Full Ride Scholarships at Cardiff University

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Full Ride Scholarships

Full Ride Scholarships at Cardiff University for Foundation, Undergraduate, Taught Postgraduate and PhD students, the Cardiff University international scholarship fund provide full ride scholarships covering tuition fees and living expenses.

International Scholarship Fund

The international scholarship fund awards between 3,000 to 18,250 per year for scholarship students depending on student nationality, subject studied and degree level, students looking for scholarships at British universities other than Cardiff should also consider Free University Scholarships at the University of Nottingham, Academic Scholarships at the University of Kent, University Scholarships at the University of Glasgow, Student Scholarships at Kingston University London, University of Oxford Scholarships, London School of Economics Scholarships, University of Birmingham Scholarships and Bradford University Scholarships.

International Foundation Programme Scholarships

International Foundation Programme Scholarships available from Cardiff include the Cardiff University IFP Merit Scholarship, students will need to apply for and be accepted onto an IFP (International Foundation Programme) before they can apply for the scholarship. The scholarship award is open to all students who are not being sponsored by any other scholarships or financing.

Students will receive an award of 3,000 to cover the cost of tuition fees and can apply directly to the foundation degree department at Cardiff University for a scholarship application form, remembering that students should have already applied for and received an offer to join the foundation programme before they complete the application form.

Cardiff University IFP China Elite Scholarships

The Cardiff University IFP China Elite Scholarships are for students from China who have applied for and been offered a place on the International Foundation Programme (foundation degree), the award is designed to cover tuition fees and is worth 3,000 per year. Once you have applied for the IFP you can then apply for the scholarship from the foundation degree administration department at Cardiff University.

International scholarships from Cardiff University also include the Cardiff University International Scholarship Fund which awards between 3,000 and 5,000 per year to international students across a range of degree levels and subject areas.

Cardiff University Santander Scholarships

The Cardiff University Santander Scholarships are a partnership between Cardiff University and Santander Bank which offer 5,000 per year for students studying full time on a postgraduate degree programme like a MSc or MA, there are four scholarships available each year , the scholarship is for any Master's degree to be studied at Cardiff University with the students selected coming from the best international students around the world, the scholarship is merit based so the student with the best grades will be selected for this award.

The graduate will need to be studying already for their bachelor's degree at a Santander Partner University anywhere in Latin America, students will have to apply to Cardiff University for a master's programme at the MA, MSc, MBA, MEd or LLM level and be accepted onto this course for the scholarship entrance requirements to be met.

As well as Cardiff University the Santander scholarship is available at other partner universities if Cardiff is not your first choice, if you are from China then Cardiff really should be your first choice as there is a very high proportion of Chinese students studying at Cardiff University who are very welcoming to all international students. Each master's level degree course will specify the level of English language proficiency the student must have before they can take up their place on the course which might mean that you have to take an IELTS or EFL (English as a Foreign Language) or similar test prior to being offered a place.

Full Time Master's Degree Courses

Only full time master's degree courses are eligible for the Santander scholarship, Cardiff Universities online degrees are not eligible for this award. Scholarships are offered on a yearly basis, you will need to apply for a scholarship award for each year of your study (different departments within the university have different rules on whether it is possible to apply for additional years of funding or not, generally on popular and oversubscribed courses you will not receive scholarship funding for more than one year of study but on courses that are less popular or regarded as special cases because for example your home country or the UK have a shortfall of skills in those subjects and wish to offer additional years of funding to attract more students to consider those subjects.

Typical masters level tuition fees at Cardiff University are between 14,000 - 29,500, so you will need to find additional funding on top of the Santander award, you may apply for other scholarships from Cardiff University to top up your scholarship. Typically an international student will need 750 - 800 per month for accommodation and living expenses, this amount is included in other Cardiff University scholarships but not the Santander scholarship which only pay a portion of the tuition fees.

Cardiff University GREAT Scholarships

The Cardiff University GREAT Scholarships are offered in partnership with the British Council who run the GREAT scholarship scheme which is the largest scholarship programme in India for Indian students to study abroad on a scholarship. Only subjects of importance to India are included in the scholarship programme and these are MSc Sustainable Mega-Building (MEGA), MSc Wireless & Microwave Communications Engineering, MSc Advanced Computer Science, Masters of Public Health, MSc Medical Education, MSc Clinical Dermatology, LLM International Commercial Law, MA International Journalism and MSc Business Strategy and Entrepreneurship.

Scholarships For Indian Students

Your notice that the scholarships for Indian students are all for in demand subjects like building, communications, computer science, medicine and public health, law and business. Most of these master's degree programmes you don't even have to apply for the scholarship separately, as soon as you are offered a place on the course you will automatically be considered for the scholarship.

This award is for 5,000 per year of study and can be used for tuition or accommodation and living expenses. The award is merit based which means that the best students who apply to these courses from India will receive the scholarship so if the course is in demand then there is more competition for a scholarship place but if the subject is less popular then your are more likely to receive the scholarship as there will be lower levels of competition.

The scholarship department first make a shortlist of candidates that they would like to award the scholarship to for each degree course in the scheme, eventually one winner of the award for each subject is announced plus one or more reserve places, whilst a course might award ten or more scholarships per year for a specific subject there will also be ten or more reserve students who are not offered the scholarship unless another student pulls out of their place.

Whilst you might think it unlikely that a student who had won a scholarship would want withdraw it is actually very common, should the student change their mind about studying abroad or not get the grades they needed on their first degree in order to be accepted onto the master's degree. The international office of Cardiff University process the international scholarships and they will inform successful scholarship winners as well as provide the scholarship application forms if they are needed, I say if they are needed because many scholarships that are for a specific course will automatically enrol you on the scholarship programme if you are eligible (without you having to make a separate scholarship application).

Students can be made a conditional offer or an unconditional offer to study on the Masters programme with a scholarship, an unconditional offer means that whatever your grades are from your first degree the university wants you to come and study at Cardiff whilst a conditional offer means that the student's undergraduate degree must meet a specified academic level.

Tullow Awards

Cardiff University also offer Tullow Awards these are provided by the Tullow Group Scholarship Scheme (TGSS) and are scholarships in subjects where there is a skills shortage in the country of origin of the international student. Tullow Oil PLC is a multi-national oil and gas company which originates in Tullow, Ireland so all the scholarship awards will be in subjects that support the oil and gas industry and the scholarships are designed to attract students from the international countries that Tullow Oil operate in.

Tullow Scholarships are awarded for study at vocational and technical levels of undergraduate and postgraduate degrees specifically for African and South American countries, Tullow Oil is looking for students who wish to make a difference to their home country, the student is not required to come and work for Tullow Oil after their studies however it would be a very good opportunity for an African student or a South American student to join a multi-national company and start their career.

The courses at Cardiff University that are supported by a Tullow Scholarship are predominately Engineering and Technology, Environment and Geosciences, Law and Legal Courses and other Applied Sciences apart from Medicine. Students can apply for a Tullow scholarship by first applying for and being accepted onto Tullow Oil supported course at Cardiff University and then contacting the International student's office at Cardiff University for a Tullow Oil application form.

Cardiff University Marshall Scholarship

Cardiff University also offer the Cardiff University Marshall Scholarship which is a partnership between Cardiff University and the Marshall Scholarship Commission to bring the brightest American students to study at Cardiff University. The scholarship is made available for postgraduate students and applicants must be US nationals. The Marshall scholarships are awarded as both full ride scholarships and as tuition fees only, the scholarship is usually split into a tuition fees and stipend (living expenses) scholarship.

The Cardiff University International Scholarship Fund also award PhD Research Scholarships, these scholarships are available generally for all international students but Cardiff University also have specific scholarship awards for Chinese students and these are awarded by the China Scholarship Council in conjunction with Cardiff University there is a separate award for Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences for Chinese students to study overseas at Cardiff in Wales for a PhD degree in science and technology subjects, these are full ride scholarships that cover not only the tuition fees and living expenses (accommodation, food and clothing) but also include ten air tickets (airfares) and travel to and from China for up to four years of study.

Generally China Scholarship Council (CSC) students will not have to pay or get a scholarship for tuition fees as Cardiff University will waive the tuition fees for successful CSC students.

Chinese students applying for a CSC scholarship and wanting to apply for a tuition fee waiver (no tuition fees for their PhD) degree should contact Cardiff University admissions department with a copy of their Curriculum Vitae (CV) or resume as well as a short essay on the nature of the research they wish to conduct on their PhD degree and details of any research based publications that they have been published in (whilst it's not a requirement to be a published researcher in subject specific journals students should remember that the CSC scholarships are competitive and other students might be published researchers and therefore more likely to get a fee waiver from Cardiff University).

Students applying for the CSC scholarship will need to apply and be accepted onto the PhD programme before they can apply for the fee waiver from Cardiff University so students will also need to include the name of their Cardiff University supervisor that will supervise their research studies.

The application process is informal and not difficult, basically submitting documents to Cardiff University and waiting for a reply to see if you will have your fees waived, when the university respond with the offer of studying without needing to pay any tuition fees the student will be asked to complete an application form, once this has been submitted the student will receive an unconditional offer to come study at Cardiff and a guarantee that they will not be charged tuition fees.

China Scholarship Council (CSC)

The China Scholarship Council (CSC) also offer full ride scholarships for Biomedical and Life Sciences, meaning if you come to Cardiff University and study for a PhD in Biomedical and Life Sciences you will not be charged tuition fees and CSC will pay your accommodation costs, food and travel to and from China which means you can study for free and not have to worry about the expenses of studying abroad.