Bablake School Independent Co-Educational Day School For 3 To 18 Year Olds

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Bablake School Independent Co-Educational Day School

Bablake School Independent Co-Educational Day School For 3 To 18 Year Olds offer Pre-Prep School, Junior School, Senior School and Sixth Form Scholarships and Bursaries as well as Art Scholarships, Music Scholarships and Sports Scholarships.

Co-Educational Independent Schools

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Bablake School

Bablake School originally was a boys only school, but since 1975 has accepted girls as well as boys, the school itself has a long history having been originally founded in 1344, Bablake School is a HMRC Co-Educational Day School (Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs) (not a boarding school, all children must leave the school at the end of the day, international students are accepted and these students will live locationally off the school premisses).

Bablake School is based in Coventry, West Midlands, United Kingdom with a separate Pre-Prep school on a different site to the main school, the school also encompasses a junior school, senior school and sixth form.

Alumni from Bablake School are referred to as Old Wheatleyans, former pupils are welcome back at the school for careers advice and talks and to arrange work experience for current students.

International Students

International students are welcomed into the sixth form which currently has a contingent of Chinese students studying for their A-levels, international students will generally live with a host family outside the school with Bablake School able to arrange host families for international students. Bablake School is set in forty acres of countryside just outside Coventry town centre making it the ideal place for boys and girls to start their education and continue their education up to A-level.

Junior School Bursaries and Scholarships

Junior School Bursaries and Scholarships are offered at the end of year three, these are means tested meaning that the students parents will be asked to submit financial information like child tax credit documentation, tax returns and salary information in order to prove that the family does not have the money to pay for a private education and deserves a bursary.

Bursaries are awarded to not only the most financially deserving students but also to the students that have the best grades so to win a bursary it’s important to have good school grades as the bursary winner will be selected from a range of students who all qualify financially with the final choice being made on academic ability.

Senior School Bursaries and Scholarships

Senior School Bursaries and Scholarships at Bablake School are offered to thirty percent of students, that’s incredibly high for a private school and Bablake School must be commended for giving so many students the chance to study at a private school where without a scholarship or bursary parents would not have the money to send the students to private school, with one in three children at Bablake School receiving a scholarship or bursary the school can be very proud of this achievement and potential students should know that the odds of getting a scholarship or bursary at Bablake are much better than at other private schools.

Entrance Bursaries

Entrance Bursaries are awarded each year by the school governors, these are awarded after the students sits the Bablake School entrance examination with the best performing students in the entrance examination awarded a bursary, the bursaries are also awarded after assessing the parents income (parents who cannot afford to send their student to private school or who need help paying all of the private school fees are more likely to receive a bursary than a more affluent family).

Entrance Bursaries offer a free education to come and study at Bablake School, depending on the students performance and the ability of the parents to pay the tuition fees the bursary offered may be anywhere from ten percent to one hundred percent discount on the school fees. The bursary is reassessed each year where the parents will be required to send proof of annual income each year to make sure that the parents are still unable to afford the school fees and still need financial assistance.

Scholarships Available

Scholarships are available for academic excellence, music and art, these scholarships are available to year seven students (known as Shell entrance students), the scholarship is awarded based on the students performance at either academic studies, music or the arts which is assessed through examination or interview (depending on the subject).

11+ Students

11+ students can also apply for the General Academic Award which is awarded for the highest marks in English, Mathematics and Reasoning examinations and the student must get a high score in the school interview.

11+ English Award

The 11+ English Award is awarded to students who get the highest marks in the English examination with the student also required to score highly in the school interview.

11+ Mathematics Award

The 11+ Mathematics Award is for students who gain the highest marks in the mathematics examination and also score highly at interview.

11+ Music Award

The 11+ Music Award is for students who show exceptional skill on one or more musical instruments after attending a musical examination and interview where the student must also have obtained at least the minimum mark in the schools entrance examination to be accepted to join the school.

11+ Art Award

The 11+ Art Award is for art students who have shown exceptional artistic ability in the art examinations and interview and who have also sat the school entrance examination and passed (a high mark in the entrance examination is not required to be admitted on an art scholarship but the student must pass the entrance examination).

Students can apply for and receive a scholarship and a bursary at the same time, this is normally offered where the students parents require additional financial support to send their child to Bablake School.

Cricket Scholarships

Cricket Scholarships are offered to year nine students (third form) and is for students who show outstanding skill and promise at the sport of cricket.

Sixth Form Scholarships

Sixth Form scholarships are available to cover both years of the sixth form whilst students study for their A-levels (Advanced Level examinations), students already at Bablake school wishing to stay on into sixth form may apply for this scholarship and students not yet attending Bablake School who would like to join the school in the sixth form may also apply for this scholarship.

Sixth form scholarships are awarded as Academic Scholarships, Music Scholarships and Sports Scholarships, these sixth form scholarships are generally worth between five to twenty percent of the school fees meaning that parents will be given a reduced tuition bill each term.

Sixth Form Academic Scholarships

To be considered for an Academic Scholarship the student must be predicted to get A* grades at GCSE (General Certificate of Secondary Education) in all the subjects that the student wishes to continue studying at A-level.

Sixth Form Music Scholarships

Sixth Form Music Scholarships are awarded to students who can show that they have played in the school orchestra (at their current school) or played for a Youth Orchestra in their local region or that the student has a high standard of singing ability, musical students looking to get a scholarship should have Associated Board Grade Six and be proficient on one musical instrument at least or voice.

Sixth Form Sports Scholarships

Sixth Form Sports Scholarships students should be competing at County level for their current school in any sport if they wish to be offered a scholarship at Bablake School, the students must also show that they have leadership skills to lead the sports team in the future and that they are committed to the hard work needed to excel in their chosen sport for Bablake School.

Scholarship Application

To apply for any scholarship at Bablake School students should send by post a letter to the Headmaster at Bablake School and enclose a Curriculum Vitae (CV) detailing their current academic progress as well as interests in the community and leadership skills, its important for the school to offer scholarships to students who are likely to succeed in their future lives and also give back to the community identifying students that currently help their local community is one way to make sure of a community spirit.

The scholarship application letter to the school should also detail the students current subjects studied at GCSE and the students four AS level choices if they are successful in being awarded a sixth form scholarship.

The scholarship application letter for music students should provide details of the musical instruments played by the student and the music grades accomplished along with details of any orchestral or chorister memberships. Students can apply for and be assessed for more than one sixth form scholarship, music and sports scholarships for example, generally a sixth form scholarship will only be awarded for one subject (but it is fine to apply for two subjects in the hope that you win the award for one of the subjects).

Fee assistance in the form of a Sixth Form bursary which are awarded to current students at Bablake School (students who wish to go onto the sixth form) as well as students who currently do not attend Bablake School but would like to attend the sixth form.

11+ Art Scholarship

11+ Art Scholarship students will not only get the chance to make art with a range of materials and styles but will also be able to attend art gallery visits and help design and make props for the school plays, there are also visiting art lecturers and life drawing classes as well as overseas visits to see art installations abroad.

Art students unsure if they would like to apply for the 11+ scholarship can arrange with the school to spend time within the art department to see for themselves the facilities and expertise at the school. Art scholarships are awarded on the basis of the art work submitted by the student on art examination day as well as the successful completion of the art examinations, then a short-list of successful students are drawn up and invited for interview and practical tests, these tests and interview will help demonstrate the students technical ability and experiences. Art students scholarship holders will be expected to select art as one of their GCSE’s and also to become one of the distinguished artists within the school.

11+ Music Scholarship

11+ Music Scholarship winners will find a vibrant music department with three full time members of the music department and fifteen visiting music teachers who can bring skill and outside learning to the students, the school puts on a great many musical concerts and supports music students at county and national level championships, students can come into the music department for the day to see if studying in the music department is something that would be of interest to them.

For the 11+ Music Scholarship there is an audition process where music students are required to play two contrasting pieces of music that are a minimum of Grade 3 or Grade 4 ABRSM standard (Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music Examination), if two musical instruments are being offered by the student then the contrasting music must be played on each instrument (one piece of music for each instrument) although only one musical instrument is required.

The student applying for a music scholarship will also be required to be interviewed about their musical aspirations and experiences and will also have an aural test and music sight reading tests with the music audition lasting fifteen or twenty minutes.

Music Scholarship winners have certain requirements placed on them and these include whilst in the lower school playing in two instrumental groups and the school choir (junior choir), performing with the groups and choirs at concerts, assemblies and other occasions, attending rehearsals and helping the musical director with the group, senior school scholarship winners are able to run their own music groups or choirs.

Music scholarship winners are expected to progress through the ABRSM examinations and take an active part in the schools musical productions, senior school music scholarship holders are expected to take GCSE music as one of their GCSE choices. The music groups available at Bablake School include Brass Ensemble, Brass Quintet, Cello Ensemble, Chamber Choir, Flute Choir, Junior Choir, Junior Strings, Orchestra, Rock School, Senior String Ensemble, String Quartet, Swing Band, Theory & Aural Class and Wind Band.