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College Scholarship

College Scholarship at University College London UCL, these awards are to help both perspective students and students already studying at UCL to support themselves financially whilst continuing their studies.

London Based Universities

Other London based universities you might like to consider as well as UCL include Kingston University London, London School of Economics LSE and the University of Westminster, other scholarships to consider are National Scholarships at the University of Exeter, Academic Scholarships at the University of Kent and Scholarships for Students at the University of Edinburgh.

Scholarships At UCL

The majority of scholarships at UCL are divided into departmental scholarships, meaning each department of the university has itís own scholarships that both students already studying at the university and potential students can apply for, UCL departments include Institute of the Americas, Archaeology, Bartlett School of Planning, Chemical Engineering, Chemistry, Child Health (ICH), Computer Science, Development Planning Unit (DPU), Dutch, Earth Sciences, Economics, Electronic & Electrical Engineering, French, Geography and German.

Institute for Global Health, Hebrew & Jewish Studies, History, Infection and Immunity, Information Studies, Italian Department, Law, Management Science and Innovation, MAPS (Faculty of Mathematical & Physical Sciences), Mathematics, Mechanical Engineering, Philosophy and Physics & Astronomy.

Political Science/Public Policy, Science & Technology Studies, Security and Crime Science, Slavonic and East European Studies (SSEES), Statistical Science, Slade School of Fine Art and the Centre for Sustainable Heritage.

Land Securities Scholarship

The UCL Bartlett School of Planning offers the Land Securities scholarship this scholarship is available to all full-time students who have been offered a place on the Bartlett School of Planning Masters (M.Sc.) course. The scholarship is based on academic merit meaning the student with the best academic achievement record will win the scholarship, however the scholarship is also based on financial need, the two requirements means that the student who actually needs the scholarship in order to study and also has the highest grades out of all those eligible will win the scholarship.

To apply for the Land Securities scholarship, students can apply directly from the UCL School of Planning website, the scholarship is for one year only and offers a scholarship amount of £10,000 for the first year of study to cover maintenance (living expenses). The scholarship is provided by Land Securities PLC and successful scholarship students will be offered an internship with the company.

As well as completing the application form students must be in full time study at UCL and have an offer of a place on the Masters course at the university in order to be eligible to recive the scholarship. Whilst the School of Planning at UCL do make the initial choice of successful candidates for the scholarship these are then referred to Land Securities PLC for the final decision.

Owings Travel Scholarship

Students studying at the Bartlett School of Planning are also eligible to apply to several other scholarships these include the Henry Herbert Bartlett Travel Scholarship which funds the successful student for study or travel anywhere in the world as part of their planning studies the Owings Travel Scholarship is awarded to students for study and travel to the USA as part of the school of planning.

Maggie Scruton Memorial Travel Scholarship

The Maggie Scruton Memorial Travel Scholarship is for study and travel to France with the school of planning.

Richard Llewellyn Davies Travel Scholarship

And finally the Richard Llewellyn Davies Travel Scholarship is for study and travel to anywhere worldwide, when a student is successfully enrolled onto a postgraduate course with the school of planning.

Alfred Bader Prize in Organic Chemistry

The chemistry department offers the Alfred Bader Prize in Organic Chemistry this scholarship is worth £1,000 and is offered to students in the chemistry department studying for a MPhil or Ph.D. also available from the chemistry department is the Franz Sondheimer Bursary Fund this awards the sum of £2,000 and is awarded to an International Student studying chemistry and is also for the MPhil and Ph.D. level of study.

Child Health Research (CHR) Ph.D. Studentship Scheme

The Child Health Research (CHR) Ph.D. Studentship Scheme is awarded by UCLís Institute of Child Health and is again for research students at the MPhil and Ph.D. level of study, the award is valued at £3,000 and can be used for any research costs the student might incur, in addition to this the student will also receive tuition fee payments at either the UK or EU rate (dependant on whether they are a UK or EU student) and the student will also receive a stipend (living expenses) at the MRC Medical Research Council rate.

Advanced Course Masters ACM Scholarship

The Centre for Mathematics and Physics in the Life Sciences and Experimental Biology is known as the COMPLEX department at UCL and here the MRC Medical Research Council offer an Advanced Course Masters ACM Scholarship which is worth £16,000 the award total includes tuition fees and a stipend (living expenses) the scholarship is for students taking the Mres (Masters in Research) in Modelling Biological Complexity Mres.

For this scholarship award there is no separate scholarship application form from the Maths and Physics departments as there is for other departmental scholarships, here the student must simply apply for a place on the Masters in Modelling Biological Complexity to be automatically considered for the scholarship.

Anita Borg Memorial Scholarship

Additionally to the Mathematics and Physics Life Sciences department the Computer Science department has itís own scholarships which include the Google Europe Anita Borg Memorial Scholarship this scholarship offers £6,000 (Ä7,000 approximately) for an undergraduate student studying Computer Science, this award is only available to women as it is an award that honours the work of Dr Anita Borg which set up the scholarship to encourage fifty percent of undergraduate degree holders to be women.

Students wishing to apply for the Dr Anita Borg scholarship will need to show a passion for Computer Science and encouraging women to enter computer science as well as a good academic record and the ability to show leadership skills. The award includes both elements of professional development and outreach to women in computer science, the scholarship includes a retreat in the summer of the students year of entry.

Students who are enrolled or have been accepted to study at UCL in the Computer Science department at either Bachelors, Masters or Ph.D. level are eligible to apply for the scholarship, students may be domestic or internal students from Europe, Middle East or Africa, students will need to maintain a strong academic record to continue receiving the scholarship instalments whilst they are studying and are not limited to studying pure Computer Science but can also study Computer Engineering, Informatics or a closely related discipline. Students should apply for this scholarship directly through Google.

Otto Koenigsberger Scholarship (OKS)

The Development Planning Unit (DPU) at UCL offers the Otto Koenigsberger Scholarship (OKS) this scholarship is for international students (overseas students not resident in the UK) and is for postgraduate study at the MSc level, only students with the highest academic qualifications are selected for the scholarship, students are expected to make contributions to urban planning and development through having an international perspective on planning and development.

The award is named after Otto Koenigsberger who was an urban planner and teacher of international repute across Africa, Asia and Latin America from 1960-1980 and is also the founding director of the Development Planning Unit DPU at UCL.

To be considered for this scholarship students will need to be an international student (not from the UK) and be about to start a MSc program at UCL and have an unconditional offer to study at the DPU. The scholarship is worth £5,000 and is designed to pay the course tuition fees, students need to provide documentary evidence that they have sufficient funds to support themselves on their course of study (living expenses and the balance of the tuition fees) before the scholarship is made available to them.

Jean Orr Scholarship

The Dutch, French, Italian and History departments at UCL have the Jean Orr Scholarship which students at the Masters level of postgraduate study may apply for, the award is worth £7,000 per year and is awarded for each year of study on the Masters course, unlike other scholarships which only cover the first year of study, all years of study are paid for with this generous scholarship. The award covers the cost of tuition fees for that year, the student will be responsible for funding their own living expenses and any additional tuition fees that the award does not cover.

Students wishing to apply for this scholarship should complete the language department application form, no additional scholarship application forms are needed as the general application form is assessed by the language department to see if the student applying qualifies for the Jean Orr award.

Dennis Curry Scholarship in Micro-palaeontology

The Earth Sciences department at UCL offers the Dennis Curry Scholarship in Micro-palaeontology this award is for UK residents only so international students are not eligible for this award, students will need to apply for the Geosciences MSc and must take the Micro-palaeontology options in this MSc programme, the award is only available to students who are not already receiving full financial support (tuition and living expenses) from any other awards, meaning that you canít apply for the Dennis Curry scholarship if you are in receipt of any other scholarships.

The scholarship amount is £4,000 and as well as applying and being accepted onto the Geosciences MSc students should contact the Earth Sciences department with written notice of the students intention to apply for the scholarship, students will also need to include their academic CV (Curriculum Vitae) and a letter not to exceed five hundred words which details their interest in Geosciences and especially Micro-palaeontology.

AHW Beck Memorial Scholarship

The Electrical and Electronic Engineering department at UCL offer the AHW Beck Memorial Scholarship this scholarship is again only available to UK resident students and is not available for international students, students must be studying for a MPhil. Or Ph.D. in the department of electrical and electronic engineering, the award is for £5,000 and as well as being offered a place at UCL in the department students will also need to send their academic CV (listing their academic qualifications and history rather than their employment history) to the department along with a letter of less than five hundred words detailing their interest in electronic and electrical engineering, this letter can be sent directly to the department at UCL.

Santos Scholarship For Students Studying At UCL Australia

UCL Australia is a UCL overseas campus in Australia which houses the mineral and energy resources department, this department offers the Santos scholarship for students studying at UCL Australia (studying in Australia), students must study the Energy and Resources Management MSc to be eligible for the Santos scholarship, also available is the BHP Billiton scholarship for Ph.D. students studying in Australia at UCL Australia, these scholarships are for students starting a Ph.D. programme at the overseas campus.

Siva Finestone MA Scholarship

The French language department at UCL offer the Siva Finestone MA Scholarship this is a scholarship available to any student studying an MA in Language, Culture and History with French and Francophone Studies. The scholarship award will pay the students tuition fees for their master of Arts degree, note that UCL charge different tuition fee amounts depending on whether the student is a UK student or a EU European Union student and this award will cover either set of fees depending on where the student is from UK or EU). To apply for this scholarship students should contact the French language department at UCL directly.

NERC Scholarship Award For MPhil And Ph.D. Study (Natural Environment Research Council)

The Geography department at UCL has several scholarship awards available including the NERC Scholarship award for MPhil and Ph.D. study (Natural Environment Research Council). The ESRC Awards (Economic and Social Research Council) are also available these are UCL ESRC Doctoral Training Centre awards for Ph.D. students.

Ted Hollis Scholarship

The Ted Hollis Scholarship is also awarded by the French language department at UCL and is awarded to MPhil. And Ph.D. students leading research in Wetland Hydrology and Conservation in the Department of Geography, the scholarship is offered for three years of study rather than just a single year of study like many other scholarships and is awarded as tuition fee payment along with a maintenance award to cover three years of living expenses. The awards value corresponds to official NERC yearly tuition fee and maintenance amounts which are updated annually.

Students can apply for this award by contacting Graduate Admissions at the Geography Department of UCL, Dr Ted Hollis was a lecturer at UCL and the award is named after him, as a member of the international wetland research community Dr Ted Hollis interests were wetland hydrology and nature conservation and that is why the scholarship wishes to continue Dr Ted Hollis fields of study.