Free University Scholarships at the University of Nottingham

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Free University Scholarships

Free University Scholarships at the University of Nottingham including Research Scholarships, Masters Scholarships, Undergraduate Scholarships, Postgraduate Scholarships and scholarships specifically for students from Malaysia and China as well as a wide range of free scholarships that apply to many other worldwide countries.

As well as university scholarships from Nottingham University consider other UK universities like Birmingham University, Bradford University, Cambridge University (through the Bill Gates Foundation Scholarship) and the University of Westminster (International Undergraduate Scholarships) for UK and US specific scholarships see the Fulbright Scholarship and World Bank Scholarships or Harvard and Brandman University Scholarships.

Research scholarships

Research scholarships at Nottingham University include the Commonwealth scholarships for Masters and PhD study, China Scholarship Council Research Excellence Scholarship, Faculty of Engineering Research Excellence PhD Scholarships, Vice-Chancellor's Scholarship for Research Excellence (International), International Doctoral Innovation Centre Scholarship, Islamic Development Bank Scholarship Programme, Chile CONICYT Scholarship, Mexico CONACYT Scholarship, Mexico FIDERH Scholarship and Peru PRONABEC Scholarship.

Commonwealth Scholarships For Masters And PhD Study

The University of Nottingham through the Commonwealth Scholarship Commission provide a range of Masters and PhD scholarships, these research scholarships are available to students from developing Commonwealth countries and are funded by the UK Department for International Development (DFID), these are international development scholarships with the aim of furthering the principles of the Commonwealth.

Applicants will need to be a Commonwealth citizen or have refugee status in a Commonwealth country or be a British Protected Person (BPP) which means a person from a former protected state of Great Britain. Applicants for these research scholarships will need to have an Upper Second Class Honors 2:1 degree in a related discipline to their Master's degree choice. All subject areas can be studied under the Commonwealth Scholarship Program although your need to show a strong relevance to development, that means development or improvement of your own Commonwealth country, so for example if you were to study architecture it would be to use those skills gained on a postgraduate degree back in your home Commonwealth country.

Apply For Scholarships To Increase Your Chances Of Getting A Scholarship

Nottingham University recommend that students apply for more than one scholarship from more than one funding source this means that should you be turned down for one scholarship another funding body might still grant you a scholarship. Many Commonwealth scholarship students come to the University of Nottingham because it is a world class university. It is ranked in the top 1% of universities worldwide by QS World University Rankings and is ranked in the top 10 by the Research Excellence Group.

Russell Group University

Nottingham University is a member of the Russell Group, this is a UK equivalent to the US Ivy League, as with most UK university scholarship applications your need to have applied for and be accepted onto a degree course at Nottingham University before you can then apply for a scholarship, as well as applying for a scholarship you will also need to apply for accommodation and don't forget that applying for a full scholarship means that your accommodation will be paid for by the scholarship (but you must still apply for a University of Nottingham accommodation place just like you must apply for a place at the university before you can apply for the scholarship).

All countries of the world are represented at the university and each country has an International Officer, this might be a staff member of the university or a student International Officer, either way they will have been born and lived in that country and come to the University of Nottingham to study and so will be able to answer all your questions and help you with your university application or scholarship application as well as to continue to support you once you have started your degree at Nottingham.

International Officers

International Officers are available from all countries that the university provides scholarships for these include but are not limited to China, India, Indonesia, Iran, Korea, Malaysia, Mexico, Philippines, Russia, Singapore, South Africa, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, USA and Vietnam.

If on applying for an undergraduate degree the university determines that your qualifications are not sufficient they will recommend you do a Foundation degree first, the foundation programme lasts for one year and gives students the subject specific knowledge they need to start their undergraduate degree.

UK Undergraduate Degree Applicants

UK undergraduate degree applicants need to apply to the university through UCAS where students can use the universities UCAS code N84 to find the application for Nottingham University on the UCAS website. Master's degree students will need to apply through the universities own portal site where they can complete an online application and upload supporting documentation like copies of student transcript records, students can then check the state of their application and find out if they have been accepted onto the course through the universities own portal site, much quicker than posting your application and waiting for a postal response from the university.

Capital College Consulting provides expert counseling to international students who want to study in the UK and US. They guide students through all aspects of the application process. Their consultants share knowledge from having worked and studied at the world's top universities.

Research Degree Students

Research degree students will need to make a research proposal along with their PhD application, this proposal outlines what research work the student wishes to undertake at Nottingham University, the outline allows the university to assess if they have the academic support staff to support your research work and assess the quality of your proposal. Students can make an online application for a research degree. Remember your need to be accepted onto a course of study at Nottingham before you are eligible to apply for a scholarship.

English Language Assessment

The University of Nottingham has their own English language assessment and education centre known as the Centre for English Language Education (CELE), here international students can attend a course of study to better speak, read and write English before they go onto their main course of study which might be an undergraduate or postgraduate degree, for many students attending the English language course will be a prerequisite to being allowed to start your undergraduate or postgraduate degree, scoring well at the English language centre will ensure international students are guaranteed a place on their chosen course of study.

The main course that the English language centre run is the Professional English for Academic Purposes (PEAP) and this prepares students for studying on their degree course there is also in-sessional (whilst you have already started your degree) Academic Support classes (Academic English Support AES) that aim to support international students already enrolled on their degree course.

China Scholarship Council

The University of Nottingham in conjunction with the China Scholarship Council offer 10 full scholarships (tuition paid, travel expenses including air tickets paid, accommodation costs paid, food costs paid and spending money provided), students will get a monthly stipend (allowance) of 950 this money comes from the China Scholarship Council. The China Scholarship Council Research Excellence Scholarship can be applied for by all Chinese Nationals, students will need an unconditional offer from the University of Nottingham for a fulltime PhD research degree and your need to be selected by your Chinese University (where you received your Master's degree) as a suitable candidate for this scholarship.

UK Government Tier 4 Visa

Chinese students will need to apply for a UK government Tier 4 Visa, your need to enter the University of Nottingham's ACL code which is 2HE427 into the application form to inform the UK government about which university you wish to study at. Most international students (non-European Union students) will ned a visa to enter the UK, the Tier 4 visa is a general visa required for study that lasts for longer than 6 months, for less than 6 moths study your need a short term visa, you can work part time on a short term visa whilst you cannot work on a Tier 4 visa.

The university does not advise students who are required to take the English language course at the universities own English language school the Centre for English Language Education (CELE) to apply for a short term visa, while the short term visa will usually cover the length of study required at the English school there will be insufficient time between the English language course finishing and the degree course starting to return home to China and apply or a Tier 4 visa (long stay) to continue your studies which were started on the short stay visa.

Tier 4 visas limit the amount of time a student can spend in the UK before having to return home for study, below the degree level like English language courses or Foundation degrees or other access to Higher Education degrees two years study on a Tier 4 visa is allowed. For degree level study at both the undergraduate or postgraduate level a maximum of five years stay is allowed on a Tier 4 visa, remember that this time may include resitting examinations should you need to retake any modules within your degree program before the degree can be granted.

If a student starts on a Tier 4 visa on an undergraduate degree and then wishes to progress to a postgraduate degree the Tier 4 visa may be extended for longer than five years, some subjects that are deemed in demand subjects by the British government are exempt from the five year rule and these include architecture, medicine, dentistry and veterinary medicine whist all PhD (but not Masters degrees) are exempt from this rule.

Confirmation for Acceptance Of Studies (CAS) Code

For Tier 4 Visas all students will need a Confirmation for Acceptance of Studies (CAS) code, this number must be given to the UK immigration department and entered onto your visa application, the number will be given to you by your visa sponsor which in this case is the University of Nottingham. It's worth noting that CAS numbers can only be used on a single visa application (you can't apply for two different types of visa for example a long stay Tier 4 visa and a short stay visa using the same CAS number). CAS numbers expire after six months, so if you are delayed in making your visa application your need to reapply to the University of Nottingham for a new CAS number.

If your Visa application is refused and you want to make a new visa application you will need a new CAS code. Once you have an unconditional offer from the university and have successfully applied for and been given a scholarship students will receive their CAS number directly from the university and can then go onto making their Tier 4 visa application. The reason students can't get their CAS number for the visa before they have been awarded the scholarship is that the international office at Nottingham University need conformation of funds to pay for the course prior to issuing the CAS, your scholarship is confirmation of funds as Nottingham University or one of its scholarship partners has awarded you the scholarship.

Students who have a Tier 4 visa and need to extend the visa to continue on at PhD level (because they have done a first degree and then a Master's degree and now want to do a Doctoral degree) will need to extend the Tier 4 visa with what is called the Doctorate Extension Scheme (Tier 4 extension).

The Faculty of Engineering Research Excellence PhD Scholarships

The Faculty of Engineering Research Excellence PhD Scholarships is a very competitive scholarship with a great many applicants each year there are fifteen scholarships awarded each year for outstanding international academic excellence which is awarded for research degrees at the University of Nottingham, as well as five full tuition fee paid scholarships there are also ten full paid tuition fee scholarships with stipend (allowance) to provide money for the student to live on whilst they are in the UK, the stipend is for poorer students who even with the scholarship and all fees paid could not afford to live in the UK whiteout the stipend.

To be eligible for these engineering scholarships your need a first class undergraduate degree or a MSc with distinction in relevant engineering subjects plus work experience in engineering and published papers in leading engineering journals as well as other indicators of success like winning prizes at university or coming top in your class.

On the application form your need to specify your research subject and goals, the research should be very specific for example marine engineering is to wide a research topic and will be refused, your need to say the exact area of study. The scholarships are for a three year engineering programme and will be awarded each year subject to satisfactory completion of the previous year, so the scholarship will be revoked should the student fail a significant portion of their year's studies.