Graduate Scholarships at the University of Leeds

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Graduate Scholarships

Graduate Scholarships at the University of Leeds, taught and research postgraduate degrees with scholarships for international students, UK and EU students of over ten millions pounds per year.

Graduate scholarships are available at the University of Leeds and these other UK universities, University of Nottingham, University of Kent, University of Glasgow, Kingston University London, Cardiff University, London School of Economics, University of Birmingham and Bradford University or consider a Student Loan.

Postgraduate Courses

As well as scholarships from the University of Leeds that can be used for postgraduate courses across the university, each university department has its own scholarships that are awarded for students studying a postgraduate qualification in that specific department. The UK Research Council also makes many postgraduate awards available for UK and EU students studying at the University of Leeds.

Partial Scholarships and Full Scholarships

The university of Leeds has both partial scholarships covering just tuition fees and full scholarships covering both course fees, accommodation and living expenses, Full Ride Scholarships are also available.

Postgraduate scholarships are often competitive which means they are based on merit, the students with the best grades gets the scholarships, other postgraduate scholarships are very popular and the first students to apply for the award gets the scholarship, so it's important to complete the scholarship application and get your place at Leeds University confirmed as quickly as possible.

To make a graduate scholarship application to the University of Leeds you must first have applied for either a taught postgraduate degree course or a research postgraduate degree, once you have applied and been offered a place on the course you will be given a University of Leeds Student Identification Number, your need to quote this number on your scholarship application, this proves to the university that the scholarship seeker does have a valid place at the university and can be considered for the scholarship.

NFU Mutual Charitable Trust

The NFU Mutual Charitable Trust Centenary Award for Postgraduate students in Agriculture is a scholarship awarded by the National Farmers Union (NFU), these annual bursaries award up to 75% of the course fees to students at the start of their postgraduate degree (Masters or PhD), the award was started on the one hundredth anniversary of the NFU Charitable Trust's foundation.

The NFU body that awards the scholarships is the charitable trust which is part of the National Farmers Union an organisation providing insurance products, originally to farmers only but now to everyone from home insurance and car insurance to life insurance.

The postgraduate scholarships are made to students who are studying agriculture or a related discipline and achieve a 2:1 (Upper Second Class Honours) degree at the undergraduate level and wish to go on and study agriculture at the postgraduate level, students will need to apply to the University of Leeds or another UK postgraduate degree granting institution and be offered a place at Leeds before they can apply for the NFU scholarship.

The NFU scholarship is open to international students as well as UK, European and Commonwealth students who wish to make an impact within UK agriculture, students will need an excellent academic record at undergraduate level.

Recent winners of the NFU postgraduate scholarship have studied for MSc Water Science, Policy and Management, MSc Food Security and Sustainable Agriculture and MSc Rural Estate Management, all agriculture focused and all enhancing the knowledge of UK agriculture and using those skills within UK agriculture.

University of Leeds Alumni Bursaries

University of Leeds Alumni Bursaries are available for postgraduate students of all nationalities wishing to study for an MSc or PhD qualification, the bursary pays ten percent of the course fees whilst you are studying at the University of Leeds. Students will need to be alumni of the University of Leeds, which means students must have studied for an undergraduate or postgraduate degree at Leeds University and includes both UK as well as European and International students from around the world.

No Scholarship for PGCE Students

PGCE (Post Graduate Certificate of Education) postgraduate courses which are normally the way first degree holders can gain a teaching qualification to go on and become teachers are not included in the list of postgraduate degree qualifications that are not supported by the alumni scholarships, however PG Cert (Postgraduate Certificate) degrees are included for the Alumni award as are Postgraduate Diploma (PGDip), Graduate Diplomas, Master degrees including Master of Arts (MA), Master of Education (MEd), Master of Science (MSc), Master of Business Administration (MBA), Master of Science (Engineering) (MSc (Eng.)) and Master of Health Science (MHSc).

Alumni Bursary Scheme

Doctorate degrees available under the Alumni bursary scheme include Doctor of Medicine (MD), Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) and Professional Doctorates including Doctor of Education (EdD), Doctor of Business and Management (DBM), Doctor of Health and Social Care (DHSC), Integrated Degrees of Doctor of Philosophy and Master (MA, PhD, LLM, PhD or MSc ,PhD), Master of Philosophy (MPhil), Master of Arts (MA (by research)), Master of Education (MEd (by research)), Master of Science (MSc (by research)) and Master of Science (Engineering) (MSc (Eng.) (by research)).

Because the alumni award pays for ten percent of the tuition fees your need to be self-financing for a small portion of the tuition fees, note that you don't need to pay the remaining ninety percent of the course fees yourself you can use other scholarships and bursaries to pay for the remainder, but a small portion of the course fees must be what's termed 'self-financing' that means paid for by the individual student, whilst the term is 'self-financing' parents or friends may pay this portion of the tuition fees.

Apply For Your Course First And Not The Scholarship

Students must apply for their course at the University of Leeds and be accepted onto the course before applying for the scholarship as the scholarship cannot be awarded retrospectively after the student has started their degree programme only after they have been accepted but before the student has started his or her course.

The bursary is only paid for the core period of the postgraduate degree, writing up, retaking examinations, overseas visits etc. are not paid for periods of study and the student will have to finance these portions of their course themselves. Students wishing to apply for the alumni bursary should contact the admissions department of the University of Leeds, note not the main admissions department but the specific department where the student made their application to a postgraduate course, the engineering admissions department for example.

When you contact the admissions department you will be asked about your former studies (what subject, what level and what grades) as well as how you plan to fund the postgraduate degree that you have applied for. As this is an alumni award the admissions department will need to ask such questions that they can verify that you were a student at the University of Leeds previously.

If the postgraduate degree course you have applied for is more than one year in duration then you will only be able to claim for the first year of study, for subsequent years your need to apply for other scholarships, bursaries or loans from the University of Leeds.

Students who ae fully funded for their postgraduate scholarship are not eligible to apply for the alumni scholarship, part funding is allowed as long as all the awards, bursaries and scholarships the student has access to do not cover the entire cost of the tuition fees as the alumni bursary will only pay the outstanding ten percent.

No Scholarships For English Language Study Courses

Note that English Language Study courses, Occasional Study Programmes and Continuing Professional Development (CPD) courses at a certificate or diploma level as well as language pre-assessment courses are all not eligible for the alumni award as these are not considered postgraduate courses of study.

Degrees jointly awarded by more than one university are not eligible for the alumni award so for example a postgraduate degree at the MSc level in Engineering jointly awarded by the University of Leeds and the University of Sheffield would not be eligible.

Students from colleges and universities affiliated to the University of Leeds are still eligible for the alumni award, its only joint degrees that are not eligible. The Alumni Tuition Fee Bursary is available for students wishing to study for a PhD degree but who have not yet finishing their MSc at the University of Leeds providing that on being awarded the MSc degree the student informs the university.

If a student is having their course fees paid by an employer, charity, sponsor, industry association, government or research council the student may still claim for the alumni bursary provided that the additional sources of funding do not contribute one hundred percent of the funding.

Whilst the alumni bursary is for one year only, the first year of study, the bursary can be reviewed for the remaining years and at the discretion of the University of Leeds may be extended for all future years of study. Students who have applied for and completed a Master's degree at the University of Leeds and then go onto study for a PhD at the University of Leeds may claim an alumni bursary for both postgraduate courses.

If the student quits their studies and decides to leave the university before they have completed their degree and are receiving the alumni bursary they will be pleased to know that they do not have to pay the alumni bursary back even if the student left early.

Leeds Anniversary Research Scholarship (LARS)

Each year approximately one hundred and thirty Leeds Anniversary Research Scholarship (LARS) research scholarships are made available for postgraduate students, high quality researchers studying at the PhD level are always required and will be rewarded with both having their academic fees paid by the university along with a maintenance grant to cover living expenses, this award amounts to over 14,000 per year for the duration of your research degree. Qualifying subjects for the LARS scholarship are Arts, Business, Medicine, Health, Education, Social Sciences, Law, Environment, Biological Sciences, Engineering, Mathematical Sciences, Physical Sciences, Performance Arts, Visual Arts and Communications.

The LARS scholarships are available for UK, European and International students studying at the University of Leeds, potential research students wishing to apply for a LARS scholarship will first need to submit their research proposal to the University for approval, on approval the student will be issued with a university number which they can quote on their LARS application form.

Students applying for a LARS scholarship will need to either be in the final year of their undergraduate studies or have completed their undergraduate degree, there is not requirement (unlike with the alumni scholarship) to have studied previously at the University of Leeds. International students who don't have English as their first language will need to meet the University of Leeds English language requirements prior to taking up their place on their postgraduate degree course.

Each department within the university will have their own requirements for English language and these requirements be higher than the universities general English language requirements for foreign students, students will need to take an additional English language course and make the results of that course examination available to the university to prove that a specified level of English language ability has been reached.

Language Test Results Must Not Be More Than Two Years Old

Any English language test results must not be older than two years when you apply for the LARS scholarship. For postgraduate taught degrees the level of English language skills required is IELTS (International English Language Testing System) with an overall band of 6.5 with no less than 6.0 in each component skill, TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) with a pass of 92 with no less than 21 in listening, 21 in reading, 23 in speaking and 22 in writing, Pearson (Academic) with a pass of 64 overall with no less than 60 in any component, Cambridge Advanced English (CAE)with a pass of 176 overall with no less than 169 in any component or Trinity College Integrated Skills in English with a pass in ISE II or above (if taken in the UK).

Research degree candidates in addition to the English language requirements will need to have a first class or second class honours degree at the precious level in a related subject to the prosed subject of their postgraduate degree.

Performance and Cultural Industries School Scholarship

The Performance and Cultural Industries School Scholarship is a scholarship for the School of Performance and Cultural Industries, the award covers both tuition fees and a maintenance grant to cover accommodation, food and living expenses, the scholarship is available to students of the Performance and Cultural Industries studying for a doctoral degree by research.