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Free Scholarship Programs at University of Michigan Flint

Free Scholarship Programs at University of Michigan Flint are funded by generous donors, these donations allow University of Michigan-Flint to offer $1.1 million dollars of student scholarships each year.

The scholarships are merit based (academic excellence) where students with the highest academic grades are chosen for the scholarship, as over one million dollars of scholarship money is available every year students shouldn't worry that as the scholarship is merit based they might not be chosen for a scholarship because the University of Michigan-Flint award many scholarships each year there's more chance that students without the highest grades should still be able to get a scholarship.

University of Michigan-Flint Community Service

As well as awarding scholarships based on merit the University of Michigan-Flint also consider students extra-curricular activities like helping in the community and in fact state in their scholarship application that students of all levels of ability and studying all subjects should apply for a scholarship.

Apply to Flint

Students need to have already applied to Flint in order to be eligible to apply for the scholarship, graduate students (students who have just left high school and applied to Flint) and undergraduate students (students who are already enrolled on a degree course at Flint) can apply for a scholarship. Flint has an online application form for both new students who have just applied to Flint (graduate students) as well as current Flint students (undergraduate students).

Scholarship Application Questions

There are a few questions to answer on the scholarship application, these are all quite easy and certainly much easier than say the application for a Fulbright or Harvard scholarship which requires much financial information to be submitted as well as very detailed and stringent application process.

Gaps in your Education

Students will need to declare if they have any gaps in their education and why, maybe the student took a gap year between high school or university or maybe the student moved to a different part of the country. Your also be asked if you have graduated from Genesee County High School which UM-Flint have an arrangement with, students from UM-Flint will find that their scholarship process is more streamlined as the two schools work in partnership with each other.

Scholarships for Single, Married and with Children

Students will also be asked if they are married or have children, this is so that the university can calculate how much scholarship money your need as your living expenses will be greater if you have children or a spouse to support whilst you study, of course if your spouse or partner is in employment then the money you need for your scholarship will be less, so by asking if you're married or have a partner or children this can be calculated fairly.

Learning Disability Scholarships

Students will also be asked if they have a learning disability, or other physical or visual disability. Students will also be asked if they have been an unpaid volunteer for any charities or community projects, it's an important part of the scholarship program that students should show community involvement, if your grades are not the highest then having strong evidence of working in your community will help you get the scholarship.

American Physical Therapy Association

If you're a member of the American Physical Therapy Association then this will show the university that you're a good candidate for physical therapy based degrees which the university specialises in because if you have joined the association then you're more lily to have a genuine interest in the subject matter and therefore a good candidate for the degree and a worthy applicant for a scholarship as well as being eligible for specific scholarships just for American Physical Therapy Association Members.

Scholarships for the Legal Profession, Political Science, English and the Management School

The university have specific scholarships for the legal profession, political science, English and the management school, students will also be asked if they plan on staying in the universities student accommodation or living off campus, if you live on campus then this will be taken into account in the money you receive for your scholarship as the cost of the university accommodation can be deduced from your scholarship money.

Service Employees International Union (SEIU)

If you or your spouse, your children or your grandparents are a current or former member of the Service Employees International Union (SEIU Local 591 or 517M member) then this union provide their own scholarships for study at Michigan Flint so the university will be able to incorporate this scholarship or bursary into their own scholarship award which means that the money paid out by the university will be less (because your also have a bursary from SEIU) this of course means that the university scholarships can be used to help more students as the university will be saving money.

To be able to claim you're a member if SEIU and get their bursary your need to show a membership document or a members card from the SEIU. If you have ever served in the military or are on active service from the military or been honourably discharged from service then there are a range of military scholarships and bursaries that the university can either apply for you on your behalf or help you compete, this again will lower the costs of the scholarship for the university but still enable you to get a full scholarship. Your need to provide UM-Flint with a copy of your DD-214 form that you received from the military in order to claim a range of military bursaries and scholarships.

Scholarship applicants will also be asked if the reason they want to undertake degree level study is because they wish to start a second career or is the university degree your first career choice, the reason this question is asked is that if you are currently in employment and wish to re-train by undertaking a degree then you make have your own finances from money saved whilst you where earning and therefore would need less money from UM-Flint.

Teacher Education Program

If you have enrolled successfully on the Teacher Education Program then there are a range of bursaries that the university can apply for on your behalf and this again will lower the amount UM-Flint needs to pay out to you whilst you will still receive the same amount of money. Students in the Teacher Education Program will need to show documentation from the Education Department to the universities Office of Financial Aid to show that you really are on this program.

Students will also be asked if they are able to enrol on a online course or mixed study mode (some online instruction and some classroom instruction) course, the reason this is important to UM-Flint is that if you can attend online courses as part of your study then the cost to the university of your study will be cheaper than if you needed only classroom based study and there are certain bursaries available for students that have some component of online study in their degree programme, note that your be required to prove that you have enrolled in an online course component or mixed study mode component, you might not have the proof of enrolment just yet for tuition that starts later in the year and that is acceptable as the proof can be presented later.

Students from the Westwood Heights District of Michigan are able to apply for specific bursaries so your be asked if you are resident in this district of Michigan.

If your applying for a scholarship as an undergraduate (a student already studying at UM-Flint) then your be asked if you are a Student Government Council member at UM-Flint or have you served as a council member in the past year, the reason this is asked that it shows that you have an interest and active part in your university community and volunteering, your more likely to get a scholarship as a current student of UM-Flint if you can show you have volunteered for university activities.

Rotary Club Members

Rotary Club members are also eligible for a range of scholarships and bursaries so your be asked if you, your children or grandchildren are a member of the Rotary Club, if you are then the university can apply for scholarships and bursaries on your behalf which will lower the amount the university has to pay you in financial aid whilst your be able to claim the same amount of money as other full scholarship students, (you could also look at scholarships for Brandman and Bradford university).

Steel Drum Band Scholarship

Believe it or not there are also scholarships and bursaries available if you're a member of the UM-Flint Steel Drum Band and not just at UM-Flint but also Mott Middle College or Mott Community College and again UM-Flint can apply for these scholarships and bursars on your behalf so your get the money and the universities financial commitments to you can be lowered.

Alumni Scholarship

If your parents, grandparents or your spouse have studied at University of Michigan Flint then your be entitled to claim a bursary as you have a connection to the universities alumni, this scholarship will be applied for by the university on your behalf and again saves the university from having to provide a full scholarship from their own funds (generally alumni scholarships are created by donations from UM-Flint alumni).

Students of former or current alumni will need to prove the relationship to the alumni with the university registrar in order to claim the scholarship and this is done by supplying the registrar with the name, date of graduation and date of birth of the family member who was an alumni of UM-Flint, remember that if your family member has since changed their name due to marriage then your need to proved their maiden name.

General Motors Scholarship

If you have a parent who has been a member of the United Automobile, Aerospace and Implement Workers of America, General Motors at the Flint Engine Operations North Facility (UAW Local 599) for more than five years and is in 'good standing' with the union (which generally means has paid all the subscriptions due to the union) then there is a bursary for General Motors workers that UM-Flint can claim on your behalf, what's great about UM-Flint scholarships is that they are aware of all the bursaries and scholarships available and are able to apply for them, or make you aware of the scholarships and help you complete the application process.

If your parent is a UAW member your need to show a copy of their registration card to the university registrar in order to prove membership.

Federal Work Study Students and Temporary Workers

Students who are already employed by UM-Flint are also welcome to apply for a UM-Flint scholarship and may be more likely to receive a scholarship, Federal Work Study students and temporary assignment workers are also included as employed workers for the purposes of scholarship application and all current UM-Flint employees need to do is show a recent pay check to the Office of Financial Aid at the university.

If you're a student looking to work in the banking profession and are studying a related financial or business degree program then there are more scholarships and bursaries that the university can apply for on your behalf, it's of interest to the university because a scholarship or bursary which can be awarded by another institution lowers the financial commitment that UM-Flint will have towards the student whilst still maintaining the students full scholarship or grant.

Don't forget that as well as membership based and professional scholarships that UM-Flint ask you about and help you apply for there are also a range of other scholarships that you can apply for yourself, minority scholarships like UNCF and NAACP as well as more general scholarships like the McDonalds, Burger King, Pepsi and Coca Cola scholarships.

After the student has answered all these membership and professional questions they will be asked to write a personal statement that must not be more than 350 words in length, that is actually a very small essay so you have to make sure that you make all your points with a small number of words, the essay must answer all the above questions in any order the student likes as well as describing what you hope to achieve in your career as well as your academic life.