Bedford Modern School Bursaries In Performance Arts, Music, Art, Design, IT, Sport and Academic Subjects

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Bedford Modern School Bursaries

Bedford Modern School Bursaries In Performance Arts, Music, Art, Design, IT, Sport and Academic Subjects for boys and girls aged 7 to 18.

Bedford Modern School (BMS)

Bedford Modern School (BMS) is located in Bedford, England, bursaries are awarded to gifted children by the Awards Committee at Bedford School. The result of the Bedford School entrance examination are used to judge whether a student should receive a bursary or not. These bursaries are means tested bursaries meaning they are awarded to the students with the best grades. The bursaries also have a merit based component in that the bursaries are awarded to students whose families could not afford to send them to Bedford.

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Eligible To Apply For A Bursary

To be eligible to apply for a bursary the students family income must be under £67,500, that’s the entire family income so if both parents work then the combined income of both parents should be below this amount.

Students who qualify financially for a bursary can apply and will need to excel in their chosen subject, not just do well in the subject at the examination but do very well by excelling in their favourite subject, bursaries are offered for the following subjects sport, performance arts, music, art and art design and information technology.

Performance Arts Bursaries, Music Bursaries, Art and Art Design Bursaries, IT Bursaries, Sports Bursaries and Academic Bursaries

Different bursaries can be applied for in different school years, the Performance Arts Bursaries are for year 12 students, Music Bursaries are for students in years 7, 9 and 12, Art and Art Design and IT Bursaries are for year 12, Sports Bursaries are for year 9 students and Academic Bursaries are offered for students in years 7, 8, 9, 10 and 12.

School Bursaries

School Bursaries are offered dependant on how much the parents earn, the more the parents earn the less bursary money will be available to the parents, this is so that bright students from poorer households can benefit more from a bursary than bright students from richer households who would be able to pay for their children’s school fees more easily.

For parents with a combined family income (the total income for the household including the income of both parents if they are working) of less than £17,000 means the parental contribution will be zero meaning the student has a free education with Bedford Modern School paying the entire cost of the child’s education.

For parents earning £20,000 the parents will be required to pay just £14 pounds towards their child’s education and for a combined family income of £30,000 a contribution of £758 a year is required, for £40,000 of earnings the contribution is £2,638 and for £50,000 of earnings the contribution is £5,655 whilst for £60,000 the families contribution is £9,807.

Apply For A Bursary

To apply for a bursary, first you must complete the school registration form and submit this to the school with your non-refundable registration fee of £100 plus a copy of the students birth certificate, note that a photocopy is sufficient and the original birth certificate is not needed.

On the school registration form are boxes to tick to apply for a bursary, once you complete the form and pay the registration fee, form MT1 will be sent out to parents who selected a bursary application on the registration form. Parents will be asked to supply financial information to show the combined income of both parents, this might be in the form of child tax credit letters, pay slips, tax returns and bank statements to satisfy the school that the parents don’t earn more than is admissible for a free or reduced fee place.

Yearly Reassessment

Each year bursaries that have already been offered are reassessed, the checks are if the student is still excelling in their chosen subjects as measured in examinations and class work and is the student maintaining their grades across the curriculum, the students behaviour and willingness to engage with the wider school activities will also form part of the assessment as will asking the parents to resupply current financial information each year.

To be considered for a bursary students sitting the appropriate years entrance examinations will need to score in the top ten percent of the year, this indicates a very high grade is needed but for a bright pupil a very achievable grade.

Students looking to join the school by bursary into year twelve must also show what Bedford School call ‘intellectual inquisitiveness’ which means that the student should be able to think around the subject and not just learn by memory, students for year twelve entry will also need to show predicted A or A* grades in the subjects they wish to study with most other subjects (even if the student does not wish to continue studying this subject) with a A grade.

Specialist Subject Bursaries

As well as general academic bursaries Bedford Modern School offer specialist subject bursaries, the student must first pass Bedford School’s entrance examinations and then be invited for a subject specific assessment at the school, what this means is that students applying for subject specific bursaries whilst having to pass the school entrance examination don’t have to pass within the top ten percent as long as they pass, the specialist subject is the subject in which the student must excel to gain the bursary.

Sports Bursaries

Sports Bursaries are generally awarded in year nine, for outstanding sports students bursaries may be awarded in other years as well with year twelve being a possibility with exceptional year seven students considered. Students must have supporting evidence from their sports teachers and coaches that show the student to be truly gifted in sport, this might be at county level or country level for some sports. Sports awards and proof of participation will be required to prove to Bedford Modern School that the student is a sporting protégé.

Sporting Bursaries are divided into several categories, there’s Elite Performer a bursary for any sport where the student can demonstrate ‘international potential’, to be able to play the game at an international level after proper coaching, the students sporting governing body (National Governing Body) (NGB) should put the student forward for the bursary with the student expected to be competing at Junior, Senior or International level and nationally ranked in the sport (if the students chosen sport has a national ranking system) and attending a professional club or academy and have Olympic potential with qualifying time and distances that would make the student an Olympic hopeful.

Bedford Modern School BMS Core Sports Bursary for Rugby, Hockey, Football, Netball, Cricket and Rowing

The Bedford Modern School BMS Core Sports Bursary for Rugby, Hockey, Football, Netball, Cricket and Rowing is for students who have attained County standard (at a minimum) in one or more of these sports.

Bedford Modern School BMS Associate Sports Bursary for Athletics, Tennis, Water Polo, Table Tennis and Skiing

The Bedford Modern School BMS Associate Sports Bursary for Athletics, Tennis, Water Polo, Table Tennis and Skiing is for students that participate in these sports at a minimum of County standard. For sports where there is no county structure so the student cannot prove that they are county standard then a letter of recommendation from the students school Sports Captain will be sufficient.

Once a student has sat and passed the school entrance requirements for the year of entry that they wish to join Bedford Modern School the application is then passed to the Sports Bursary Committee who consider applicants for an evidence based assessment this assessment is specific to the individual student and the sport of the individual student but will likely involve someone from Bedford School watching the student perform at their highest level, this will usually be done by watching a video or attending a live event.

The student will also have to attend physical ability tests where they will be tested for strength, power, speed and agility as well as testing the student for both general sports ability and specialised sports ability through matches, games or whatever assessment activity is relevant to the students sport.

There will also be a formal interview at Bedford Modern School where the student will be asked about their sporting accomplishments and aspirations.

Music Bursaries

Bedford Modern School also offer Music Bursaries these are for either the ability to play a musical instrument or for voice work and can be for any musical style. Music bursaries are offered for entry into years seven nine and twelve.

For entry into year seven the student will need to have grade five in music and for year nine the student will need grade six in music and for year twelve the student will need a grade eight in music. Students will need to perform two contrasting (substantially different) pieces of music on their first choice of musical instrument (this may be the students only choice of instrument if the student does not play more than one instrument).

Students looking for a music scholarship will also need to sit an aural (hearing) and sight (music reading) test, this test will be appropriate for the age and level of the student. Students can also perform a piece of music on an additional second musical instrument or sing, this is an option where other independent schools make this a requirement.

Students will also be required to attend an interview at Bedford School where a discussion will be had on the students involvement in musical events and general understanding of music.

Art, Design and Information Technology Bursary

The Art, Design and Information Technology Bursary is for students in year ten or year twelve and require the student to show a portfolio of work and have a reference from their current schools Art or Design Technology (DT) teacher. The reference should document the students abilities and the teachers general thoughts on the future progression of the student in the chosen subject.

The Art Student will also be invited into school for a practical assessment where the student will need to analyse the work of an artist and write about the work of the artist in an essay as well as reproduce part or all of the artists work in a similar style or inspirational piece, the Design Technology section of the assessment would also involve a design and analyses of a specific problem which had to be modelled.

The student will need to bring their art portfolio to the assessment day where the student can present a portfolio of seven to ten pieces of paper that best represent their technical ability with a range of art and design technology media, photographs can be included in the portfolio to explain larger pieces that could not be brought to the assessment day.

Performance Arts Bursaries

Performance Arts Bursaries are split into the students main interests which can be either Drama or Musical Theatre, the bursary is available for year twelve students and is available for students who have shown outstanding ability in drama or acting, singing and dancing ability. The student must have stage experience and references from a performing arts teacher at the students current school.

Whilst not essential students with the following qualifications are more likely to be awarded a Performing Arts Bursary, students holding a LAMDA (London Academy of Music And Dramatic Arts) qualification at a minimum of a grade six and be working towards a grade seven. Have an ISTD (Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing) dance qualification with a minimum of a Grade 7 in ballet or a grade six in modern dance.

Students with professional experience are also more likely to be awarded a performing arts bursary, professional performance experience can be from NYT (New York Times), NMYT (National Youth Music Theatre) or from summer schools or professional workshops or performances.

The performing arts bursary assessment at Bedford Modern School includes the performance of a song previously prepared by the student along with two contrasting speeches the student must make (the two speeches are for the student to select and study prior to the assessment day) and for students wanting to major in dance a dance solo must be performed and for students wanting to major in drama a further two contrasting speeches must be performed.

There will also be a verbal assessment where the student must give a justification for the dance or speeches selected, there will also be a separate interview with the Director of Music and the Director of the Performing Arts from Bedford New School.