility that Pepsi might continue the scholarship two the second or third years for a student but you must make a new application each year, the scholarship amount is $5,000 dollars each year and you apply directly to PepsiCo for the scholarship and not a scholarship service so you won't be required to apply for state aid through FAFSA the Free Application for Federal Student Aid which many other scholarships require that the student also apply for to qualify for the scholarship.

Pepsi Bottling Group Scholarship

The next scholarship available from PepsiCo is the Pepsi Bottling Group $10,000 Annual Scholarship, this scholarship is for students graduating high school, it is for all US resident students and is not available for international students looking to study abroad. Students must have a 2.5 high school, GPA, this scholarship is only available for students who are enrolled at Maryland state college, university or technical school which is unusual as many scholarships that specify a location like the McDonalds scholarship do so where their headquarters are located, PepsiCo require that students apply for this scholarship directly through the student services department of Maryland state college, university or technical school where they are studying or about to commence your studies. Again students must show that they have taken part in community activities and show good leadership skills, those skills may or may not have been used on the students community activity work unlike the Quaker, Tropicana & Gatorade Quality, Trust & Growth Scholarship which requires the leadership activities to have been part of their community work. Students will need to write an essay of what they have learned to date and how they wish to take this forward with their degree study including how their community service and leadership skills have been used to date and how they will be continue to be used to benefit the community whilst they are studying and after the student graduates.

Your need to submit to PepsiCo a copy of your enrolment letter and two letters of recommendation, ideally one letter of recommendation should be someone (not a relative) who can comment on your personal skills and community activities and the other letter of recommendation must be from your academic studies where either your university lecturer or your high school teacher (depending on what stage you are in your studies) can comment on your academic abilities and suitability for degree study and the subject chosen. You're also need to submit copies of your SAT scores (Standard Attainment Test) or the ACT (high school test).

Pepsi Service Scholarship

The Pepsi Service Scholarship is for students enrolling at the University of Nebraska in Lincoln, students must show a history of leadership and community service whilst in high school, this might be from school activities and community activities like helping out with church activities or health programmes at your local hospital. The leadership element is very important for this scholarship so more than just being community minded and helping out in the community your need to show how you have led on these community activities, organising others and managing.

Students applying for this scholarship will need to write an essay in the form of a personal statement, documenting their community and leadership activities whilst in high school and how the student will continue to involve themselves in community activities during their university study and how the student will use their degree qualification and skills to the betterment of the community upon graduation from university. One scholarship is available which is worth $1,000 per year.

Pepsi Frito-Lay Scholarship

The Pepsi Frito-Lay Scholarship is a continuation of the Frito-Lay scholarship, PepsiCo bought Frito-Lay and continued this scholarship after the buyout. The scholarship is for high school students only who have studied in Michigan and taken part in the Wayne State University Upward Bound Program, students applying for this scholarship must submit a copy of their enrolment details to the Pepsi Frito-Lay scholarship, enrolment details must be for any accredited university or college degree programme, whilst at high school, students must have maintained honour role status and shown continuous improvement in their grades over the time of honour role status, being on the honour role is a requirement of the scholarship. The Pepsi Frito-Lay Scholarship committee decide on scholarship award amounts which vary depending on student need.

PepsiCo ExCEL Scholarship

The PepsiCo ExCEL Scholarship is for employees of PepsiCo only, you need to currently work for PepsiCo or Frito-Lay to apply for this scholarship, specifically the scholarship is for the children of the employees of PepsiCo and Frito-Lay, this scholarship unlike all of the other Pepsi scholarships is for international students, PepsiCo is worldwide and employees from any part of the world working for PepsiCo can apply for this award for their son or daughter to study at any approved college, technical school or university in the world. More than 2,500 scholarships have been granted to students from more than 50 countries around the world.

Pepsi-Cola Public Affairs Scholarship

The next scholarship offered by PepsiCo is the Pepsi-Cola Public Affairs Scholarship which is for students studying at Missouri State University only, no other universities or colleges will be considered for this scholarship, students will need a 3.25 GPA in their studies and must have studied for at least 45 credit hours prior to scholarship application, so your need to enrol at Missouri State University before you know if you will receive funding from Pepsi. Again students seeking this scholarship must show evidence of involvement in the community and leadership activities so that PepsiCo can be assured that giving the scholarship to you means that you will be a student that also gives back to the community and becomes a successful leader in that community upon graduation.

Students applying for this scholarship must demonstrate a commitment to public service through their community work and must write an essay on public affairs, the scholarship award is only for studying public affairs at Missouri State University, students will need to submit one letter of recommendation which should ideally come from someone who can comment on both your academic studies and your commitment to public affairs and the community work you have undertaken, you can of course include more than one letter of recommendation so that you can have separate letters of recommendation from both your academic studies and your community based work but there is no additional requirement for a second letter of recommendation.

Only Missouri State University students already enrolled at Missouri State University can apply for this scholarship through the university's student services department, few Pepsi-Cola Public Affairs Scholarships are awarded each year so working with student services on your application is essential.

Pepsi American Hotel & Lodging Educational Foundation Scholarship

The next Pepsi scholarship is the Pepsi Scholarship Fund which made a $250,000 donation to the American Hotel & Lodging Educational Foundation who then created the Pepsi Scholarship Fund with the money, the scholarship is for a specific school the Hospitality High School in Washington D.C, students must apply for the scholarship, in their final year of study at the school, the award can then be used to study at any hospitality manager degree programme at any accredited college or university (the scholarship is not limited to Washington colleges or universities but can be used for any university or college across the United States). Qualifying students will need to have at least a 2.5 GPA from the Hospitality High School in Washington D.C and have spent at least two hundred and fifty hours working in the hotel and hospitality industry, this can be achieved through a part time job the student can get whilst in the senior years of high school. Currently forty five students have received scholarships from this Pepsi award totalling $103,000 the scholarship amounts given vary depending on the college or university chosen for the degree, as cost of tuition will vary, scholarship amounts awarded previously have been between $500 to $4,000 dollars per year.

Mid-Del Technology Pepsi Scholarship

The next scholarship supported by Pepsi is the Mid-Del Technology Pepsi Scholarship which is only available to high school students currently studying at the Mid-Del Technology Center in Oklahoma, on graduation successful scholarship applicants will be awarded the scholarship and can choose to use the scholarship for any degree programme at a state college or university, students do not need to stay in the Oklahoma area and can study anywhere in the United States, some limitations on the exact colleges and universities available are made as the colleges and universities must be part of the Mid-Del Technology Pepsi Scholarship scheme. Students graduating from the Mid-Del Technology Center must have maintained a minimum of a 3.0 GPA whilst at the high school, the scholarship is awarded based both on academic achievement as well as financial need, students with parents able to pay the cost of degree study themselves are unlikely to be offered the scholarship and students will need to show high academic achievement and involvement in clubs, societies or the recipient of school prizes to distinguish themselves from other graduating students.

Pepsi Phi Theta Kappa Transfer Student Scholarship

The Pepsi Phi Theta Kappa Transfer Student Scholarship is for members of the Phi Theta Kappa honour society only who are enrolling at the University of Nebraska at Kearney, you will need to have attended a community college prior to your enrolment at the University of Nebraska, as it's a requirement of the scholarship that the student is coming from a college to the university. Students need to have a 3.0 GPA to apply, the scholarship award is for $2,000 per year and can be renewed for up to two years so will not cover the entire cost of your degree programme (typically three or four year degree programmes), but an associate degree could be completed in this time.