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NAACP Scholarships

NAACP Scholarships are made available through the National Association for the Advancement of Coloured People, the NAACP is an organisation created to take lawful action to ensure the political, educational, social and economic equality of all coloured people and to eliminate race based discrimination.

The NAACP receives scholarship donations from members of the NAACP and has a scholarship committee who awards these scholarships to outstanding individuals, the only form of financial aid that the NAACP gives to students is through the scholarship programme. All scholarship applications for NAACP scholarships are administered by the UNCF scholarships programmes, the United Negro College Fund have an online application process where all documentation can be scanned and uploaded, you can create an account and save your details so that you can come back to the application process later, there are more scholarships available for black American and African Americans through the UNCF as they administer scholarships for many other institutions and not just the NAACP scholarships.

All NAACP scholarship applications are made through the UNCP scholarships application and the UNCF require that students seeking one of the UNCF or NAACP scholarships apply for a state grant from FAFSA the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, applying to FAFSA along with your NAACP or UNCF scholarship application allows the UNCF to only award scholarships to students that FAFSA have identified as in financial need, the FAFSA application will ask for you and your families tax documentation to be scanned and submitted as part of your online application.

Earl G. Graves Scholarship

The NAACP scholarships available include the Earl G. Graves scholarship which is a scholarship of $5,000 dollars for students who are currently studying business, business must be the major of your degree and all students must have started their degree programme, the award is for undergraduate (bachelors) and postgraduate degrees (masters and doctorates), you must be currently studying at a business school which forms part of an accredited university of college in the United Sates, the award is for black American, black African and other coloured ethnicities, white students are not eligible for this scholarship and should consider applying for a Pell grant, black students looking for other black scholarships should also consider the Bill Gates scholarships for black Americans and black Africans and Caribbean or Pacific islands heritage.

Students must apply for the Earl G. Graves scholarship in their second year (sophomore year which is tenth grade), to apply students must be in good academic standing with satisfactory progress towards their undergraduate or postgraduate degree, the award is for full time students only and the student must be in the top 20% of their class, for this scholarship the student does not have to demonstrate financial need, meaning you or your parents do not have to be poor or unable to pay the cost of the course themselves, the scholarship is awarded on merit for the brightest black American or black African American students not it good financial standing.

Students will need to apply by submitting three references, the references must not be from family members, one must be a personal recommendation and two other reconditions must be from the faculty at your business school who can comment on your academic performance, the faculty recommendations must be on university or college letterhead, your also need to include in your application your most recent college transcript and evidence of your full time enrolment on the course (part time study students cannot claim this scholarship), students will also need to write a one page personal essay about themselves, their achievements, their help for the black community and why they wish to study at the first or second degree level in business.

Agnes Jones Jackson Scholarship

The next scholarship award made available from the NAACP is the Agnes Jones Jackson scholarship, as with all NAACP scholarship you will need to apply through UNCF which means you will also need to apply for a FAFSA grant, students seeking this scholarship must be a member of the NAACP, if you are not a member you are allowed to apply for membership and then once you have your membership card, apply for the scholarship, you will need to attach a copy of your membership card or membership application form to the scholarship application when you submit your application through UNCF's online application.

Students applying for this scholarship will need to be a citizen of the United States and be enrolled in an accredited college or university in the United States, applicants will also need to be black American's or black African Americans, white students are not eligible for this scholarship and could consider the Coca Cola scholarship or McDonalds scholarship instead (you don't need to work for Coca Cola or McDonalds to apply).

The award is for undergraduate study at the bachelors level or postgraduate study at a masters or doctorate level, the student may take a full time or a part time course of study, the part-time student receives 50% of the scholarship award of a fulltime student because the part-time student will be able to get a part-time job to supplement their income, should a fulltime student change to part-time then they will receive 50% of the scholarship going forward. Undergraduate students can only be fulltime for this award whilst postgraduate students can be part-time or fulltime students.

Students graduating high school or students already on an undergraduate course of study will need a GPA Grade Point Average of 2.5 which is C+ on a 4.0 grading system. Graduate students already undergoing a postgraduate course must have a GPA of 3.0 (B) on a 4.0 system. Students must show that they have a financial need for the award or their application will not be considered, to show financial need you will need a family income below specified levels, this will be proved by your submission to FAFSA which is part of the UNCF application process (all NAACP scholarships are administered by the UNCF who use FAFSA the federal granting body for determination of income).

The income levels which you must be below vary depending on the size of your family if there is one person in the family then your income must be below $14,355, if there are two people in the family including yourself then the income must be below $19,245 and if there are three people in the family your income must be below $24,135 and four people in the family means an income must be below $29,025 with a variable schedule up to eight people in the family in which case your income must be below $48,585 dollars.

If the applicants income is greater than the specified amounts the student can still apply for the scholarship but they will receive a smaller scholarship amount if chosen and will be in direct competition with other students who are being considered for a scholarship (but not the full scholarship). Students who are awarded the scholarship are given the scholarship for one year, then the student must reapply for the scholarship for each year, it is not a full reapplication but you must compete with other students reapplying for their scholarship, one of the most important areas to demonstrate on reapplication is your involvement with the NAACP, insufficient involvement with the NAACP will result in your scholarship not continuing for a further year or a reduced scholarship amount.

Renewing Scholarships

Students renewing their scholarship must also consider their most recent GPA and make the transcript available to the NAACP/UNCF, civil rights activism in conjunction with the NAACP are also considered in the reapplication process as are any academic awards that you might have won the previous year. Students must be under the age of 29 years old to apply for the Agnes Jones Jackson scholarship, if you have already received a scholarship award and are reapplying you must still be under the age of 29 on your reapplication.

The scholarship award is divided into two parts, undergraduate students receive $1,500 dollars and postgraduate students receive $2,500 dollars this is a one year scholarship and you will need to reapply (simpler process for reapplication than initial application) each year. Students will need three personal recommendation letters which cannot be from relatives, one recommendation letter is a personal recommendation or reference and the one letter of recommendation must be from a NAACP member (you have to join the NAACP to apply for the Agnes Jones Jackson scholarship) and the final letter of recommendation must be from your college or university academic staff.

The NACCP letter of recommendation for this scholarship must be on NACCP letterhead and specify the name and title of the NACCP member providing the reference, all NACCP executive committee members can provide the letter of recommendation except NACCP members involved directly in scholarship selection (else this could be considered unfair bias), applicants will also need to send in their most recent transcript showing their grades from high school (undergraduate degree applicant) or college (postgraduate degree applicant), students will also need to provide a copy of their parents most recent income tax forms or the student can use FAFSA Free Application for Federal Student Aid as used by the UNCF (the UNCF will require that you complete a FAFSA application and FAFSA will also require the student to submit their parents complete income tax forms).

HCBU scholarship

The next scholarship made available by the NAACP and administered by the UNCF (United Negro College Fund) is the HCBU scholarship, the Historically Black College or University scholarship is for a black American or black African American student who is either already studying at a historically black college or university or about to start at a historically black college or university. The student must be a US citizen and be studying at or applying to an accredited university or college except where the student has been studying at a proprietary school in the United States. Students can use the scholarship for fulltime study or part-time study where part-time study students receive half the scholarship of the fulltime students.

Students applying for the HCBU scholarship will need a 2.5 (C+) GPA, if the student is currently studying at university then the GPA will be for their current university studies and if the student is just applying for university the GPA will be from their high school, studies. NAACP membership and participation is listed as highly desirable but not essential as with the Agnes Jones Jackson scholarship, although it's unlikely that you would get the scholarship without at least NAACP membership, you can apply for membership and then apply for the scholarship, you will need to upload a copy of the NAACP membership card to the UNCF online application (it is the United Negro College Fund that administer the NAACP scholarships on behalf of the NAACP).

Active participation in civil rights activities and other works of the NAACP is highly desirable for the HCBU scholarship and with other black and black origin students active within the NAACP your application will be considered along with all participants so it's in your interest and the interest of all black people that you involve yourself in NAACP activities.

The HCBU scholarship is for $2,000 and can be renewed for the term of your study, students must show a financial need for the scholarship and their income level will be assessed by submitting the income tax form for both parents or a FAFSA statement, the UNCF require that all applicants through the UNCF use FAFSA the federal grant awarding body.

Lillian and Samuel Sutton Education, Roy Wilkins and Hubertus W.V. Willems scholarships

Other awards made by the NAACP include the Lillian and Samuel Sutton Education scholarship with a $1,000 undergraduate scholarship and a $2,000 graduate scholarship, reapplication can be made each year to continue the scholarship. The Roy Wilkins Scholarship is for students starting college as a freshmen and awards $1,000 for starting a degree at undergraduate level at a US accredited college or university and finally the Hubertus W.V. Willems scholarship for male students awards $2,000 for undergraduate study and $3,000 for graduate study for black Americans or black African Americans to obtain a bachelors, masters or doctorate degree in engineering, chemistry, physics or the mathematical sciences.