free scholarships

Free Scholarships at Bradford University

Free Scholarships at Bradford University include the ABB Scholarship for UK students and students from Europe, the University of Bradford Undergraduate Bursary Scheme for UK students and the Master's Scholarships (Postgraduate Support Scheme) for UK students and students from Europe.

Bradford University has over fifty years of teaching behind it and a bright future, Bradford University was the first University outside London to offer part time degree courses and has over the years been the first university to offer a range of new courses not before seen at a British university.

Bradford University is the first new university to start a Business School, and have that new Business School reach worldwide acclaim for its teaching excellence and is now very well regarded by international students, Bradford was the first university to offer a degree in Peace Studies, Bradford University has expanded overseas in recent years with partner institutions in Singapore, Brunei, Malaysia, Pakistan and India.

ABB Undergraduate Scholarship

The ABB Scholarship from Bradford is a cash scholarship offering 5,000 which is awarded over a three year degree course to all UK students (home students) and students from Europe who get a ABB grade or higher in their A-levels whilst still at school, overseas students and students who have not sat A-levels need not worry as Bradford will take equivalent grades instead of ABB A-levels, so you might have a BTEC qualification or Scottish Higher qualification that equates to three A-levels at ABB and you will still qualify for the scholarship.

If the student joins a degree programme that is longer than three years then Bradford University agree to continue to pay the scholarship provided satisfactory progression is made, this generally means that your good grades whilst you are on the scholarship don't lower but continue or improve as you enter your fourth year or extra years.

All students achieving ABB grades at A-level or equivalent are guaranteed this scholarship and are guaranteed 2,000 to be given to the student in their first year and 1,500 in subsequent years, including any additional years if the degree is longer than three years. Bradford University point out that these scholarships are unlimited, every qualifying ABB A-level or equivalent grade student will be given this scholarship and that makes Bradford unique in that it is guaranteeing students a scholarship, the only other example of this I can think of is the US Pell grant where students have a right to expect a grant of some amount as it is a federal law.

Students must get ABB A-level or equivalent grades, the scholarship is awarded on the actual grades the student gets and not their predicted grades or the students offer to come to university or UCAS points (University and College Admissions Service), UCAS is a UK government body who UK students must apply to (by law) in order to get a place at a UK college or university.

Students with international qualifications that they are unable to match to A-level grades are urged to contact Bradford University directly as the admissions department will be able to tell them if they qualify for the free scholarship. Students who have passed the International Baccalaureate with over thirty points are also eligible for this scholarship and in the case of the IB a predicted thirty points is enough to get you a scholarship whilst for A-levels predicted grades are not eligible and you must actually achieve ABB to get the scholarship.

NHS Bursary Students

The ABB scholarship is only for students undertaking their first undergraduate degree, if you have already gained an undergraduate degree and wish to take a second undergraduate degree you are not eligible for the ABB scholarship. Interestingly students whose degree education is being funded by the NHS (National Health Service) typically for medicine and dentistry related courses are not eligible for the ABB scholarship, such students could instead apply for a Fulbright scholarship or the Bill Gates scholarship instead.

The best thing about the ABB scholarship is that you don't even need to apply for the scholarship, if you have applied to study a first degree at Bradford University then you will automatically be considered for the scholarship if your A-level grades are ABB or above or you have equivalent qualifications, students will automatically be informed by letter once the university is made aware of the students actual grades (not predicted A-level grades).

There are not many scholarships that are automatically awarded just by applying to the university and that makes Bradford an excellent choice for students from the UK and Europe who need a scholarship to continue their studies to degree level. Students who are informed that they are eligible for a free scholarship should simply make their bank details available to Student Finance England (the UK government's student loan company) and the university will automatically pay the scholarship into the bank details held by the Student Finance England.

The scholarship is paid in November and February of your first year, the amount for the first year is 2,000 and then 1,500 paid in two halves again in November and February these twice yearly payments will then continue for as long as the student is studying their first degree provided that the student passes 60% of the course each year.

Undergraduate Bursary Scheme

The University of Bradford Undergraduate Bursary Scheme enables students on lower incomes or from lower income families to be able to access higher education, the scholarship is available to all UK students (home students) and students from Europe, the only requirement to get the scholarship is that the family income of the student must be less than 30,000 per year. The scholarship awarded is 500. Only students who are undertaking a first degree and have not studied for a degree before and have not transferred from another course at the University of Bradford or students who have studied a foundation programme at Bradford are all not eligible for the 500 scholarship, as the advert on the television says 'brand new customers only'.

Family income must be under 30,000 a year and will be assessed by Student Finance England or the relevant European funding body. The standard degree fees are 9,000 and 6,000 for a foundation degree, if the student is paying any other fee arrangements then the 500 scholarship is not available. If a student is on a work placement year then they will not be eligible for the 500 that year but will be able to claim the scholarship for all other years of study and just to make that clear all students meeting the criteria can claim 500 per year for as long as they are undertaking a first degree.

To get the scholarship students must be what Bradford University refer to as 'fully engaged' and that means following the student rule book and attending lectures, sitting exams and completing coursework, this is to prevent students applying for the degree, claiming their scholarship and then not attending lectures or having no intention of passing the course, the award is to reward diligent students from low income families.

The bursary is paid in March each year directly into the students bank account that is recorded with the Student Loans Company, its worth pointing out that students can claim both the Undergraduate Bursary and the ABB scholarship if they are eligible for both (ABB grades at A-level and a family income of less than 30,000). As with the ABB scholarship students don't even have to apply for this scholarship as it is awarded automatically if the Student Loans Company inform Bradford University that the family income is less than 30,000 so it's a really easy scholarship to apply for as you technically don't even have to apply for it to get the scholarship.

A point worth mentioning is that when you apply for a Student Loan through Student Finance England or just register with the student loan company you will be asked if your detail's can be shared with partner institutions, if you say no your details cannot be shared with your university then the university will not be informed of your eligibility for this bursary and you will be unable to get the money, so its vitally important that you agree to share your student loan information with the university if you want this bursary.

Students wishing to study at Bradford University who are coming from Europe will need to complete form EU15 B that the university will send to you when you make your application to study at Bradford, on this form the student provides their family income details usually by including copies of bank accounts or official government tax returns to prove the families income is below 30,000, the student must also open a UK bank account and add the details of the UK bank account to the forms Bradford University send you along with the EU15 B form.

Master's Scholarships (Postgraduate Support Scheme)

The Master's Scholarships (Postgraduate Support Scheme) offers one hundred scholarships each year and is part of the UK Governments Postgraduate Support Scheme for taught postgraduate degrees, note that no scholarship is available for postgraduate research degrees and MBA degrees are also not included, students must be UK students or from Europe and the scholarship amount is 4,600 per year, each year for the entirety of the postgraduate qualification, course fees are also paid as part of the scholarship, the 4,600 is a maintenance grant for living expenses.

Similar to the Undergraduate Bursary Scheme there is also a Postgraduate Bursary Scheme and as with the undergraduate scheme the bursary available is for 500, postgraduate students can apply for both the bursary and the Postgraduate Support Scheme bursary, the postgraduate scholarship is for students paying the course fees themselves from their own money and not from any other scholarships or bursaries.

There are a few entrance requirements for the Postgraduate Support Scheme and these include having first studied at a UK institution for your first degree and spent 9,000 in total on your undergraduate degree (course costs and not living expenses), as with the ABB scholarship for undergraduates students with NHS funding for their degree are excluded from this postgraduate scholarship and you must be studying a full or part time masters degree (post doctorate degrees are not included in this scholarship).

Social Work Bursary Students

Social work students who are not receiving a social work bursary can apply for the Masters Scholarship, if the student has a social work bursary then they are ineligible for this scholarship. Undergraduates who have studied at another UK university or college for their first degree are still eligible for the Masters Scholarship, you do not have to have studied at Bradford University for both your undergraduate and your postgraduate degree. European students, English, Scottish, Welsh, and students from Northern Ireland are all eligible for this scholarship, students looking to be awarded the Masters Scholarship must complete an application form, as only one hundred scholarships are available each year the scholarship committee will award the scholarships based on merit and financial need, the brightest students and those from low incomes are both able to apply and receive equal opportunity to be given a scholarship.

Bradford University have identified priority students who are more likely to receive the Masters Scholarship and these are students who are care givers supporting an elderly parent, young siblings or children, students from low income households who have had a maintenance grant whilst an undergraduate with priority given to students on a full student maintenance grant. Disabled students in receipt of a disability allowance who where claiming a disability allowance whilst in undergraduate study and students from underrepresented groups, so for example female students in engineering, ethnic minority students in economics or any other faculty, department or course where the administrators feel that a certain demographic is under represented.

The Masters Scholarship is the only scholarship from Bradford University that students actually have to apply for and that you are not automatically submitted for by the university themselves. With full course fees paid plus a maintenance award it is certainly one of the best ways to get a free masters degree in the UK.