Bancrofts School Scholarships At 7, 11 And 16 Plus

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Bancrofts School Scholarships

Bancrofts School Scholarships At 7, 11 And 16 Plus for children aged 7 to 18, this is an independent day school in Woodford Green, Essex, UK where alumni are called Old Bankcroftians, the school was founded by the Drapers Company and till this day awards the Drapers Scholarship as well as Means Tested Scholarships like the Francis Bancroft Scholarships.

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Bancrofts Scholarships

Bancrofts Scholarships are awarded based on academic ability, leadership potential and intellectual curiosity, that’s because Bancroft only want to give scholarships to students who are going to make the most of the opportunity not only whilst they are at Bancrofts School but throughout their lives, someone who will go far in life, leading people and being successful in their chosen subject.

Bancrofts don't want students who have remembered all the facts and figures because they have rehearsed and rehearsed, Bancrofts want truly bright and gifted students who are striving to do their best and are always reaching for their next goal. Bancrofts make a point of saying that they don’t want students who have learned the answers ‘by heart’ they want the truly gifted and inspired student.

Students who apply for a scholarship but are unsuccessful may, if their entrance examinations and interviews where otherwise positive be offered a fee paying place at the school (meaning the student is invited to attend the school but because they did not do well enough to get a scholarship but still well enough to be asked to attend at their own expense).

It must be noted that if the student only applies for a scholarship and does not also apply for a fee paying place then if the student is not selected for the scholarship but is still deemed good enough to attend Bancrofts as a paying student, they will not be offered a fee paying place if they did not also apply for a fee paying place, meaning if you applied for a scholarship only, you might find yourself unable to attend Bancrofts if you are refused a scholarship even if you later decided to pay the tuition fees yourself.

Students who are successful in their application for a scholarship must also meet the schools entrance requirements (even if offered a place as a scholarship student). Once offered a scholarship the scholarship will continue until the student leaves the school as long as grades and behaviour are maintained.

Francis Bancroft Scholarship

7+ Scholarships include the Francis Bancroft Scholarship, this is a means tested scholarship which is also known at other schools as a bursary, basically scholarships are awarded to the highest achievers, usually as a measure of examination success and bursaries are awarded to students whose parents would not be able to pay the tuition fees themselves due to lack of funds.

7+ Scholarships

7+ Scholarships are awarded to students who successfully pass the 7+ entrance examinations and have also applied for the scholarship, parents must complete a comprehensive statement of income and assets so that Bancrofts can assess that the parents really do not have the money to send their child to Bancrofts without financial support from the school, assets that might count against the parents are owning a holiday home, owning a business, owning a large home, being unwilling to take out a mortgage on a property to fund their child’s education, not being on income support or child benefit etc.

Financial documents submitted by the parents will be assessed on an annual basis, however the first financial submission is the most onerous for the parents and future financial updates are less intensive to produce for the parents.

The Francis Bancroft Scholarship may be awarded as a Full Scholarship or as a percentage reduction of the annual tuition fees, this will depend on the financial contribution (if any) that the parents are able to make and the academic ability of the student, the more academically capable the student the greater the likelihood of receiving a larger scholarship.

The Francis Bancroft Scholarship awarded at 7+ when the student enters prep school, will only provide funding for the student at prep school and not continue on into senior school, so at that time another scholarship would have to be applied for.

11+ Scholarship

At age eleven the 11+ scholarship is available, this is for students successfully completing the 11+ examination, scholarships awarded include the Drapers Scholarship (Bancrofts school was founded by the Drapers company), students will need to pass the 11+ examination with a high pass mark, the maximum scholarship available on the Drapers award is having half the school fees paid (meaning the parents must pay the other 50% of the school fees), the Drapers award is also available to students with slightly lower but still excellent examination results at 11+, the other financial awards for the Drapers scholarship are one tenth of the school fees, one third of the school fees and one quarter of the school fees.

Drapers Scholarship

The Drapers Scholarship is based purely on merit (academic ability) the parents financial ability to pay the school fees is not considered, so the student may win a Drapers scholarship of a one quarter reduction in school fees but this might be an insufficient reduction in school fees to allow a poorer household to pay the remaining balance, meaning the child who has passed the entrance examinations and been offered a scholarship would still be unable to take up the scholarship.

There is no separate Drapers Scholarship examination, the 11+ examination serves as the entrance requirements as well as the student attending for interview at Bancrofts School and the students current school providing references to Bancrofts on the students grades and academic ability.

Means Tested Scholarships

Means tested scholarships are based on financial need, students from poorer households are more likely to be awarded a means tested scholarship than students from more wealthy families. The Francis Bancroft Scholarship and the Foundation Scholarship are two means tested scholarships available at Bancrofts School.

Whilst these scholarships are means tested (the parents ability to pay) they are also merit based scholarships as well meaning the brightest students, as judged by examination results will be awarded the scholarship, so to win the Francis Bancroft Scholarship or Foundation Scholarship the student must be from a poor household and pass the examinations at a high pass rate.

Parents will need to convince the school that they do not have sufficient funds to pay for their child’s eduction, this can be proved through bank statements, child tax credit awards, income support, long term illness or long term unemployed as well as tax returns, council house documentation etc.

Financial Disclosure Form

Parents submit a Financial Disclosure Form (FDF) to the school (this is available from the school) and is the basis on whether a student is offered a scholarship. The 11+ entrance examination is used to determine if the student has the academic ability to attend, the students current school reports (either Bancrofts School if the student is currently at the school, or the students former school either an independent private school or a state school, the student will also be required to attend interviews at Bancrofts School.

When the parents register their interest in a place for their child at Bancrofts School, the registration form asks if the parents would like to register their interest in a means tested scholarship, if parents tick this option a Financial Disclosure Form will be sent to them.

Music Scholarship For 11+ Entrance

Also available is the Music Scholarship for 11+ entrance, students will need an outstanding musical talent to win this award, the award is for either half the school fees and music fees to be paid by the school (and the other half of the fees to be paid by the parents) or a quarter of the school fees to be paid by the school (and three quarters by the parents), the reason for two different financial awards is to account for the best examination results and the near best examination results (1st and 2nd examination result places).

Winners of the 11+ Music Scholarship will also get free tuition on one musical instrument whilst at school plus the offer of free tuition on another musical instrument outside school, this is generally so students can learn an instrument at home that is not available to learn at Bancrofts school.

Winners of the Music scholarship will need to become active members of the school choir as well as active members of the music department, taking part in all music department activities and recitals or concerts that the school may participate in.

To get the Music scholarship students will need to pass Bancrofts School 11+ entrance examination, a musical audition and an interview at the school, the students current headteacher must also supply a reference to Bancrofts in which the students musical abilities and achievements must be mentioned along with references from the students music teacher.

Students applying for the Music scholarship should have Grade 5 Merit on their chosen instrument, or the equivalent qualification, students will also need a second instrument but will not be required to have such a high grade on their second instrument. In the music audition students must perform two contrasting pieces of music on their main instrument, perform one piece of music on their second instrument, have a sight reading test and aural tests and attend a short interview with the schools Head of Music.

The solo piece of music to be played at the audition must have been prepared under the students music teachers guidance, the piece must be perfect, it is highly unlikely that students who have only performed as part of a group and not solo will win the scholarship as its the individuals ability which is being assessed.

Students must be able to read music and musical notation, the students voice (vocal quality) must be good and the students ability to interpret a piece of music should be outstanding. The audition does not involve a written examination only practical. If the music piece requires an accompaniment then the school can provide the accompaniment if booked in advance or the student is able to bring their own accompaniment with them, but a piece of music that requires an accompaniment must not be preformed if no accompaniment is available.

For the Music Scholarship preference is given to students who play an orchestral instrument, but this is not essential, only the electronic organ is not allowed as an instrument for the music audition. To apply for the Music Scholarship, Bancrofts Schools Director of Music should receive a letter of recommendation from the students current music teacher at the students current school and the Music Scholarship application form (available from Bancrofts School) must also be completed and returned.

Students should also list all the musical performances they have taken part in, these may be performances inside school and outside school. To apply for the music scholarship there is a non refundable fee of £60 with applications for the Francis Bancroft Scholarship having a reduced fee of £20, along with the school references, list of musical accomplishments, application form and entrance fee, students must also send in a copy of their birth certificate or a copy of their passport to prove identity (only one item is needed, passport or birth certificate, not both and not originals but copies).

Scholarships At 16+ Are For The Sixth Form

Scholarships at 16+ are for the sixth form, here academic scholarships, means tested scholarships and music scholarships are available, students applying for Sixth Form Scholarships should have mostly A* predicted results for GCSE’s (General Certificate in Secondary Education) and a very good school reference from the students current school (this might be Bancrofts School) for a student currently at Bancrofts and looking to move into the sixth form or it might be an application from a state or private school student wishing to join Bancrofts in the sixth form.

To join Bancrofts in the sixth form students will need at least six A grades at GCSE which is the entrance requirements for fee paying sixth form entrants (scholarship winners will need higher grades or more subjects studied). Academic scholarships (sixth form scholarships) offered to students who have not previously studied at Bancrofts before are worth fifty percent of the tuition fees meaning that parents will need to pay for the remaining fifty percent of the school fees themselves.