Hispanic Scholarships at ARTES Iberian and Latin American Visual Culture Group

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Hispanic Scholarships

Hispanic Scholarships at ARTES Iberian and Latin American Visual Culture Group offers several scholarships including essay scholarships, travel scholarships, doctoral degree scholarships and post-doctoral degree scholarships.

Essay Scholarships, Travel Scholarships, Doctoral Degree Scholarships And Post Doctoral Degree Scholarships

The actual scholarships available include The Juan Facundo Riaño Essay Medal, Essay Medal Scholarship and ARTES Coll & Cortés Scholarships. Hispanic scholarship students can also consider Scholarships for Minorities from the National Film and Television School, UNCF scholarships, NAACP scholarships, AB540 scholarships, Free Scholarships for International Students at the University of Birmingham, Bill Gates Scholarships, Scholarships for International Students from Chevening or International Undergraduate Scholarships from the University of Westminster, Fulbright Scholarship, World Bank Free Scholarships for Developing Countries and Scholarships for African Americans at the University of Oxford.

ARTES is a registered charity in the UK whose purpose is to raise the awareness and understanding of Iberian and Latin American Visual Culture and bring together other institutions who have an interest in the arts in Spain, Portugal and Latin America and to encourage study and discussion, organise meetings and visits, inform interested parties and encourage collaboration across all the arts.

ARTES Scholarships

ARTES scholarships are for students with an interest in architecture, ceramics, drawing, film, metalwork, painting, photography, prints, sculpture and textiles. ARTES was founded by Dr Hilary McCartney at the University of Glasgow and Dr Holly Trusted at the Victoria & Albert Museum. ARTES founding members provide support from the Houston Museum of Arts, National Gallery London, Metropolitan Museum of Art, Trinity College Dublin, Ashmolean Museum Oxford, British Library, University of Paris-Sorbonne, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, Birkbeck College London, Fitzwilliam Museum (University of Cambridge) and The British Spanish Society.

The Juan Facundo Riaño Essay Medal

The Juan Facundo Riaño Essay Medal is a scholarship provided by the British-Spanish Society and the Embassy of Spain. The scholarship is awarded to the student with the best essay on art history which has a Hispanic theme. The essay medal is named after an art historian who was responsible for the interest in Spanish culture in nineteenth century Britain.

The winner of the Juan Facundo Riaño Essay Medal gets £400 cash and the runners up get £100 cash the money is provided by the Office for Cultural and Scientific Affairs of the Embassy of Spain, winning essays will be published in the Hispanic Research Journal.

For the essay the awarding committee require a high quality of literature and original thought on then production of art, conservation of art or architecture or visual culture in the Hispanic world, these guidelines provide a very broad guideline about the types of Hispanic art that may be discussed in the essay. The essay medal (an actual medal) is awarded at the Spanish Embassy in London.

Anonymous Scholarship

Interestingly essays submitted must be anonymous, the essay committee do not want to be seen to favour a notable scholar or exclude any student for reasons of ethnic background or any other possibly discriminatory factor so all essays submitted must use a pseudonym (made up name for the author), this also allows the author to be more free with the subject of their essay, expressing ideas that they may not wish to express if their name was identified along with the work. Along with the essay, students submit a sealed envelope containing the pseudonym the student has used and their real name and address so once all the essays have been assessed and the winner and runners up chosen the real identity of the student can be revealed in order to contact the student to tell them they have one the essay writing competition.

Whilst the prize awarding committee stress that there is no upper age limit to students wanting to apply for the award, the awarding body will give preference to students who have not previously published an article about the Hispanic Visual Arts. Whilst any student can write an essay and apply the awarding committee expect students to most likely be older students, undergraduate students, and postgraduate students. Older students and undergraduate students will need to show exceptional essay writing skills as its thought that post graduate students are most able to produce an essay of the quality required.

Details of a student's degree, qualifications and published articles should also be included in the sealed envelope along with the students real name (the essay submission is anonymous). Essay students don't have to be from the UK as international students who can show continued engagement with UK institutions, UK students or UK artefacts or UK research will also be considered.

For the purposes of essay writing Hispanic is used in its largest sense to mean any Hispanic or Lusophone regions including Iberian and Latin American and essays about visual arts are also interpreted in its largest sense to mean Hispanic materials, culture, photography or art and photography. The essay submitted must not have been submitted or published elsewhere, specifically national or international essay writing competitions whilst previous university department level submissions are allowed the student should include previous department level prize winning details when they submit their essay.

The student must submit an essay of up to 8,000 words (four pages of typed document), the word count includes any index, contents, bibliography or notes that might be present in the essay, essays longer than 8,000 words will not be read, short essays are allowed, in all cases a summery document summarising the essay must be included with the essay, the summary can be up to two hundred and fifty words and the summary text does not count towards the maximum 8,000 words essay total.

The essay should be independent work that as well as not being published elsewhere although the work may have been part of your dissertation, the work must however stand up on its own and not refer or require knowledge of any previous works. All essay entries must be written in English on double spaced paper. The essay and all supporting documentation must be submitted in a paper folder (no electronic copies will be accepted), pages should not be stapled together and all pages should be numbered, diagrams and illustrations may be included.

The essay submitted may not be submitted for any other essay writing competitions whilst the essay is under consideration, should the essay not be chosen as the winner or the runner up then you are free to submit the essay elsewhere. Students will need to post two copies of the essay to ARTES.

ARTES Coll and Cortés Scholarships

The ARTES Coll and Cortés Scholarships are provided by collaboration between fine art dealers Coll & Cortés and the British-Spanish Society, the scholarships are awarded to students studying Spanish, Portuguese or Latin American visual culture, studying the period before 1800. Scholarship winners will be required to attend an awards ceremony at the Spanish Embassy in London. The actual scholarships awarded by ARTES Coll and Cortés include Travel scholarships, £3000 scholarship for PhD students studying at a UK University and £3000 scholarships for PhD students or post-doctoral students in Spain, Portugal or Latin America who wish to study in the UK.

ARTES Coll & Cortés Travel Scholarships

The ARTES Coll & Cortés Travel scholarships are for undergraduate and postgraduate students in their final year of study on either a full time or part time course of study at a UK University interestingly both full time and part time study courses are included in the scholarship, many other university scholarships will stipulate that a full time course of study only must be followed.

The travel scholarship offers £1,000 cash for students to use to travel to Spain, Portugal or Latin America for either field work, attending conferences in those countries or other forms or research. As with the essay scholarship the Coll & Cortés Travel scholarships are awarded at a ceremony at the Spanish Embassy in London which travel scholarship winners will be required to attend.

The travel scholarship application is made by writing a six hundred word project explanation and a two hundred word summary of the project, the application should list the project title and details of any other funding being requested or that has already been granted together with an academic CV, the student's academic advisor will also need to send references in support of the travel scholarship application, whilst the application must be made in English the reference can be made in English, Spanish or Portuguese, all applications must have a reference to be considered as applications without a reference will not be read.

Whilst students can apply for more than one scholarship at a time from ARTES or the British Spanish Society only one scholarship or essay award will be granted to an individual in the same year. Scholarships are only awarded to students who have already started their course of study and require the travel scholarship to carry out the research or conference portion of their degree program.

Students can apply for funding for travel they have already been on in the last year or travel they are yet to go on, however a preference is made to travel that has not yet commenced as its assumed that travel that has already commenced must have happened because a student was able to find some level of funding already.

Travel scholarship applications are assessed on a number of criteria including original research that has not been done before and the significance of the research with unique research being given preference also the feasibility of the research and whether the research is likely to reveal anything novel or original as well as the academic rigour of the research which is assessed as knowledge in the field of study, fluency in both the field and the language as well as a technically superb application with good English and no spelling mistakes.

£3000 Scholarship For PhD Students Studying At A UK University

The £3000 scholarship for PhD students studying at a UK university is also financed by Coll & Cortés fine art dealers and by the British Spanish Society, the award of £3,000 cash is for a student studying for a doctoral degree at a UK university, the scholarship is designed to support the student by paying for tuition, cost of living or other research costs, the student must be studying for a doctoral degree whether in a full time or part time course of study.

Students who are awarded the ARTES Coll & Cortés PhD Scholarships for students studying at a UK University will be required to attend an awards ceremony at the Spanish Embassy in London and must submit their scholarship application in English and submit a hundred word project summary as well as a six hundred word description of the research be undertaken as well as details of how the scholarship money will be spent and details of other sources of funding that the student has been awarded, students will also need to send a copy of their CV and get a reference from their academic adviser, all students applying for the scholarship must have started their course of study prior to applying for the scholarship (this is a common criteria for many UK universities).

The scholarship committee will use the students CV to assess the students current academic level, the scholarship will be awarded based on both financial need as well as academic merit meaning that poorer students are more likely to win and students whose application is deemed the best are also more likely to win.

£3000 Scholarship For PhD Students Or Post-Doctoral Scholars In Spain, Portugal Or Latin America

The £3000 scholarship for PhD students or post-doctoral scholars in Spain, Portugal or Latin America who wish to conduct research at a UK university or institution is awarded by Coll & Cortés and the British-Spanish Society and is administered by ARTES. The scholarship award is for doctoral level students who have completed their studies less than four years ago and must have been registered for study for their doctoral degree at a university in Spain, Portugal or Latin America any aspect of Spanish, Portuguese or Latin American visual culture before 1800 may be studied.

With these scholarships Hispanic students and students wishing to study Hispanic art and culture can come and study in the UK with a scholarship provided by ARTES, the British Spanish Society and Coll & Cortés, institutions with a great deal of experience and knowledge with Hispanic art and culture.