Free Scholarships and Bursaries At Ardingly College, Prep School and Nursery

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Ardingly College, Prep School and Nursery

Free Scholarships and Bursaries At Ardingly College, Prep School and Nursery for Scholarships at 7+, 11+ and 13+ including Academic Scholarships, Music Scholarships, Art Awards, Sports Awards and Bursaries.

Nursery And Pre-Pep, Preparatory School, Middle School And Sixth Form

Ardingly College is divided into Nursery and Pre-Pep, Preparatory School, Middle School and Sixth Form, Ardingly College is located in Haywards Heath, West Sussex, England. The Nursery and Pre-Prep is called Ardingly Farmhouse and includes a private day nursery on the grounds of Ardingly College which sits in 230 acres of Sussex countryside.

Independent School Scholarships And Bursaries

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All Ardingly scholarships are awarded on merit, meaning the student with the best grades and the best fit for Ardingly College will be awarded the scholarship. For students from families who cannot afford to pay the school fees and are in need of financial assistant there is a bursary scheme available, the bursary provides funds for students who pass the Ardingly College entrance examination and cannot pay for their own education whilst the scholarships award the best students with reduced school fees or no school fees on the basis of very high academic achievement.

The bursary committee chooses which students should receive a free or reduced cost eduction at Ardingly with how many scholarships or bursaries to award being for the headmaster to decide. Winning a scholarship is considered an honour and students are expected to give back to Ardingly College through taking an active part in all areas of school or college.

Scholarship students take on extra curricular activities at Preparatory School to give back to the school which has given them their education for free. The 7+ scholarship is paid until the end of year six with the 11+ scholarship paid until the end of year eleven, the student must show excellent academic progress and behaviour for the scholarship or bursary to continue for the next school year. All scholarship and bursary winners have to sit the schools entrance examinations even if the main criteria (as it is for the bursary) is financial need.

7+ Academic Scholarship

The 7+ Academic Scholarships are awarded by the headmaster and are awarded on merit, how academically gifted the student is, the results of the students examinations and an estimate of the students potential for future success. The maximum financial award for the academic scholarship is fifteen percent of the school fees, meaning the school fees will be reduced by fifteen percent for winners of the 7+ Academic Scholarship.

At the end of year six the 7+ scholarship ends, the entrance requirements for this scholarship are a range of group and individual activities including literacy, numeracy and reasoning skills, the student will have to get their current pre-prep school or infant school to support the students application in writing (there is space for the headteachers comments on the application form).

11+ Scholarships

The 11+ scholarships are awarded by the headmaster, these scholarships are awarded on merit meaning the candidates with the best examination results will get the scholarship. The financial award is twenty five percent of the course fees, students are not actually given the money to pay the course fees they are instead entitled to a discount of twenty five percent. The award will continue from junior school to senior school until after the students GCSE (General Certificate of Secondary Education) in year eleven. To be considered for the scholarship students are assessed in a day long exercise which includes sitting a mathematics paper, an English paper, a verbal and non verbal reasoning test and a reading test, the head of the prep school will also informally interview the student.

11+ Music Scholarships

11+ Music Scholarships are awarded at the discretion of the headmaster and are based on the merit of the student (how good the student is at their chosen musical instrument and music in general). Successful scholarship students will receive a discount worth fifteen percent of the course fees, meaning parents will have to pay fifteen percent less than everyone else due to their son or daughter winning a scholarship.

Music Scholarship Awards Free Tuition For Two Instruments And Voice Lessons

The Music Scholarship awards free tuition for two instruments and voice lessons if required, for the music examination, to win the scholarship the student must play one musical instrument or two at the most, one of those musical instruments may be their own voice, any instrument will be considered but students must bring their own instrument and music to the examination, students must show a high standard of achievement on their main instrument and if two instruments are played then they must show a good standard with potential on the second instrument, but note that only one instrument is required to be played for the scholarship.

Students applying for the Music Scholarship will be required to play a prepared piece of music on their main instrument and a second instrument if the student has one, the students will have to read music by sight and play scales and arpeggios to a high standard and the students should bring their own list of scales and arpeggios to the examination where the student will be asked to play examples. The student will also undergo ear tests to test their hearing for which singing will be required.

Students who have previously taken music examinations should bring their grade sheets with them to the examination, students who win a scholarship will be expected to take part in the schools musical activities which may include playing in ensembles and singing in the school chapel choir, musical scholarship winners are expected to set a higher standard for the music department than other students studying music at the school.

11+ Art Awards

The 11+ Art Awards are awarded by the headmaster and are merit based, the best artist applying for the scholarship will win the award. The scholarship is worth twenty percent of the schools tuition fees, meaning parents will get a twenty percent reduction if their son or daughter wins an art scholarship at Ardingly College.

At Ardingly College, art means painting, drawing, print making, fabrics, pottery, sculpture and other forms of two and three dimensional work. Work brought in for the examination need not be finalised, but the work presented must show the students ability to observe the world around them, use their imagination and use the materials around them for their art work. Art Students will need to show original thought in art, design and initiative, should the student be awarded the art scholarship then the student will be expected to make a commitment to art at the school.

The art students portfolio will be brought to school for assessment along with an interview, the award will continue until the students GCSE's are complete in year eleven.

11+ Sports Awards

The 11+ Sports Awards are again awarded by the headmaster, assessment will fit in around the students sporting calendar and a twenty percent reduction in school tuition fees is available for successful sports scholarship winners. Whilst the awards start off in junior school, the award will continue until senior school, and the student has completed their GCSE exams, so its an award well worth winning. Students must select a minimum of two sports which they will be assessed in, the maximum number of sports any student may put forward for assessment is four. The sports assessment will be over a one day period, for boys the sports available are football, hockey, cricket and athletics and for girls the sports available are hockey, netball and athletics.

Ardingly School Award Bursaries

Ardingly School award bursaries, depending on what type of bursary you are applying for it might be called a scholarship, exhibition or an award the bursary is for entry into Ardingly College Preparatory School, the amount of the award is based on the parents of the students financial situation, the poorer the parents the more Ardingly College is likely to offer as a bursary. Bursaries and scholarship applications are different processes and different types of award, it is possible to apply for a scholarship and a bursary, this would require the student to be both gifted and poor.

Should a student win a scholarship or bursary for academic achievement (some scholarships and bursaries are awarded automatically depending on performance) the parents may choose if they wish not to take up the offer of reduced school fees if they can pay the school fees themselves, this frees up the money to be spent on another student who has greater financial need.

Middle School Scholarships And Bursaries

Middle School Scholarships and Bursaries are for students of 13+ and can include Academic Scholarships, Music Scholarships, Ashdown Scholarships (all round ability), Choral exhibitions, Art Awards, Drama Awards and Sports Awards.

Academic Scholarships are awarded after scholarship examinations and interviews have been held at the College and Music Scholarships and Choral Exhibitions require auditions and interviews at the College before they can be awarded. Sports Scholarships are offered after an assessment of the students sporting ability (at a specific sport) and after an interview. Students must be under the age of fourteen (13+) at the time of applying for the scholarship or award.

13+ Scholarships

13+ Scholarships are to reward exceptionally able and gifted students who are motivated to do the best they can in their chosen subjects, the scholarship is to encourage that effort and reward that effort in a way that the whole school can see and appreciate.

Ardingly Scholarships

Ardingly Scholarships are awarded to students entering college in year nine (Shell), all the scholarships are awarded on merit (the best students get the scholarships) and depending on the scholarship and the performance of the student the award will offer a school tuition fee reduction of between five to twenty five percent. A bursary may also be offered to the scholarship winners if the student is in financial need, this is at the discretion of the headmaster.

For Ardingly the parents of the student will be assessed for financial need, this may involve submitting financial documents including bank statements, tax returns and child care benefit forms.

Students wanting a scholarship must sit the 13+ Entrance Examination which takes place at Ardingly College. Students can apply for two scholarships or bursaries at the same time or one of each, for both applications the student must have the support of their current school head teacher, this support will take the form of a written letter of recommendation for the specific scholarship or bursary being entered for, so if the student is applying for two scholarships then two different letters of recommendation from the students current headteacher would be required.

Students applying for more than one scholarship may receive up to a twenty five percent reduction in their course fees as a result of having two separate scholarships. Scholarship winners must maintain their grades and their behaviour, the lowering of either can result in the scholarship being removed form the student, the full level of tuition fees would then be payable by the parents.

Academic Scholarship Awards

Academic Scholarship awards are offered after the student sits the Common Scholarship papers as set by the ISEB (Independent Schools Examinations Board), previous papers are freely available from the ISEB. Students sit the ISEB papers over three days at the College, the papers include Mathematics, English, Science, History, Geography, French, Religious Studies and Verbal Reasoning. For students with an aptitude for languages additional papers can be taken in Latin and Spanish.

Students will also need attend an interview with the headmaster, this interview lasts for fifteen minutes and allows the headmaster to discuss the students academic interests and intellectual capacity both with regard to the examinations sat and the wider world. The College will also ask the students current school for a private report (which the student and parents are not able to see) detailing the students suitability for a scholarship at Ardingly College.

Ashdown Leadership Awards

Ashdown Leadership Awards are for boys and girls who demonstrate achievement across a range of activities not just confined to academic accomplishment with personal qualities like initiative, empathy, leadership and teamwork being paramount to be selected for the Ashdown Leadership Award the student must pass a group leadership challenge and an interview with the headmaster, the Ashdown Leadership award offers a discount non tuition fees of twenty five percent.