Nursing Scholarships from the Royal College of Nursing and Florence Nightingale Foundation

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Nursing Scholarships from the Royal College of Nursing and Florence Nightingale Foundation

Nursing Scholarships for nurses, midwives and healthcare assistants wanting to get a scholarship to study in the UK are varied, there's the Mair Scholarship this award is for 5,000 and is awarded to occupational health nurses based in Scotland, the award is made available for research, projects and tours to other hospitals which might be in Scotland or the UK as well as any other activities which advances the registered nurses understanding who are currently working in occupational health, so your use of the scholarship is wide open, with a much wider choice of study and research options than a great many other scholarships as the award is not based around you taking degree study.

For UK based nurses looking for degree study scholarships look at the Fulbright Scholarship, Birmingham University Scholarships, Bradford University Scholarships or the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Scholarships.

Mair Scholarship

To apply for the Mair Scholarship your need to be a RCN nurse (Royal College of Nursing) and want to undertake your study or research in the UK.

The Royal College of Nursing also promote the Florence Nightingale Scholarships, there are several scholarships available including research scholarships, travel scholarships and leadership and emerging leaders scholarships. Applicants are invited from all areas of healthcare however a preference is given to nurses specialising in long term conditions including dementia, end of life care, projects that improve patient experience, dignity, health or wellbeing across their entire lives and research into enhancing clinical leadership.

Florence Nightingale Scholarship

The first Florence Nightingale Scholarship we'll look at are the Research Scholarships this award is for nursing or midwifery research and includes enhancing capability and capacity in these areas of healthcare. These Florence Nightingale Scholarships also include the Bupa Scholarships for nurses and midwives who can apply for a Bupa Research Scholarship through the Florence Nightingale Scholarships, these Bupa scholarships are available to all Bupa nurses in the UK, other specialist scholarships you can also apply to through the Florence Nightingale Trust are the Menat Trust Scholarships these research scholarships are awarded for research into children affected by a cardiac anomaly and their families, note that this is for families affected by a cardiac anomaly and may or may not be research into the individual with the cardiac anomaly, the effects within family members can also be studied.

The Florence Nightingale Foundation also administer the Charlie Walker Scholarships these are scholarship awards for research into children and young adults with depression or other mental health issues where a research focus on young people in school, university or in employment with mental health issues or research into coping strategies for mental health sufferers, how to keep mentally well, early intervention criteria, nurses as therapists for young people with mental health issues, research into mental health in young children where the nurse is part of a larger support team or front line nurses like school nurses and practice nurses who will come into direct contact with children with mental health issues.

London Network Nurses and Midwife Scholarships

Another research scholarship administered by the Florence Nightingale Foundation is the London Network Nurses and Midwife Scholarships, these awards are for nurses or midwives based in London who are in an organisation that is funded by the NHS and provides patient care. Finally NHS Professional Scholarships are awarded for research into projects that will be of direct benefit to patients or the wider profession.

For all these research scholarships administered by or awarded directly by the Florence Nightingale Foundation scholarship applicants must have been registered as a RCN nurse for more than one year before applying for the scholarships and be currently working in the healthcare profession. The foundation also point out that a scholarship cannot be awarded retrospectively after the research has been undertaken, the scholarship applicant must apply for the scholarship prior to undertaking the course of study or research.

Whilst the nurse or midwife is studying or researching and not available to complete their employment, the foundation will not pay for another nurse to cover their work or pay the scholarship applicant study leave or any form of wage, the scholarship award is for the research and not for living expenses.

Florence Nightingale Foundation

The Florence Nightingale Foundation has three types of research scholarship and these are where nurses and midwives undertake a course of study or research within an academic programme, (i.e. they are studying at a college or university or similar institution) or where the nurse or midwife is undertaking clinical research that improves patient care within an academic program at a university or college or Doctorial or Post Doctorial research with direct benefit to patient care and where the research work is undertaken under academic supervision or support.

The scholarship seeker will need to arrange references and make sure that those referees have submitted their references to the foundation. Once the nurse or midwife has been granted the scholarship, there are several expectations from the Florence Nightingale Foundation as to what the researcher will deliver and these include an interim report into the research at the six month way point after having received the scholarship and a final report after the scholarship period is complete (the research should be complete in the same period as the scholarship completes).

The nurse or midwife awarded the scholarship must also agree to publish in a professional journal within twelve months of the scholarship or on scholarship completion and be willing to present at seminars and conferences on the outcomes of the research and credit all conferences or research work to the Foundation. The reason for requiring that the successful applicant present at conferences and publish their work is so that the research work is made available to the largest audience and therefore the foundation gets the most value for the money they have spent on the nurse or midwives scholarship.

Additionally in order to receive the scholarship you must be recommended for the scholarship by your line manager who will need to complete a section of the scholarship application form recommending you for the scholarship.

Travel Scholarships

The Florence Nightingale Foundation also provide a range of Travel Scholarships which allow nurses and midwives to study anywhere in the UK and worldwide, your need to have a current registration with the Nursing and Midwifery Council and be working and resident in the UK (legal residency), scholarships are available to continue study in the nurses or midwifes chosen specialisms or for study into areas that improve patient care or the profession as a whole. A grant of 5,000 is available to students to study either in the UK or overseas, two types of travel scholarship are available a general scholarship for nurses and midwifes to study practice or education in any general area and a specialist travel scholarship.

For general travel scholarships as well as being able to study anywhere in the UK or overseas there is an additional scholarship fund for nurses and midwives wishing to travel to Scandinavia with a requirement that Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland must all be visited as part of the students training (all countries per one scholarship, not just one country must be visited), this Scandinavian scholarship is called the Dr JP Smith Scholarship.

Association of Respiratory Nurse Specialists Scholarships

There are five Specialist Travel Scholarships these include the Association of Respiratory Nurse Specialists Scholarships which is administered by the Florence Nightingale Foundation and is for respiratory nurses working in the UK to travel within the UK or overseas and visit institutions to see best practice in the respiratory service and bring those best practices back to the UK.

RCN Foundation Scholarships

The RCN Foundation Scholarships are another Specialist Travel Scholarship available for nurses and midwives interested in studying clinical leadership for the management of long term health conditions, patient care, improvement to services and safety are the highlighted topics that the RCN Foundation is keen to award scholarships for, where students would bring the learnings back from other areas of the UK or overseas to improve care within the local community upon their return.

There is a special research travel scholarship for Bupa nurses working in the UK to study research into nursing and midwifery practice in other areas of the UK and overseas as well as the Charlie Waller Scholarships for adolescent and young adult related mental health issues (including depression) and finally the Menat Trust Scholarships for nurses working with children and their families with cardiac anomalies.

To apply for these Florence Nightingale Research Scholarships to study abroad nurses and midwives should download the Travel Scholarships application form from the Florence Nightingale Foundation and complete the application including references and return the application form to the foundation. Note that the scholarship must be complete no later than twelve months after the award, so be ready with your travel plans and time away from work before you make your application as you might otherwise find that you have been given the scholarship but cannot use the scholarship.

After travel, student nurses and midwives returning to employment will have three months to present a final report to the Florence Nightingale Foundation and one the application form your need to submit two references, these should be from your managers with one reference from your immediate line manager and the other reference from any manager past or present, your immediate line manager must state in the reference that they grant you the time off work to pursue your studies.

As well as the scholarship application form candidates are required to submit a sample itinerary that's why as much as possible it is important to have dates or length of activities sorted out before you apply for the scholarship, this way on granting of the scholarship your plans are in place and you can take up the scholarship immediately, you will have to contact partner institutions that you would like to go visit and make the travel plans and research or visit plans yourself, note that you are not required to book any flights or accommodation prior to receiving the scholarship but should be able to say where you are staying and how you are travelling.

Leadership and Emerging Leaders Scholarships

The Florence Nightingale Foundation also make available Leadership Scholarships and Emerging Leaders scholarships these scholarships are designed to give nurses and midwives the abilities to take up leadership positions or improve current leadership skills. The first of these leadership scholarships is the Aspiring Nurse Directors Leadership Scholarships for experienced nurses and midwives who are registered with the Nursing and Midwifery Council and are working in the South East of England or London only, your need to be able to prove that you have the potential to achieve a board level position in the next two or three years which your prove by submitting your CV along with your application form, for example your current position should be close too but not at board level.

These emerging leaders scholarships (for the South East and London) are to offer scholarships to those that can positively impact patient care after they have completed their scholarships, students will positively impact patient care by learning the leadership skills to improve patient care in the South East and London.

General Leadership Scholarship for Nurses, Midwives and Health Professionals

The foundation has a General Leadership Scholarship for nurses, midwives and health professionals with NMC (National Midwifery Council) or HCPC (Health and Care Professions Council) registration who are employed and resident in the UK. This scholarship is worth 15,000 and can be awarded to nurses, midwives and allied health professionals who wish to gain the skills and confidence to lead a team and contribute substantially to the furtherance of healthcare, note that its substantial contributions through leadership that will be awarded the scholarship and not just candidates that might like to try leadership roles.

The leadership scholarships are also open to university and schools of nursing administrators at the Dean and Deputy Dean level who wish to improve their leadership skills through study based scholarships. The leadership program is designed around the individual and will be based on the leadership potential and current abilities of the applicants, your be required to develop your leadership skills and define long term career objectives and create an individual patient care improvement programme.

Typically successful applicants for the leadership scholarship may or may not have a current board position but will be at Director of Nursing or Deputy Director of Nursing or Head of Midwifery or a consultant or allied health professional.