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Maru a Pula Free Scholarships

Maru a Pula Free Scholarships are for orphans and vulnerable children in Botswana, thirty scholarships to the school are available each year, children from the school are selected to attend full scholarships in the USA with five students selected each year to attend private universities in the USA all paid for by Maru a Pula.

Maru a Pula means 'promises of blessings' in Setswana the language spoken in Botswana, South Africa where the school is located. The school was founded in 1972 and has become the best secondary (high school) in Botswana if not all of South Africa, the school's students produce the highest A-level grades of all other schools in Botswana with 83% of students achieving A*, A or B grades at A-level (the examinations used in the United Kingdom, good A-level grades are the entrance requirements of universities and colleges worldwide).

Students Sit Both iGCSE's and A-levels

At Maru a Pula school the students sit both iGCSE's and A-levels (International General Certificate of Secondary Education and Advanced Level qualifications), these are the same qualifications that students in England would receive if they attended school in England with GCSE's being the examinations to sit before A-levels, it's the A-level grades that allow the student to enter university.

Fifty of the best students identified by the Botswana Ministry of Education come to study at Maru a Pula school and sit their A-levels at the school, so the school is well regarded across the whole of Southern Africa. The school enrolled just under 750 students in the last academic year with 64% of the students coming from the native Botswana and 36% of the students coming from expatriate students from over thirty different nationalities so the school is really internationally focused preparing students for study abroad.

Popular Student Exchange Programme

The school also has a popular student exchange programme with school students from UK, USA, Australia, Switzerland, France, Japan and China taking part in the exchange programme which allows students to live overseas for a term and attend lessons at the partner institution with the student living with a local family, not only will the exchange students have a greater understanding of other cultures and languages but the experience will help prepare the students for studying abroad once they graduate with their A-level results.

The school not only employs local teachers to teach the students but the best teachers from international schools and universities with six Harvard undergraduates spending a term at the school to prepare students for their examinations and entry to Harvard university, also four Fellows from Princeton on the Princeton in Africa programme spend a whole year at the school coaching the children and preparing the children for entry into Princeton University in the USA.

Harvard University Graduates

This academic year saw five students from Maru a Pula school graduate and attend Harvard University in the USA as well as students at Stanford University, Princeton University, Columbia University and MIT as well as students graduating and going onto study for their degree at the University of Cape Town.

Maru a Pula school have their own theatre the Maitisong theatre this is a Setswana word (the language spoken in Botswana) which means 'place of entertainment', the school has a large creative arts background and outreach in the community, the school is in partnership with several international companies for finance including Barclays Bank. The Maru a Pula theatre puts on music festivals, theatre and Shakespeare and even broadcast its plays on local radio as the theatre has become an essential part of the local community, the efforts of the theatre and school go to show the rich cultural and arts heritage of the school, as well as the performing arts students are encouraged to help the local community with thirty five different tasks that the students can choose from each week a student task helps these in the local community of Gabane or Gaborone, tasks might include helping out at the local hospital, feeding the poor, teaching at an African primary school ore working with orphans, these activities are just as valuable as classroom teaching and help the students to develop strong work and service ethics which they continue to support in later life.

Maru a Pula school also excels at sports with Maru a Pula school sending athletes to represent Botswana at the African Games and the Olympic Games, Maru a Pula school excels in netball, basketball, karate and rugby.

The school is over twenty hectares in size, the land was given to the school by the Botswana government on the founding of the school. Typically 65% of the students at the school are local to Botswana, the school is an international school but its goal is to enrich the lives of the people of Botswana as well as educating international students, local students and international students mixing and learning together is the primary focus of this non-racial school.

International Essay Writing Competitions

Students from the school compete for and win many international essay writing competitions including the Queen's Commonwealth Essay competition which receives over 13,000 entries each year and sees essays from over six hundred schools in the commonwealth. The school also enter and win essay writing competitions from Monash University, Melbourne, Australia which require the essay to be written in exam conditions in under one hour.

The school is also active in chess and have won many chess competitions with lately a gold medal win at the under seventeen African School Individual Chess Championship. The school also takes part in the International Mathematics Olympiad (IMO) which is the World Championship Mathematics Competition for high school students with over one hundred countries entering the competition annually, to be able to field students for such a prestigious competition is really a credit to the school. Students also take part in the De Beers English Olympiad the prestigious English Language and Literature competition for schools with over 700 entries received each year.

The author Alexander McCall Smith who wrote No.1 Ladies' Detective Agency television series is also a friend of the school, and has visited the school many times even featuring the school in one of the episodes of the television series.

The school has an alumni programme where former students can mentor current students, as former students have studied internationally in Europe, the Americas, Africa and Australia and are now active in the fields of politics, banking, engineering, education, social work and retail the alumnus can make a real difference to the lives of the students not just in terms of financial contributions but in mentoring the young students and inspiring them.

The school raises money for scholarships from alumni fundraising around the world although the majority of the fundraising in done in the USA with musical fundraiser tours of students around the United States and singing in the schools choir.

African Students

If you are an African student looking to get a scholarship to study abroad being accepted to the school will set you on your path, not only can you win a scholarship to study at the school with scholarships available for poor Africans who have shown academic success and just need the forum to find greater success.

The best of the students attending the school will be given a free scholarship to study abroad at USA universities like Harvard and Princeton, these are both Ivy League universities the best in the United States and the world, to think that an African child from an improvised background can be accepted into the school on a full scholarship that covers their education, living and accommodation expenses and then go onto a full scholarship to study in the USA is truly an inspirational story that will inspire many African children to study hard at primary school, so they can go onto this highly successful secondary school.

Direct Scholarship Application to Maru a Pula School

To get into the school, students will need to make a direct scholarship application to Maru a Pula school for a scholarship for their secondary education for the degree scholarship money, students currently attending Maru a Pula school will be selected for the scholarship so it's vitally important to attend Maru a Pula school not only for the possibility of a scholarship to study for a degree in the USA but for the high school scholarship to attend school free of charge.

You might wonder how an African school can send students on scholarships to Harvard and Princeton university, well the teachers at the school are supplemented by teachers from Harvard and Princeton, with lecturers from these prestigious schools teaching in the Maru a Pula school the student s get to experience the world-class teaching that will ensure they get the A-level grades to attend Harvard and Princeton university not to mention the life skills from serving in the community and playing sports to Olympic level.

The money for the scholarships all comes from fundraising predominantly in the USA, the school has formed a great many relationships with US based institutions who help with the fundraising and this enables a small number of students to get a full scholarship to the Maru a Pula school and also a full scholarship to study abroad.

African students looking to study abroad on a scholarship who have not attended the Maru a Pula school should apply to the Bill Gates scholarship and Fulbright scholarships both of which accept African students for scholarships not only in the USA but in the UK too at prestigious universities like Oxford University (Fulbright scholarship) and Cambridge University (Bill Gates scholarship).

Orphan Scholarships

Maru a Pula school makes available twenty orphan scholarships, with one in every six children in Africa being an orphan Maru a Pula school are offering this full scholarship to attend the school where everything is covered for the orphan children, free tuition to world-class standards, free boarding facilities, free school books, free stationary, pocket money, free travel documents to attend the school, free healthcare, free dental care and free clothing as well as the superb pastoral care offered by the school, to make every student feel welcome and able to do their best.

Columbia University, Princeton University, Williams University, MIT and Stanford University

Students from the school have gone onto study on free scholarships in the USA at Columbia University, Princeton University, Williams University, MIT and Stanford University an extraordinary achievement for any school to be able to send students to such prestigious universities let alone a school in Southern Africa and even more extraordinary that the school is able to send these students to study in America on free scholarships. It has to be said that only the brightest and most academically gifted students from the school will be offered the chance to have a free scholarship to study abroad, the school, takes in orphans and these children will generally not have had the primary education necessary to go onto greatness.

The school takes in these poor and orphaned students offers them free food, lodgings, clothing and education and nurtures them to be the best they can be even though the children had such poor and difficult upbringings and then over the years at the school educated these students in academic studies, social responsibility, the arts and sports and offers the best students free scholarships to continue their studies at the most prestigious universities in the world and along the way in their sporting activities is able to enter the best sports students into the Commonwealth and Olympic games.

Maru a Pula School Accepts Paid Students and Free Scholarships

That's all quite an achievement for any school let alone a school in South Africa with forty percent of its intake being local orphaned and other disadvantaged children, it's no wonder that the alumni from the school are so passionate about giving back to the school, after all its the school that has enabled them to see success themselves and the alumni are keen to see other students achieve the same success that they have seen in government, banking, teaching, education and the arts.

The Maru a Pula school as well as offering scholarships accepts paid students, with all the advantages of the school and its ability to prepare and educate students for the most prestigious universities in the USA, typical school fees are $7,130 US dollars for tuition and $5,294 US dollars for boarding.

There are a wide range of scholarships available for students who attend a Free Will Baptist Church and wish to continue their education at college or university to gain a degree at an educational intuition that is also based on the Free Will Baptist movement.