Ashville Independent Day and Boarding School in Harrogate Yorkshire

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Ashville Independent Day and Boarding School

Ashville Independent Day and Boarding School in Harrogate Yorkshire for boys and girls age 3 to 18, Scholarships and Bursaries include Forces Boarding Bursary, Children of Methodist Ministers Bursary and Art, Drama, Music and Sports Scholarships.

Independent Schools

As well as Ashville School other independent school Scholarships and Bursaries to consider include Scholarships for Girls at Roedean School, Abbotsholme School International Scholarships, Abingdon School Scholarships and Bursaries, Ackworth School Scholarships and Bursaries, Ampleforth College and St Martins Ampleforth School Scholarships and Bursaries, Free Scholarships and Bursaries At Ardingly College, Prep School and Nursery and Abbey Gate College Scholarships.

Ashville College

Ashville College includes a Pre-Prep school, Junior School, Senior School and Sixth Form, international students are welcome to attend Ashville College and the schools that make up Ashville College, if the students first language is not English the students should have basic English speaking and writing skills, the international student will need to sit an entrance examination in basic English and Mathematics, these tests can be taken in the students own country before arrival in the UK.

International Students

If the international student is currently sitting for GCSE or IGCSE (International General Certificate of Secondary Education) then a reference letter from their current school along with predicted grades will be sufficient for the entrance requirements and a separate English and Maths test will not be required. International Students should be aiming for five good GCSE or IGCSE qualifications at grade B or above in the subjects the student wishes to study at A-level. All international students will require a guardian in the UK, the school can put perspective students in touch with a guardian organisation based in the UK if required.

Ashville Prep-School

Ashville Prep-School is for students aged three to seven, Ashville Junior School is for students aged seven to eleven and Ashville Senior School is for students aged eleven to sixteen and finally Ashville Sixth Form is for students aged sixteen to eighteen, the student may stay with the school for their entire academic lives, making friendships over the years and boarding with the school or as a day school student.

Ashville College and the schools which make up Ashville College offer a Forces Boarding Bursary, if any parent is serving in the armed forces (of any country) and the children are boarding at Ashville then a bursary of ten percent of the boarding and tuition fees will be discounted, this applies to both junior school (aged 7 to 11) and senior school (aged 11 to 16) students.

The Children Of Methodist Ministers Bursary

The Children of Methodist Ministers Bursary offers a ten percent discount on both tuition and boarding fees for students whose parent is a Methodist Minister this applies to the pre-prep (aged 3-7), junior school (aged 7 to 11) and senior school (aged 11 to 16) students. If the students family are Methodists (members of the Methodist Church) then means tested bursaries are also available to the student, means tested bursaries are awarded based on the families ability to pay the tuition and boarding fees, generally the less financially well off the family the greater the value of the bursary, these bursary awards are administered by the Methodist Independent Schools Trust.

Special Needs Department

Ashville College and Schools has a very supportive learning support and special needs department for students with learning difficulties for students with Dyslexia and Specific Learning Difficulties SPLD, the programme aims to improve the students self esteem as well as their problems with reading, writing, spelling or manipulating numbers.

EFL English As A Foreign Language Courses

Ashville College also supports international students studying EFL English as a Foreign Language courses where overseas students take EFL lessons instead of regular English lessons to help improve the students comprehension of written and spoken English, students may also receive extra EFL lessons instead of French, German or Spanish lessons where required, international students will sit the Cambridge University IELTS (International English Language Test System) as well as the Cambridge Advanced and Proficiency tests, the IGCSE in English may also be taken as well as the regular English GCSE for students with sufficient grasp of English.

Should international students need English language lessons prior to their arrival in the UK then Ashville can recommend local language schools and qualifications that the student should study for prior to their arrival in the UK.

Discretionary Scholarships

Discretionary Scholarships are awarded by the headmaster for excellence in academic studies as well as wider school or college activities, the scholarships are awarded through junior, senior and sixth form, discretionary financial assistance awards are also available which are means tested for students whose parents are unable to pay the tuition or boarding fees, parents will be required to submit child tax credit documentation as well as bank statements and inland revenue tax returns if required, these are to prove the financial status of the parents and a genuine need for funding for the student.

Art, Drama, Music And Sports Scholarships

For students in year seven, year ten and year twelve (lower sixth) art, drama, music and sports scholarships are also available, scholarship application forms are available from the registrar in the admissions office at Ashville College.

Art Scholarship

The Art Scholarship is available for year seven, year ten and year twelve students as well as all other years, there are different entrance requirements depending on the year the student is in, all students must submit a portfolio of work to include painting, drawings and photographs of three dimensional art the student has created, in addition year seven students will sit a one hour drawing test, year ten and year twelve students will sit a one hour and twenty minute drawing test.

Drama Scholarship

The Drama Scholarship is available for students in all years of the school or college, the student will be assessed by attending a drama workshop where there will be group work, individual drama activity and smaller group activities with the assessment lasting for two hours.

Music Scholarship

The Music Scholarship is for students in years 7, 10 and 12 as well as an all students scholarship where students will be invited to audition and give a performance on one or more musical instruments or a vocal discipline including sight reading, aural hearing tests and scales. Year seven students are expected to be at grade three, year ten students are expected to be at grade five or six and year twelve students are expected to be at grades seven to eight when they apply.

Sports Scholarships

Sports Scholarships are available for students in years seven, ten and twelve where a range of sports can be assessed in a practical assessment day, students should be representing their county in their chosen sport with students offering one major sport and one minor sport, the sports available are netball, hockey, cricket and rugby.

Pre-Prep School, Junior School, Senior School Or Sixth Form Application

To apply to Ashville a registration form is available from the school registrar with students applying for the pre-prep school, junior school, senior school or sixth form, there is a registration fee of one hundred pounds for day school students and one hundred and fifty pounds for boarding school students which is not refundable, the registration fee must be paid by the parents and does not form part of any scholarship or bursary award.

There is an entrance exam to join Ashville School or College and the school or college will contact the students current school for a reference and details of any predicted grades. Once a place has been confirmed for the student at the school or college then a deposit of two hundred and fifty pounds for day school students and one thousand pounds for boarders is payable, this is not refunded and does not form part of a scholarship or bursary award.

Pre-Prep School

The Pre-Prep School is for Early Years Foundation Stage and National Curriculum Programmes at Key Stage One (ages three to seven), the Junior School is for years three and four where core subjects including English, Maths, Science, ICT, History, Geography, Art, Technology, Music, Religious Studies, PE and games are part of the National Curriculum. In year three students learn French and in year four the students learn Spanish.

Upper School

The Upper School in years five and six spend a week in the Yorkshire Dales and visit Paris and Normandy on school trips.

Senior School

The Senior School for students aged eleven to sixteen study foundation courses in Art, ICT, Home Economics, Music, Design & Technology and Drama and modern foreign languages are also studied by the students, years eight and nine are split into equal ability sets two study either Latin or English, Geography and ICT. Students in years ten and eleven study for their GCSE’s with core GCSE subjects being Mathematics, English, Science and a Foreign language and three optional subjects.

Year eleven students will sit between eight or eleven GCSE subjects with IGCSE’s in Science, Mathematics and Foreign Languages. In the Sixth Form students are studying for their A-levels where students will have previously gained five GCSE subjects or greater at grades A to C, for the subjects the student wants to study at A-level a minimum of a GCSE grade B should have been achieved.

A-level Subjects

Twenty six A-level subjects are offered including Psychology, Government and Politics and Environmental Studies, students wishing to attend Oxford or Cambridge University are offered extra support in the lower sixth to prepare them for Oxbridge interviews.

Boarding Schools

Boarding schools are an excellent choice for international students who wish to gain an English education, with an independent private college like Ashville the student can remain at Ashville from the age of three until they are aged eighteen meaning the students entire education up until they are ready to take an undergraduate degree is available at one school, with the ability to sit EFL courses at Ashville students from abroad with a poor command of English are welcome and will be given extra support to learn written and spoken English.

Academic And Sports Scholarships And Bursaries

The academic and sports scholarships and bursaries available at Ashville support both bright students with a scholarship where the best students win a scholarship to help reduce the tuition and boarding fees of the student and bursaries which will pay for the students entire education for students whose parents are unable to afford tuition and boarding fees, note that bursary students will not only be required to prove that they are financially in need of assistance the student will also have to have sufficient academic ability to be offered a bursary.

Students can apply for more than one award at the same time and its possible to win a sports scholarship and have a bursary at the same time. When the student applies for a place at Ashville College or School the student should apply for the scholarship or bursary at the same time, as well as the general school entrance examinations specific scholarship and bursary examinations will need to be taken.

Overseas Parents

Students who have parents overseas while the student boards at Ashville will need to appoint a guardian who is resident in the UK and able to come to the school at short notice due to injury or illness of the student or other reasons, professional guardian agencies can be used where both parents are abroad and Ashville use a professional guardian agency when no member of the family or other guardian is available for the student.

International Students

For International Students, school application forms are available in Thai, Cantonese, German and Spanish, international students should land at Manchester airport where they will be met by a member of the school staff and driven to the school, for parents considering an international school for their child Ashville is a safe place where the student will find many friends not only from England but from a great many other countries worldwide, the student will be able to live at the school as a boarding student and undertake all their academic and social activities gaining an English education.

International Students can be assured that they will not have to move schools as the entire primary and secondary education of the child is available on one site at Ashville school and college, the only other application the student will need is their University application which Ashville College will help with when the student reaches the sixth form.

Both Ashville School and College offer full pastoral care with members of staff living in the same buildings as the students, at the weekends activities are available to both educate and entertain the students throughout their years at Ashville.