free scholarships

Free Scholarships for International Students at the University of Birmingham

Free Scholarships for International Students at the University of Birmingham in the UK are available these are awarded for outstanding achievement to attract the best international students to Birmingham University.

The scholarships are divided into scholarships for student's worldwide, scholarships for students from Africa and the Middle East and scholarships for students from the Americas, Asia and Europe. Scholarships available for students to come and study at the University of Birmingham from anywhere in the world include the Islamic Development Bank Scholarships which allows scholarship students from 56 countries worldwide to come to the UK and study, this award is only available for PhD students. Another UK University to consider which offers scholarships is Bradford University or for more scholarships to study in the UK look at the Bill Gates scholarship.

Chevening Scholarship

There's also the Chevening Scholarship which allows students from 160 different countries around the world to come and study for a Masters degree at the University of Birmingham and Commonwealth scholarships which allows students from all Commonwealth countries to come and study for a Masters degree of PhD in a range of subjects as well as the Commonwealth Shared Scholarship which is for international students from developing Commonwealth countries to study for a Masters degree in a small range of subjects.

Foundation Academic Merit Scholarships

Foundation Academic Merit Scholarships are for all Birmingham International Academy Foundation Pathway students who do not have the entrance requirements for a degree program and can come to England to study for a degree after they have completed the pathway (access to higher education) program.

Roberto Rocca Fellowships

International students wishing to study at Birmingham University might also consider the Roberto Rocca Fellowships this is an award for students wishing to study at the PhD level in a range of engineering subjects including Materials Science, Mechanical, Metallurgical or Petroleum Engineering, the PhD level study must be of benefit to the British Steel industry for the student to be awarded this scholarship.

The Northern Consortium UK Awards

The Northern Consortium UK awards offer international students from any country in the world a 5,000 scholarship, there are three scholarships available. For students from Africa and the Middle East there is the Said Foundation Scholarship which provides for a free scholarship for students from Syria, Lebanon, Jordan or Palestine only. HESPAL is a scholarship that is available to academic staff at Palestinian Universities, the scholarship is available for junior academic staff members to experience learning at the University of Birmingham early on in their academic careers.

Tullow Group Scholarship Scheme

The Tullow Group Scholarship Scheme is a Masters scholarship for international students from Congo Brazzaville, Cote D'Ivoire, Ethiopia, Gabon, Ghana, Kenya, Maurania and Uganda only.

Birmingham Marshall Postgraduate scholarship

Students from the Americas have a choice of scholarships including the Birmingham Marshall Postgraduate scholarship for students from the USA, there's also a masters only scholarship for postgraduate students from the USA to come and study at Birmingham University, for students from Latin America and the USA the Santander and University of Birmingham Scholarship provides masters level scholarships whilst the Brazil PhD Scholarship enables Brazilian students to study for a post doctoral degree at the University of Birmingham.

Science without Borders scholarship

The Science without Borders scholarship allows international students from Brazil to come to the UK and study for both an undergraduate degree and a postgraduate degree, the Tullow Group Scholarship Scheme also covers students from Suriname and Uruguay to study for a masters degree at Birmingham whilst the Fulbright Postgraduate Award allows students from the USA to come and study for a PhD in England.

Li Siguang Scholarships

Students from Asia are well catered for with a range of undergraduate and postgraduate scholarships at the University of Birmingham like the Li Siguang Scholarships which is a PhD scholarship for students from China and Hong Kong Scholarships are available for masters level study in the UK and the Hong Kong Scholarship for Excellence awards undergraduate level study as well as masters level study scholarships for study at Birmingham University.

University of Birmingham Hong Kong Outstanding Achievement Scholarship

The University of Birmingham Hong Kong Outstanding Achievement Scholarship is an undergraduate scholarship for students from Hong Kong whilst the GREAT University of Birmingham Life Sciences Scholarships (India) allows Indian students to come to the UK on a full scholarship to take an undergraduate degree, there is also an MBA (Masters of Business Administration) scholarship like the undergraduate scholarship called the GREAT University of Birmingham MBA Scholarships (India) award and the Charles Wallace India Trust which allows students from India to study in the UK with a scholarship for both undergraduate and postgraduate study.

Victor Pinchuk Foundation Scholarship

European students can apply for the Ukraine Victor Pinchuk Foundation scholarship for master's level study at Birmingham University. Additionally the University of Birmingham has a range of subject specific scholarships which international students can apply for, these scholarships are available directly from the departments of the university and should be requested when the student makes their application to the University of Birmingham.

Islamic Development Bank International PhD Scholarship

The Islamic Development Bank International PhD Scholarship Programme is sponsored by the Islamic Development Bank IDB a financial intuition located in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia the bank was founded to increase economic and social development in Islamic countries by following Islamic law or Shariah law as it is known.

The Islamic Development Bank is made up of over fifty member countries from Asia, Africa, Europe and Latin America, specifically the IDB have a scholarship program called the Merit Scholarship Program (MSP) designed to encourage Islamic students to study Human Resources at Birmingham University with a focus on science and high technology industries which the IDB regard as essential to manage the growth of science and technology companies within Islamic countries.

Students form IDB member countries which include most of the Islamic countries or provinces of the world can study on a scholarship at the University of Birmingham if they follow the development guidelines of their respective Islamic member countries and study for a research degree in one of the following fields Health, Agriculture, Water Resource Management, Alternative Energies, Infrastructure Development, Nanotechnology and Engineering ICT (Information Communications Technology).

The IDB scholarship is only available to members of the academic staff of Islamic universities or Islamic institutions in IDB member countries, the scholarship student will need to be under the age of 35 years when they first start their degree program at the University of Birmingham. Perspective scholarship students will need to be nominated by their university or research centre and of course the IDB will need to approve the candidate that receives the scholarship, the student will need to have an interest in science and technology research and create a research proposal which must be approved by the University of Birmingham and follow the IDB member countries guidelines on relevant development priorities as a IDB member country will be financing the scholarship, the study must be of specific relevance to that countries research needs.

Students will need to have published research papers and have not less than two years of research experience, on completing the application form available from the University of Birmingham the form must be sent to the IDB governor of the bank in the student's local country and not directly to IDB headquarters in Jeddah.

UK Government

The Chevening Scholarship is the UK governments global scholarship programme which is funded by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office FCO, awards are made to study a one year Masters degree at a UK university with outstanding students being given these scholarships. Not only is the Chevening scholarship able to allow you to study abroad but after you have completed your masters degree other Chevening scholars form a network that provides help and support to other Chevening scholars (alumni).

Students looking to apply for a Chevening scholarship should have leadership potential and be exceptionally personal with high academic achievement, the University of Birmingham has sixteen Chevening scholarships to award each year, these are full scholarships with course fees, accommodation and student food and expenses all paid.

Commonwealth Shared scholarship

Commonwealth scholarships are for masters and PhD level study, students from mall Commonwealth countries are encourage to apply and win a place to study at the University of Birmingham, Commonwealth students from Bangladesh, India, Malaysia, Nigeria, Pakistan and South Africa are encouraged to apply.

Another Commonwealth scholarship programme called the Commonwealth Shared scholarship is also available this is a partnership between the UK Government department for international Development DFID and UK universities including the University of Birmingham which provides scholarships to developing Commonwealth countries to come and study at the masters level on a scholarship.

The Shared Commonwealth scholarship from the University of Birmingham is only available on several University of Birmingham courses these include MSc Development Economics (Department of Economics), MSc Health Economics and Health Policy (School of Health and Population Sciences), MSc Human Resource Management (Department of Management) and the MPH Masters in Public Health (School of Health and Population Sciences).

For the Shared scholarship your need a first degree (first class) and be employed by a government department in a Commonwealth country and apply whilst you are under the age of 30, students must agree to return back to the Commonwealth country they came from at the end of their studies and may not remain in the UK.

The scholarship award is for one year and cannot be renewed, this is a full scholarship with full tuition fess paid as well as a return air fare from a Commonwealth country and an arrival allowance of 950 for accommodation and travel expenses and 1,034 per month whilst you are studying in the UK. First students must apply to the University of Birmingham and then ask for the Common Shared Scholarship application form, depending on which course you chose the scholarship will be awarded by the school or department who is in charge of the course you applied on.

Foundation Academic Merit Scholarships

The Foundation Academic Merit Scholarships are pathway scholarships allowing international students who don't have the grades to join a degree programme to come to the UK on a scholarship and get the education needed in order to meet the entrance requirements for University of Birmingham degrees.

Ten scholarships are made available each year and 3,000 is given to the student towards tuition fees and a place on the one year full time pathways programme course. Students will need to apply to the University of Birmingham onto the Foundation programme and then onto the scholarship programme. Once the foundation studies are complete and the student is able to progress to a degree programme, the cost of the degree will not be funded by scholarship but by the student.

So whilst an Academic Merit scholarship will get foreign students to the UK and onto a programme of study at the University, this really just prepares the student for study and makes sure they have the necessary skills to start a degree programme.

Students will need to complete an application form and answer general questions about the student's academic background and essay style questions that each have a maximum 250 word count, the scholarships will be awarded solely on academic merit, the better grades you have at school the more likely you are to win this scholarship.

Whilst students who get a foundation scholarship have no right to expect any future studies at undergraduate level to be paid for by the university as students or the students families own money should then be used, there is also an award that the best Foundation graduates can apply for which is called the Excellence scholarships.

Roberto Rocca Education Program scholarship

The Roberto Rocca Education Program scholarship is for students from Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Indonesia, Mexico, Romania and Venezuela to come to the University of Birmingham and study for a PhD degree in Materials Science, Mechanical, and Petroleum Engineering. Twelve to fifteen scholarships are awarded each year, companies sponsor these awards and the actual selecting of the student for the scholarship will be by company board members who participate in the scholarship programme.

Fellowships (scholarships for postgraduate level students) are offered for two years, the awards cover both tuition fees and living expenses, the scholarship can be renewed for a further two years once you have successfully applied for the scholarship.

Northern Consortium UK Scholarships

The Northern Consortium UK Scholarships offer a one million pound scholarship fund, the scholarships are awarded for foundation year study at the University of Birmingham and 5,000 per year s offered along with an additional 2,000 for exceptional students.