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Full Scholarships

Full Scholarships at The University of Sheffield for International Students looking for Undergraduate Scholarships, Postgraduate Taught Scholarships, Postgraduate Research Scholarships, Alumni Rewards, Sibling and Spouse Rewards and the Allan and Nesta Ferguson Scholarships.

Full and Part Scholarships

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Undergraduate Scholarships

Undergraduate Scholarships at the University of Sheffield are for students with what the university call high academic ability, that usually means students must have the best school grades to be considered for the undergraduate scholarships or at least show potential that the student is able to do well at the undergraduate level of study whilst Studying Abroad. All international students can apply for scholarships at the University of Sheffield with the Faculties of Engineering, Science, Arts and Humanities and the School of Law all offering scholarships.

Engineering International Scholarships

The Engineering International Scholarships are for all international undergraduate students the scholarship is worth £2,500 a year for all the years of undergraduate study at university whilst the student must have reasonable school grades to receive this scholarship the scholarship is not highly merit based and most international students with reasonable school grades will be able to get the scholarship.

Undergraduate Scholarship

The undergraduate scholarship for the faculty of engineering is offered for any of the subjects studied at the faculty including Aerospace Engineering, Automatic Control & Systems Engineering, Bioengineering, Chemical & Biological Engineering, Civil & Structural Engineering, Computer Science, Electronic & Electrical Engineering, Materials Science and Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and MEng Engineering.

Students will need to have applied for an undergraduate course in one of these disciplines and be offered a place on the course to be eligible for the scholarship. Students will need to be what the university call self funded which means that whilst the student will be getting a scholarship from the University of Sheffield the scholarship will not cover the full cost of tuition fees or living expenses so students will need to fund some of their education cost themselves.

Unusually students enrolling as both full time or part time will be awarded the scholarship, usually universities will only offer scholarships to full-time students so a scholarship for a part time student is to be welcomed but scholarships for distance learning courses are not available. Part time students will receive the same scholarship proportion as full time students the scholarship amount will just be reduced for the reduced hours.

The scholarship is available for all years of undergraduate study including the first year, students donít need to apply for the scholarship separability as all international students will be automatically offered the scholarship when they are offered their place at Sheffield University.

First year students receive the scholarship unconditionally, this means that no matter what their entrance grades the student will get their scholarship, this is to help international students settle into the university but for the second, third and additional years of study the student must get a sixty percent overall pass mark in order to qualify for the scholarship, sixty percent is not actually that high for an overall mark and just ensures that students who are serious about their studies are rewarded with the scholarship whilst students who are less hard working will not receive the scholarship, allowing the scholarship to be awarded to hard working students only.

The scholarship is awarded as a tuition fee reduction, this means that you donít actually receive any money from the scholarship directly, its just that the tuition fees you pay as an international student to the university will be reduced by the value of the scholarship. If the students course involves a study abroad component or an industry placement the scholarship will stop whilst the study abroad or industry placement section is being undertaken, as the scholarship is a reduction in tuition fees no reduction in tuition fees is needed whilst you are not being charged tuition fees on industry placements of study abroad segments.

If the student has another scholarship or other financial award and that award also offers tuition fee reductions then the Sheffield University scholarship will not be offered, as Sheffield University would have to reduce their tuition fees twice for the same student. However the Sheffield University Alumni Reward scholarship can be claimed along with the international scholarship, the only prevision from Sheffield University is that the student must not be fully funded after having received both these scholarships else Sheffield University will be paying one hundred percent (full scholarship) for the student which for the undergraduate scholarship is not the intended action, the scholarship is meant to be a helpful reduction in course fees and not a full scholarship.

Science International Scholarships

Science International Scholarships awarded by the University of Sheffield are also offered to all international students that apply for a science based undergraduate degree. To get the scholarship students must apply for a place at Sheffield University on the science based undergraduate degree and be accepted onto the degree course.

Departments within the Science Faculty that have undergraduate courses that qualify for the free scholarship are the Animal and Plant Sciences, Biomedical Science, Chemistry, Mathematics and Statistics, Molecular Biology and Biotechnology, Physics and Astronomy and Psychology departments.

Students must also be self funded international students as is the case with the Engineering degree scholarships, the scholarship is a helpful reduction in course fees and not a full scholarship to replace the students contribution to course fees, accommodation costs and living expenses.

As with the engineering scholarships full time and part time undergraduate degree courses are eligible for the scholarship but distance learning courses are not eligible, this is because distance learning courses do not require the international student to attend the Sheffield University campus and therefore cannot be considered international students and are therefore not entitled to the free scholarship.

Part time students receive the same amount of scholarship as the full time students its just that the scholarship is reduced according to the reduced hours. Students donít need to apply for the scholarship separately as the students application to the undergraduate degree will trigger the offering of a scholarship (for international students) automatically, meaning there are no extra scholarship application forms to complete.

Students on the science based courses will get a guaranteed scholarship for the first year and the scholarship will continue to all other years of study provided that the student has passed sixty percent of their courses each year, most students will be able to do this and its only students who do not apply themselves to their studies who would not be able to get a scholarship for all years of study, however even less able students will receive a scholarship for their first year of study guaranteed.

The scholarship for science degrees is awarded as reduced tuition fee costs and any scholarship will not be payable on any study abroad or industrial placement periods, the student can claim for multiple scholarships but if more than one scholarship has a reduced tuition fee element where the University of Sheffield would be required to reduce their tuition fees more than once then this additional scholarship would not apply at least the reduced tuition fee element would not as no matter how many scholarships the student applies for and is awarded the tuition fees can only be lowered once.

The Alumni Reward offered by Sheffield University can be claimed along with the undergraduate scholarship for international students as that is the policy of the University of Sheffield.

Postgraduate Scholarships

Postgraduate scholarships offered at Sheffield University are designed to attract international students with the highest grades and the best promise to do well at university and in later life. Postgraduate taught degree scholarships are available for international students from the following regions Africa, Australasia, Caribbean and West Indies, East Asia, Europe, Middle East, Gulf States, North Africa, North America, Russia, Central Asia, South America, South Asia and South East Asia.

Postgraduate Research Scholarships

Postgraduate Research Scholarships from Sheffield University include the University Prize Scholarships which are awarded to the best Ph.D. students the Ph.D. scholarships are open to all faculties of the university and all subjects so students really have a wide choice in what they would like to study and have funded by the university.

Ph.D. Scholarships

The Ph.D. Scholarships are full scholarships with full tuition fees paid for overseas students, European students and UK based students, an annual stipend awarded each year which is not subject to tax and is worth £20,000, as scholarships go, thatís a very nice scholarship to get with a good stipend that can actually be lived off and all tuition fees paid in addition scholarship students will receive a Research Training Support Grant which provides £2,500 a year for attending conferences, visits, books and materials so as a Ph.D. student your really well funded.

The full scholarship lasts for three years of full time study and if the student wishes to study part time then they will receive fifty percent of the full time scholarship amount, for part time study this is a very generous scholarship considering the student might also be working in industry if they are a part time student.

Students looking to apply for the Ph.D. scholarship should have or be hoping to get an upper second class honours degree from either a UK university or the equivalent international qualification. Students will need to apply for the Ph.D. course and be accepted by the university onto that course before they can apply for the scholarship. Scholarships cannot be applied for online study from the University of Sheffield, the scholarship is merit based meaning only the best students, the students with the highest academic achievements are awarded the scholarship.

Itís not only academic achievement that is judged before a scholarship is awarded but also the students experience with the subject to be studied and their research proposal which will have to be submitted with their application to study at Sheffield. Students will also be judged on the potential impact of the research they are proposing, will the research lead to breakthroughs, better ways of doing things and widening the knowledge on a specific area, students will be partnered by Sheffield University supervisors or experts so its also important for the research proposal to match an area of expertise of one of the Sheffield University experts.

Alumni Rewards

Sheffield University offer Alumni Rewards these are worth £1,500 per year and are given for every year of study, these awards are for loyalty to the university where the student has previously studied at Sheffield University and come back to the university again for a higher level of study. Students who are lucky enough to have received a first class honours degree from Sheffield are also entitled to an extra £500 bursary bringing the total award up to £2,000 per year.

Students must be international students and regarded as self funded to receive the Alumni Reward, meaning they are paying the majority of the course fees themselves, students can apply for and receive a range of scholarships provided the larger amount is paid for by the student and not the scholarship in order to be regarded as self funded and also receive the Alumni Reward.

Sibling and Spouse Rewards

Sibling and Spouse Rewards are a loyalty reward for family members who have a brother or sister or husband or wife who has previously studied at the university, £1,500 is offered each year for every year of study for having a sibling or spouse at the university, note that the sibling or spouse must be at the university with you in order to qualify for the award.

Allan & Nesta Ferguson Charitable Trust Masters Scholarships

The Allan & Nesta Ferguson Charitable Trust Masters Scholarships are a range of scholarships for students from developing countries, countries that already have a relationship with Sheffield University, indeed the scholarship is offered jointly by the Allan & Nesta Ferguson Charitable Trust and the Sheffield University International department. This is a full scholarship with all tuition fees paid for by the scholarship and a monthly stipend to pay living expenses to the student plus the university accommodation fees are also paid by the university giving the student a full scholarship.