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Art Scholarships

Art Scholarships from the Leverhulme Trust are for the performing and fine arts, as well as arts scholarships there are Artist in Residence Grants, Bursaries and Teaching Awards.

The Leverhulme Trust

The Leverhulme Trust was founded by William Hesketh Lever the founder of Lever Brothers known today as Unilever the consumer goods company who own a range of brands including Lynx, Dove, Flora, Hellmann's, Knorr, Lux, Magnum, Shield, Sunsilk, Surf and many more. The Leverhulme Trust was created on the death of William Hesketh Lever as his will specified a trust should be setup to provide funding for talented individuals in the arts, humanities, sciences and social sciences to not only reach their goals through education and training but for international collaboration, travel and support for the fine and performing arts.

The Leverhulme Trust Arts Scholarships

The Leverhulme Trust arts scholarships are for the performing arts and fine arts, the art scholarships are either bursaries to support and develop individual talent or teaching awards to provide new and different forms of teaching for talented arts students.

Arts Scholarships And Bursaries Are Awarded For Music, Drama, Dance, Film And Fine Art

The arts scholarships and bursaries are awarded for music, drama, dance, film, fine art and provide money for students of any age from school children to students studying for undergraduate or postgraduate degrees. Those seeking a scholarship or bursary from the Leverhulme Trust are encouraged to write a one hundred word short description of what they want the money for and contact the Leverhulme Trust with their proposal.

Other fine arts and performing arts scholarships and general scholarships and bursaries that support the fine arts and the performing arts include Scholarships for Minorities from the National Film and Television School, Hispanic Scholarships at ARTES Iberian and Latin American Visual Culture Group, Scholarships for African Americans at the University of Oxford, Free University Scholarships at the University of Nottingham, Free Scholarships for International Students at the University of Birmingham and Student Loans from SLC the Student Loans Company.

Scholarships, Grants And Bursaries

Scholarships, grants and bursaries are made across all the performing arts and fine arts subjects, the actual awards cannot be applied for by the student directly but an educational or training institute or charity must apply for the awards on their behalf. These institutions are expected to be specialist arts training institutions or centres that are known for their high quality delivery of fine arts and performing arts training, experience or research.

Institutions like charities and universities or training providers can apply for several different types of award at the same time such as summer school bursaries, travel bursaries, research grants, postgraduate and undergraduate bursaries and many other types of funding that an institution would like to offer their students. The institution that is awarded the funds by the Leverhulme Trust will be the one to select the recipients of any bursaries, scholarships or awards from their students.

Travel And Research Bursaries

If the award is a travel or research bursary then the institution applying for the award from the Leverhulme Trust will be responsible for arranging the travel or recruiting a research student, the Leverhulme Trust provides the funding and all administration behind that funding is the responsibility of the institution and not the Leverhulme Trust.

It has to be noted that the Leverhulme Trust does not supply funds for CIPD Continuing Professional Development type programmes but only supplies the funding for complete scholarships, bursaries and grants for the institution to hand out themselves to their own students.

Generally universities cannot apply for funding from the Leverhulme Trust unless the university department can show that the department is a standalone department not funded by the wider university and needs to raise money for their own activities, it's for this reason that charities and specialist training schools that are not the recipients of government funding or other sources of substantial funding are favoured by the Leverhulme Trust.

When applying for a Leverhulme Trust scholarship its worth knowing that you can apply for scholarships, bursaries and grants that will pay for tuition fees, maintenance grants (living expenses like accommodation, food and clothing) or travel costs. If your applying for innovative teaching for a student then that teaching must not be available on the general curriculum or training schedule and the costs (salary) of the teacher must not be paid out of the Leverhulme Trust grant unless the innovative training requires the hiring of a specific teacher or lecturer for that specific new and innovative subject area.

To apply for any scholarship, grant, bursary or award that you would like to offer at your institution and have the Leverhulme Trust pay for you must have the administrator who will handle the selection of the students that will be offered the scholarships or bursaries and handle the entire process for your institution to make the initial application to the Leverhulme Trust, you will also need to show proof by way of a letter on your institutions letterhead that the institution approves of the request being made to the Leverhulme Trust for funding.

Artist In Residence Grants

The Leverhulme Trust also offer Artist in Residence Grants of up to 15,000 directly to universities and museums to create a new collaboration between an artist and the university or museum, note that this Artist in Residence Grant is open to universities whilst the Leverhulme Trust scholarships, bursaries, grants and awards that an institution can apply for funding are generally excluded from universities unless a specific university performing arts or fine arts department can prove they are independently funded from the university.

For a museum or university to be funded by the Leverhulme Trust for an Artist in Residence award the performing arts or fine arts discipline that the artist in residence would be performing in or working in must be significantly different from the universities or museums general curriculum i.e. the discipline must be something new for the university or museum.

The Leverhulme Trust Artist in Residence grants is for a range of artists working in visual arts, creative writers, poets, musicians and any artist producing original work or any kind. The Artist in Residence grant is to foster the links between the artist and either the university or the institution or between the artist and the students of the university or institution.

The purpose of the Artist in Residence award is to provide an Artist in Residence to a department that is very much different from the fine or the performing arts for example an Artist in Residence for the mathematics department or the physics department would be a good use of the Artist in Residence bursary whist an Artist in Residence in the art department would not receive funding as this would be considered by the Leverhulme Trust as a way to get free teaching resources for the creative arts or fine arts departments.

The university or institution hosting the Artist in Residence must not have collaborated with the artist before as the award is for an entirely new relationship between creative and fine arts and an institution, to be established. Both the artist and the university or institution should get something out of the relationship it should not be a way to fund an artist but a way for the artist to interact with the university and a way for university students or faculty to interact with the artist, this interaction should be for a sustained period of time over the complete span of the Artist in Residence programme and not for an initial few weeks for example.

The Leverhulme Trust Artist in Residence grant is for 15,000 that includes a stipend for the artist of up to 12,500 with art material costs being set at a maximum of 2,500. The award is therefore for the artist to live on whilst they create or share their art with the university and students. The Leverhulme Trust would anticipate that an artist would be resident at the university or institution for two days per week for ten months, a shorter period of time is possible if the artist is resident for more than two days per week.

The Leverhulme Trust will not fund scholarships, bursaries or awards that are for applied medical research (the Leverhulme Trust have many more subject categories they are prepared to fund in addition to fine arts and the creative or performing arts), the reason for not funding applied medical research is that as with the funding for the arts it is fundamental research that the Leverhulme Trust is interested in and not applying that research.

The Leverhulme Trust will also not fund policy work where the policy is to be immediately implemented, as an example research into government policy where the government should be funding their own research and not the Leverhulme Trust, policy funding that is some way off and will inform the wider community about the dangers of current policy or thinking are welcomed.

Research Funding

The Leverhulme Trust funds much research into both the creative arts, performing arts and fine arts but does not fund advocacy research where the research is 'one sided' and sets out to favour one set of thinking or belief. The Leverhulme Trust which funds fundamental research will not fund commercial research where the research will shortly lead to or is designed to lead to an immediate commercial product, years from now the research may form part of a commercial product and that is fine and would be funded it's just the immediate research that should not be commercialised by the use of funding from the Leverhulme Trust.

Also research which is more interested in gathering data than it is in research will not be funded for example a survey or collection of data would not be funded by the Leverhulme Trust.

As with the arts scholarships, bursaries and awards funded by the Leverhulme Trust the Artist in Residence cannot apply directly to the Leverhulme Trust for a grant but must instead make their application through the university or institution where they will be an artist in residence, it is up to the university to make the application on behalf of the artist directly to the Leverhulme Trust.

For the purposes of disclosure the artist must not have been a student of the university or have been in the employ of the university or institution in the last five years, if a longer time period than five years has elapsed between studying or employment then the Leverhulme Trust will fund the artist in residence.

The artist needs to approve the application made by the university or institution before it is sent to the Leverhulme Trust (usually done by signing a letter of support for the artist in residence programme). The artist and the institution must agree activities, outcomes and times for the collaboration, as an example what will the artist do for ten months, what two days a week will the artist be at the institution and for what time, when will the artist meet with students and faculty to talk about the work, what work or research will the artist produce and how will that work or research be used.

Whilst artists materials are included in the cost of the award made to the university by the Leverhulme Trust there are some costs that the artist in residence award cannot be used for and these are equipment costs like the cost of a new laptop computer, contingency or just in case funds, all funds must be clearly outlined and what the money from the Leverhulme Trust will be used for there can be no such funds or 'just in case' pots of money provided by the Leverhulme Trust.

Professional fees can also not be included in the award, so if for example special planning permission had to be sought for the artwork, the cost of surveyors or other professional people could not be met by the artist in residence award. The award cannot be used for training costs, the artist in residence is attending the university or institution to showcase their skills or research art further and not to be taught and charged by the university.

Additionally the money from the Leverhulme Trust cannot be used for the cost of hiring event space or other such hiring costs, these should be met by the universities themselves, the cost of travel for the artist is met by the award but other travel costs for other people to travel cannot be funded by the artist in residence award.

If you are a creative arts, fine arts or performing arts charity or institution I strongly encourage you to apply to the Leverhulme Trust for a scholarship, bursary or other financial grant or award to enable your students to continue their studies in the arts.