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Coca Cola Scholarship

The Coca Cola scholarship is for US citizens only who are currently in a US school or being home schooled in the US, the award is for a $20,000 USD scholarship for studying at a US university, students are required to complete an online form listing all their academic achievements and then if selected students must also complete several essays and attend an in person interview or an interview over Skype, if given a scholarship the students must attend an all-expenses paid trip to Coca Cola in Atlanta, USA to take part in leadership and social activities.

The Coca Cola scholarship is designed to encourage leadership and to enable the best school graduates to go on to university, whilst $20,000 dollars is normally awarded, smaller awards of $10,000 dollars and larger awards of $50,000 dollars are also available depending on the need and calibre of the candidates.

Two hundred and fifty students are awarded a scholarship with 2,500 students being taken to the second round of tests and 110,000 students applying for the 250 scholarship places available, as well as significant financial aid smaller $1,000 dollar stipends are also made available to some students instead of the full scholarship.

USA Only Scholarship

Whilst Coca Cola is an international company with its soft drinks sold around the world the scholarship programme is only available in the United States, some might see this as rather unfair after all the world quite literally does drink Coca Cola and yet only American citizens can benefit from a scholarship when students from other countries especially Asia and Africa would benefit greatly from a Coca Cola scholarship, whilst this is true it is of course up to Coca Cola, who after all is a commercial company to decide how it should spend its own money.

I would hope that in future years Coca Cola would expand its very successful scholarship programme to other countries, please feel free to contact Coca Cola on social media or through its website and suggest that they expand their scholarship programme worldwide, Coca Cola already invest $3.45 million US dollars in providing scholarships for US citizens attending a four year degree at a US university or a two year degree at other US educational institutions so it certainly would be very nice to see this expanded to international scholarships.

After you complete the initial scholarship application form on the Coca Cola website which it must be noted is very popular with 110,000 other US students also completing the application form which asks for details of your educational achievements both academic and community based, Coca Cola are looking to see leadership potential and that means being a leader at your school with the highest grades and participation and running of school activities that help the community, Coca Cola want to see that you have already helped your own community before Coca Cola help you (which is of course Coca Cola helping its community).

Online Application Form Only

Once you have competed the online application form your application will be assessed automatically by a computer programme, students who are selected are known as semi-finalists and there will be 2,500 students selected who will go on to complete essays about how they have contributed to their community and have shown leadership and will benefit from a scholarship, 250 students will then be picked from these 2,500 students as winners of a scholarship although half of those students will receive a stipend of one thousand dollars rather than a full scholarship.

After the essay have been competed your be required to attend an in person meeting with Coca Cola or a Skype or other video conferencing based meeting, here you will be asked about your essays and Coca Cola employees can see you in person, it's important to be likeable, open and honest and show the skills and attributes that you have written about and no doubt caused the scholarship committee to select you as a semi-finalist.

If you or family members work for Coca Cola or one of its subsidiaries worldwide then you are automatically not eligible to apply for a Coca Cola scholarship, you might think that is a little unfair but it prevents the company being accused of awarding scholarships to the friends or family of company employees, one point to note is that scholarships are only awarded to US citizens and yet the exclusion for workers of Coca Cola applies to workers and their families worldwide, a little unfair.

Scholarship for Undergraduate Degrees and Sometimes Postgraduate

After graduating with a first degree Coca Cola scholarship students can apply for a further scholarship and Coca Cola will support previous scholarship students for post graduate study at Emory University in the USA, Emory is the local university in Atlanta where Coca Cola is headquartered.

Scholarship holders can also continue on to direct employment with Coca Cola after their degree, even if scholarship holders do not go on to work for Coca Cola and there is no requirement to do so, former scholarship holders remain in touch with Coca Cola participating in Coca Cola leadership and community programmes in their local area across the United States.

The value of the grants $20,000 or $50,000 USD is at the discretion of Coca Cola and is for the entire course of study, its paid to the student so that they can use the money for both their academic fees as well as their living expenses, for the first scholarship you can go to any university in the United States and be resident anywhere in the United States, you are not required to attend Emory University as you are for a second scholarship for a postgraduate degree after you have received one scholarship from Coca Cola, so you are free to study anywhere you like at any degree granting institution in the United States.

Scholarship Applications are in August

There are a few exceptions in who can apply for a Coca Cola scholarship, if you are in the USA with refugee status or similar immigration status you will be able to apply for a scholarship but note that you must be resident in the United States at the time of your application and hold one of a particularly narrow range of visa statuses, basically you need to be resident in the USA without a visa requirement which means you must go home to another country.

If you're looking to apply for a Coca Cola scholarship you better be comfortable with being in the limelight and having your photograph taken and giving interviews as you will not be able to take the scholarship money and simply fade into the background your need to be comfortable participating in Coca Cola sponsored community events and taking part in these events, I'm not trying to say that you have to be a company man or women and be very supportive and glowing about Coca Cola but it's certainly going to help as your be photographed and interviewed by Coca Cola's own scholarship and marketing departments as you participate in Coca Cola events whilst you have your scholarship.

You can apply for a Coca Cola scholarship each year in August when the application form will be available on the Coca Cola website for completion, you can only make your application directly from the Coca Cola scholarships foundation website and you can't submit an application by post.

Merit Based Scholarships

Scholarships are not based on your financial standing, you don't need to be poor or rich to apply for a scholarship, your own financial standing is not considered when you apply for a scholarship, only that you are academically very bright and committed to working in the community and for the good of the community, your need to prove these commitments in your application process.

If you get a scholarship, you don't have to use it straight away you have ten years to take up your scholarship before it is withdrawn so if for example you wanted to apply for a scholarship and then go travelling for a year or two or helping out with community projects you could do that first before you take up the scholarship, if however ten years have passed since you were first offered the scholarship and you have not yet taken up the scholarship then you would lose it after ten years.

The money given to you can be used for any educational requirements so not only paying for course fees but buying books or a computer or your on campus accommodation costs, you can't use it for anything that could be seen as not directly relevant to your education, note that doesn't include spending the money on food or clothes or off campus accommodation however vital those things are.

Invited Back to Atlanta Every Five Years

Every five years past scholarship holders will be invited back to Atlanta, USA to attend scholarship events, leadership summits and receptions, these recalls every five years are not all expenses paid visits like your first visit to Coca Cola when you got your scholarship.

If your parents or other relatives already work for Coca Cola then you are excluded from applying for a Coca Cola scholarship and will instead be directed to apply for a Goizueta Scholars Fund which is a scholarship issued by Emory University in Atlanta where Coca Cola is headquartered, it's a scholarship provided by both Emory and Bank of America and is a merit based scholarship meaning that its your academic achievement that determines whether you get the scholarship or not rather than your financial standing, whilst it might make more sense for poor students to get a scholarship when rich students can pay for it themselves, that's not how an academic or merit based scholarship works its your grades that determine if you get the scholarship or not.

When applying for a Coca Cola scholarship your need an educational transcript of your qualifications as well as a school profile which lists all the information about your current school and your need to list all the non-academic and non-school clubs and societies that you are a member of and the leadership position that you hold within those clubs and societies, this is very important to Coca Cola and without substantial work in the community you are very unlikely to get a scholarship.

US Citizens Should Apply

In your application your have to let your passions shine through Coke want to see that you are involved in many activities and that you are living life to the full, Coke want to give their scholarships to the best students, the most well rounded students the students that will go on to be leaders in their communities, it could be argued that by offering scholarships to the highest achievers Coke is trying to garner support for its business from students who will in the future be leaders in their community and in a position to support Coca Cola, this may or may not be a true statement of affairs but it is also the best way to offer a scholarship, after all wouldn't you want the scholarship to go to the most able students that can pass their degree and make the best use of the financial aid that they have been given, after all the scholarship is based on merit and not on how much your family earn, rich or poor you can apply for a Coca Cola scholarship no matter who you are, well as long as you are a US citizen at a US high school.

To help you with your application, list down all the school and non-school, activities you are involved in and have been involved in throughout your time at school, don't just list the current activities but list all activities, its these activities that will set you apart from the other students applying for a scholarship, you are trying to make yourself come alive in the application process so that the reviewing committee can see that you are a candidate that they should take forward into the semi-finals.

If you are a US citizen then there is no reason why you should not apply for a Coca Cola scholarship it is open to all regardless of financial standing, ethnic background, religion or the subject you wish to study.