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Free Scholarships to Harvard University

If you're looking for Free Scholarships to Harvard University you might be thinking that a prestigious university like Harvard University wouldn't offer free scholarships or if they did that they would be very small grants (Fulbright scholarship, Bill Gates scholarship, Free Will Baptist Scholarships, Pell grant) but in actual fact if you have the academic ability and you're the type of person that Harvard university want then Harvard have a range of scholarships and grants from many different sources in fact Harvard have over 1,500 different grants and scholarships many are endowments to Harvard or gifts from alumni (former students), so if Harvard think that they would like you as a student they will give you a full scholarship which will include paying for all your education costs, accommodation costs and living expenses.

For students that Harvard would like to invite to study at university they will provide a full financial package and it does not matter to Harvard what country you are a resident of, they will help you with all your financial requirements, obviously Harvard University will want students with very high academic achievements in their own country but also students who have shown themselves to be successful in life, that might be a leader in their local community or helping others, but in some way students will need to show that as well as excellent academic grades they have already made a contribution to society.

To work out how much money to give a student (what type of financial aid to offer students) Harvard assesses your family's financial need, that means whether your family could afford to send you to Harvard without any financial contribution from Harvard or if a contribution is needed how much Harvard should contribute, that might be a small percentage of the students overall financial need or that might be all of the students demonstrated financial need.

Harvard state that their financial aid packages are designed to help students from low incomes to upper and middle income families so whether you consider your family poor or middle class Harvard will be able to help, not just students from the USA but students worldwide, Harvard is one of the few Ivy League (table of the best US universities) that genuinely encourage applications from any students capable of high academic performance regardless of background or their families financial position.

Harvard Scholarships Are Needs Based Scholarships

Interestingly Harvard say that their financial aid programmes (scholarships) are not based on academic merit or scholarships that are better than others and only offered to certain students all financial aid is needs based, what this means is that your academic ability is not taken into account when Harvard give you a scholarship, if Harvard want you as student your get the financial aid you need, of course Harvard want diversity in their applications, students from around the world bringing new thoughts and ideas to the university.

Needs based scholarships will consider your families income, family assets, family expenses and any other financial commitments your family have to get a true picture of your families ability to support you through your education at university, maybe your family can help support you or maybe they can't it doesn't matter to Harvard as they will be able to provide the scholarship and financial aid packages that you need.

Financial Aid Application Form

The student and their family complete a financial aid application form and send this to Harvard, the application form is then assessed by the Committee on Financial Aid at the university, as well as the application form any other issues regarding the students funding will also be discussed so don't worry that your scholarship application is only black and white with the details that can be entered into the form, the additional details or communication you have with Harvard will also be discussed to get a true picture of the students financial position and suitability for Harvard.

The Committee on Financial Aid don't simply work out the families financial commitments and decide how much money the family has left over after expenses to determine the families contribution to the students education, that may very well be unfair, the committee looks at the complete financial situation of the family, maybe the family have savings they could spend on their child's education or maybe Harvard will lend the family the money for their children's education with the family paying back the money over an extended period of time (years) .

Parents Must Support The Financial Aid Application

An important point to note is that the students family must consider their son or daughters education as important and a priority and will be required to make a financial contribution that they can afford even if that means borrowing over many years, borrowing the money directly from Harvard university, the point is if the parents won't invest in their child's education then Harvard won't either and if the parents withdraw funding then Harvard will withdraw funding.

Whilst this might sound harsh it's actually a really fair offer, if the student really wants to study at Harvard and the parents support that then Harvard will make the money available for the student to study there, it is really a dream come true with Harvard making that dream come true.

If your family have large debts from say frivolous spending and running up bills on credit cards then Harvard are very unlikely to finance the students education but if say the family have debts from a failed business or some other less reckless activity then your still be considered for financial aid. When Harvard refer to paying back loans they may give the family for their sons or daughters education they mean giving the family years to pay back the money lent, it's a very fair way of allowing a student to fulfil their dream of studying at Harvard.

Whilst Harvard will be making a free scholarship or loan available to the student and their family depending on the student and families need, the student will be expected to play their part too and get a summer job whilst studying at Harvard, obviously the summer job the student is able to get in the USA might not be perfect or pay a great deal but Harvard want to see students make their best efforts to help support themselves rather than just relying entirely on scholarships or other financial aid packages supplied by the university.

Free Harvard Scholarships for Family Incomes Under $65,000

An education at Harvard University lasts for four years and your receive financial aid for all four years. If parents earn less than $65,000 US dollars per year then Harvard don't require the family to make any financial contribution to the student's education, which might be far more generous than you think and means that many students from around the world will be able to study at Harvard University without having to make any financial contribution at all. Also you might not know that 90% of families sending their son or daughter to Harvard would pay the same or less money than sending their children to a state university, whilst Harvard is an Ivy League university an education at Harvard is far more attainable than you might think.

Not having the money to attend Harvard University will not stop students form being able to study, Harvard has many sources of financial aid that they make available to students worldwide in order to fulfil their dreams of studying at such a prestigious university. Foreign students are given exactly the same funding opportunities by Harvard as US students, foreign students should not worry that studying at Harvard is an unobtainable dream because from a financial standpoint Harvard is one of the most attainable Ivy League universities.

Potential students will be interested to know that over 60% of Harvard students are receiving financial aid from Harvard University, that's only 40% of students who are financing their own education, so poor students from any country in the world can realistically consider studying at Harvard. Students can apply for financial aid directly from the Harvard website there is no need to try to enrol at Harvard university, simply complete the application form with your family and Harvard University will be in contact with you for more information and their decision, it really is that easy, although you will be expected to provide a lot of financial proof with your application like tax returns and bank statements, this is perfectly normal and students and their family should be concerned, you want Harvard to pay for your education so Harvard are entitled to ask some questions of you and your family.

Academic and Personal Success

Potential students and their family will be wondering just what it takes to be a student at Harvard and what skills the student must have to get into Harvard, well the truth is that Harvard is looking for students that can educate and inspire Harvard professors and Harvard students as much as these professors and other students will inspire you, it's the diversity of students from around the world that makes Harvard such a wonderful place to be educated.

When completing the application for funding Harvard are looking to answer several questions about potential students, questions like have you reached your maximum academic potential, if the student has studied hard to achieve their current grades and would not be able to study at a higher level then there is little point in a Harvard education for them as they would be unable to complete the studios which would be denying a more capable student a place at Harvard and the funding.

Harvard will also want to know if you have stretched yourself personally and academically, if you have much room to grow and have excelled without really trying then you will do well at Harvard. Another question that you will need to answer is how have you used your time, what have you done in your academic studies and just as importantly personally, have you started some sort of commercial or social enterprise have you sporting achievements, how can you show Harvard that you are a well rounded individual who would gain much from an education at Harvard.

Personality Fit

Harvard will want to know what drives you, what do you want to achieve, what do you see as your direction and goals in life and how can Harvard help you achieve those goals, there will be things that you want to do and achieve not only for yourself but for the greater good. Once you have a Harvard education how will you contribute to the lives of those around you, by educating you how has Harvard changed the world. Harvard will also want to explore your personality, how you work under pressure, if you are a leader, do you have a sense of humour and what are you like as a person. Your be sharing rooms with other students, eating meals together, attending lectures together, carrying out team exercises together, are you the sort of person that other students will want to be around and that will inspire other students to achieve their own full potential.

What is most surprising about the Harvard scholarship application is that it is really a fact finding mission to establish all they can about a student, it's very labour intensive on the part of the student, their family and the university but the process ensures that by the time the finance committee come to make a decision they have all the information they need to make a fair decision, it's a real commitment to go through the application process but this is a process that is going to change the lives of not only the student and family but those around them, as the student excels in later life after having received a Harvard education.

US and Worldwide Scholarship Applications

All potential students to Harvard University will need to compete a common application or universal application these are standard application forms that can be competed for more than one university, the same forms are used by both US and international students, your also need to complete a set of Harvard College questions and submit a $75 payment fee or apply for a fee waiver for poorer households.

I hope I have inspired you to apply for Harvard University and wish both US and international students the best of luck, please do contact me and let me know how you got on with your application.