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Burger King Scholarship

The Burger King scholarship is a scholarship award created by the Burger King restaurant chain in memory of its co-founder James 'Jim' W. McLamore, the award is issued by the McLamore foundation the money given as scholarships is raised through donations at Burger King restaurants, last year the Burger King scholarship awarded $2.7 million dollars in scholarships with each scholarship grant ranging from $1,000 to $50,000 dollars. Burger King state that the ultimate goal for the programme is to have each restaurant in North America able to offer $1,000 to a student with so many BK restaurants that would be $7 million dollars a year in scholarships.

The scholarship is available only for students in North America, students from other countries looking to study abroad cannot apply for this scholarship even though Burger King have many restaurants worldwide this is the same policy as the McDonalds scholarship which also only awards scholarships for US citizens to study in the US even though McDonalds have many restaurants worldwide.

It's not just Burger King and McDonalds that offer scholarships but also soft drink manufacturers have scholarships too, there's the Coca Cola scholarship and the Pepsi scholarship. Interestingly Burger King make their scholarships available to all US citizens including students who work at Burger King or have family at Burger King, this is in stark contrast to the Walmart scholarship which only accepts applications from Walmart employees or the sons and daughters of employees looking for a scholarship.

BK Scholarship

The BK scholarship is designed to help students offset the cost of their education, it is not designed to be a full scholarship, just to make the students expenses less by topping up the students finances with an award which is typically for $1,000 that's not to say that Burger King will not make larger scholarships for deserving students as the award size is up to $50,000, the award is for one year only and you can make a new application each year to be considered for a scholarship for that years study there will be no bias just because you have received a previous award or applied before with $25 million dollars awarded since the scholarship started and 24,000 high school students receiving the scholarship Burger King certainly has one of the most generous scholarship programmes.

The scholarship is for a two or four year degree programme at a college or university in the United States, Canada or Puerto Rico, students can move for one university or college to another and maintain their award, students reapplying each year for a scholarship can continue to be awarded a scholarship until they have received $4,000 in scholarship money, the $4,000 could be divided across four years of study or it might be a single award of $4,000 for the year.

The scholarship is for paying for the students tuition and any other direct course fees like books and computer equipment, the scholarship is not for accommodation or food and living expenses, the scholarship is tax free. If the award included accommodation and living expenses the award would have to be taxed which is why most scholarships do not allow the money to be spent on accommodation or living expenses, the Bill Gates scholarship is a little different in that the scholarship awarded is a full scholarship including accommodation and living expenses.

Students apply for the scholarship online through the Burger King scholarship portal, you can upload your transcript directly through the website or if at the time of application you don't have your transcript you can mail the transcript to Burger King. Home schooled students are permitted to apply for the scholarship in exactly the same way that high school students are through the portal, no discrimination is made against home schooled students and in fact Burger King is one of the few scholarships to actively encourage the application from home schooled students. After the student applies for the scholarship they will receive an email and a letter from Burger King if their scholarship application has been successful.

Students use the scholarship management system on the Burger King scholarship website to apply for the scholarship, it's here that the student must enter their mailing address and name, it's this information that Burger King use to send a cheque through the post to the student, the cheque will be a single cheque covering the entirety of the award for that year, it is up to the student to use this cheque for their course fees and books. Burger King will need a scanned copy of the students university or college enrolment prior to issuing the cheque.

Scholarship Award

The amount of the scholarship award must not be greater than the cost of tuition for one year, to be eligible for the scholarship students will need to demonstrate academic achievement by submitting their transcript, students will need a 2.0 GPA Grade Point Average or higher and be able to demonstrate participation in school and community activities, this is a very important part of many scholarships but note that you do not have to demonstrate leadership skills as you would do for the Bill Gates scholarship or the UNCF scholarship or NAACP scholarship for black students, not having to demonstrate leadership skills makes the award very much easier to apply for as not everyone is a leader but still has all the qualities to study at a university or college.

The reason that Burger King ask students to demonstrate community participation is that students who participate in their community by helping their community or school help other people, this means that should Burger King fund that student for a degree the Burger King scholarship money goes further, Burger King help the student and the student who is the sort of person to continue helping in their community bringing their new found degree skills to their local community and enriching their local community.

Burger King Employees

Burger King employees can also apply for this scholarship. For Burger King employees the scholarship is known as an enrichment award, Burger King employees will need to state their length of employment on the application form and if they are a work experience student working at Burger King the student will be applying onto the James W. McLamore 'WHOPPER' Scholarship, all students will need to supply their financial information, this is normally done by scanning and uploading a copy of the students yearly tax return as well as the tax return of their mother and father, this is because the award as well as being merit based (the students GPA is taken into account) is also needs based (the students financial status is also taken into account).

Typically in any given year Burger King will award one thousand scholarships of one thousand dollars and thirty scholarships of $5,000 dollars, scholarships amount vary each years and some larger scholarships will be awarded, but to give you a rough idea of the generosity of the programme. As well as the Burger King scholarship which is just for students in North America, Canada and Puerto Rico Burger King also have a hardship fund for employees of Burger King, the hardship fund is awarded to employees worldwide and is called the BK Family Fund, this hardship fund has been given to students working at Burger King in the UK, Italy, France, Germany, Argentina, Brazil, China, Russia, Thailand and Malaysia as its worldwide.

Because so many students submit their scholarship application to Burger King, BK have acknowledged that only the first 50,000 scholarship applications will be considered, it has to be said that 50,000 applications is still a huge number but it does highlight the competition for scholarships and the need to apply for the scholarship as soon as possible. Students must be planning on studying full time at college or university, part time programs are not eligible for scholarships through Burger King.

King National and Regional Award

Burger King give names to the different scholarship awards that they offer, the award of $1,000 is the non renewable award whilst the award of $50,000 is called the King National award and the award of $5,000 is called the Regional award. Students will need to be a graduating high school (or home school) senior to apply for this scholarship.

Hardship Grant

Whilst this award is only available in the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico the hardship grant is available worldwide so international students working for Burger King part-time will be able to apply for the hardship grant whilst they continue with their studies, note that you must be an employee (even part-time) of Burger King to qualify for the hardship award. McDonalds by comparison does not have any scholarship awards or grants for international students even though they are an international company.

Students need to show involvement in their local community or school activities, this might be helping to run school clubs or clubs outside of school or participating in sports at school, students who have excelled in sports and won races, tournaments and competitions should include this information in the essay that they will have to write as part of their application, no letters of recommendation are needed with this scholarship making it substantially easier to apply for than other scholarships which often require two or three letters of recommendation from different aspects of your life (personal, academic and employment).

It is possible to complete the application entirely online as you can scan and upload all supporting documentation like tax forms, transcripts and proof of enrolment, you can also mail these forms in if you are not able to upload them or don't have them at the time you make your application, don't delay your application because you are waiting on forms from the tax office or a transcript from school, complete the online application and post the outstanding documents in later, with only the first 50,000 applications being considered for an award it's important to get your application in as early as possible.

Don't Delay Your Application

Students shouldn't be put off applying for the scholarship because Burger King receive so many applicants, grade point averages whilst important are not the only criteria for awarding the scholarship, all applicants are different and will have unique points which makes them worthy of receiving an award, also many students don't take the time to make a good application, students who would otherwise qualify for a scholarship throw the chance away by not filling in all the answers correctly or not taking the time to make their application stand out in the essay, remember with so many applicants many will have exactly the same GPA and are therefore all worthy of receiving a scholarship from Burger King, but it's the essay that allows you to talk about for example your sporting achievements or how you volunteer at an arts centre or medical centre its these extra details that will help you get the scholarship by showing that you are a well rounded student , successful and involved in many activities.

The scholarship committee will be selecting candidates based on current achievements and their ability to complete a degree at a college or university, the scholarship committee never get to meet the individual students, the application process is entirely online so you only have the online application to present yourself at your very best.

Many scholarships are limited to specific ethnic minorities, the Burgher King scholarship is open to all black, white or Asian, there is no discrimination in the scholarship process and all students should apply, your financial status is taken into account in the application process and there is a certain amount of needs assessment. If you are able to pay for your own education then you are unlikely to receive a scholarship from Burger King, the BK scholarships in most cases are part scholarships not full scholarships (although Burger King have the ability to issue both full scholarships and part scholarships) with a great many more part scholarships than full scholarships being issued each year.

Scholarship for Employees and General Public

It's interesting to note that Burger King make the scholarship available to both employees and the general public and don't discriminate between the two, for example the Tylenol scholarship is only available to the general public and company employees are excluded on the grounds that it might show favouritism in the application process.