Ampleforth College and St Martins Ampleforth School Scholarships and Bursaries

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Ampleforth College and St Martins Ampleforth School

Ampleforth College and St Martins Ampleforth School Scholarships and Bursaries, from nursery to university this private school contains a nursery, junior school and university so children can progress through their entire academic career with one school.

Ampleforth school and college is located in Ampleforth, North Yorkshire, England and is run by the Benedictine religious order, its a Catholic school for boys and girls that includes its own nursery and university so children can board at one school and receive all their education from one school setting staying with their friends their entire academic life. The school strives to represent the core values of St. Benedict which are Hospitality, Respect, Integrity, Stewardship and Equilibrium.

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The school is called St Martins Ampleforth School whilst the college is called Ampleforth College, the school has a bursary program to help with the payment of school fees where financial assistance is needed (where the parents are unable to pay these school fees for the child and the child has sufficient academic ability that he or she would be an asset to the school).

Bursaries Are Available Each Year

Bursaries are available each year for Ampleforth School, once a bursary is awarded it is reviewed each year to make sure the student is still eligible for the award, that means that the student is maintaining their grades and showing growth in their studies and that their parents financial situation has not changed (the parents are still unable to afford the school fees).

Students awarded a bursary are expected to act as a representative of the school not only in academic excellence but also in their commitment to the school and the community, helping other students and being an ambassador for the school. A bursary may be for one hundred percent of the school fees meaning the education is free or the bursary may be for less requiring the parents to make a contribution.

If the student does not keep up with their studies and their grades decline or if the parents are later found out to have been able to pay the course fees themselves without recourse to a bursary then the bursary will be withdrawn by the start of the next academic term following the discovery.

Ampleforth School And The College, Ampleforth College Are Run As Separate Entities

The school St Martins, Ampleforth School and the College, Ampleforth College are run as separate entities and a bursary awarded to a student at the school may not always be carried over to the college so the student may find that they have a free education at St Martins Ampleforth School and not at Ampleforth College of course every endeavour will be made to continue a bursary for gifted students in financial need but the bursary is not guaranteed between the school and the college.

Bursaries are available to any child entering year five of St Martins Ampleforth School and any year of a student at Ampleforth College, bursary applications forms are available from the admissions registrar of both the school and the college and should be completed by the parents as the first step in securing a bursary. The finance department will assess the bursary application form to determine if the student is in financial need, the parents will be required to submit bank statements, child benefit information, housing benefit information and any other documentation showing that the parents are in receipt of financial aid, this helps the school to determine that the student is truly in financial need and would be unable to attend Ampleforth school or college without financial assistance.

Once the financial committee have made their selection, the bursary committee will select the students on the basis of academic ability (as the financial committee will have previously selected students who are in financial need), students will be required to pass a school or college entrance examination before they are awarded the bursary.

The Bursary Is Solely Based On The Financial Ability Of The Parents To Pay

Whilst the bursary is solely based on the financial ability of the parents to pay the school fees, or more accurately inability to pay the school fees the fact that students must pass an entrance examination ensures that only the more academically gifted students will be awarded with a bursary. The school make several assumptions in regard to the parents ability to pay, both parents must be in work and therefore able to contribute some money to their sons or daughters education the exact amount of money the parents will need to contribute is decided by the bursary committee.

Parents not in work will need what Ampleforth school regard as a valid reason, this might be incapacity due to illness or disability or looking after younger children in the family and therefore unable to work, parents would also need to spend any savings held in the bank or building society on their children’s education, parents would also need to release equity in their house and use the value of their home to fund their children’s education, Ampleforth will only offer a bursary once the parents have significantly contributed to their children’s own education, of course if the parents have no savings and do not own their own home then they will not be required to make this contribution.

Ampleforth School also make several judgements about the family of the student looking to receive a bursary indications that a bursary would not be offered may include the following, being seen to take expensive holidays or frequent holidays, owning new cars or luxury cars, home improvements, second homes or holiday homes or works of art, families of students with these assets may not get a bursary if the school is made aware of these assets and if the student is already in receipt of a bursary they may lose the bursary should the school become aware of such assets or lifestyle.

Scholarships Because Your Son Or Daughter was Bullied At School

As well as financial need and academic ability there are other reasons a student might be offered a bursary to attend St Martins Ampleforth School or Ampleforth College, these other reasons might be because your son or daughter is being bullied at their present school, and a bursary at Ampleforth would allow them to escape the bullying, another reason why a student might be awarded a bursary is one of the parents is terminally ill and unable to gain employment or pay for their child’s education.

Ampleforth will take up references from the students current school as Ampleforth is looking for academically gifted students who would excel in a school like Ampleforth as well as those students in financial need.

For students already studying at Ampleforth College or St Martins Ampleforth School who are not on a bursary but whose parents circumstances change meaning now the parents need a bursary to continue to send their child to Ampleforth, for example ill health and inability to work of a parent, in these cases a bursary can be applied for, for a student who is already at the school or college.

Each year parents will have to complete a means testing form in order to continue receive the bursary, this requires the parents to resubmit their financials each year, the parents financial circumstances may have improved then the bursary award would be less or the financial circumstances of the parents may have worsened in which case the bursary amount awarded would have increased.

St Lawrence Education Trust

The bursary awarded for Ampleforth school or college is actually awarded by the Educational Trust that runs the school and college and is known as the St Lawrence Education Trust.

Ampleforth College have a range of scholarships available, these range from scholarships for students with a specific talent to students gifted in academic subjects, music or sports or other extra curricular activities available at the school. For students aged thirteen years or older there’s the Basil Hume Scholarships for academic subjects and music or the sixteen years old and above academic and music scholarships, scholarships can be awarded at any time of the students life at college.

Scholarship examinations are open to all students whether they are boarders or day students, if the scholarship examinations and interviews require that the student should stay overnight then accommodation at the college will be provided for the student free of charge. Headteachers of the students current school can support the students application for a scholarship by sending to Ampleforth College the headteachers recommendations not only on the students academic ability but also on their character, potential and outside interests and activities, this recommendation will help Ampleforth to decide which students to offer the scholarship too.

A scholarship application form is available from the Admissions department of Ampleforth College and must be completed and sent to the admissions department along with the application fee. Scholarships are awarded for the whole of the students academic career so if the student gets a scholarship in their first year of Ampleforth College then that scholarship will be awarded every year until the student graduates with their degree.

13+ Academic Scholarship

Students applying for the 13+ Academic Scholarship are required to sit the Common Academic Scholarship Exams papers at Ampleforth College, the Independent Schools Examination Board (ISEB) can provide sample papers so that students can familiarise themselves with past exam papers so that they can prepare for typical scholarship examination questions. There are several papers to be sat these include English, Mathematics, Science (Physics, Chemistry or Biology), Greek, Latin and French (reading, writing, oral and listening), History, Geography and Religious Studies.

For Art, Design and Technology students there is no examination and interested students must submit a portfolio of work, as well as sitting these examination papers, students will have informal twenty minute interviews with a small panel of staff from the school, this gives the student and the staff the ability to ask questions of each other. The Common Academic Scholarship papers can be sat at the students current school if the current school prepares the student to sit these scholarship examination papers and not all schools do, if your school does not prepare students for the Common Academic Scholarship papers then parents can contact the Admissions Department of Ampleforth College directly and be invited to the college to sit the examination papers.

After the scholarship examinations a report of the students results is sent to the students current preparatory school (private school), students not currently at a preparatory school can contact the admissions department directly for the results of any scholarship application papers sat at Ampleforth.

16+ Academic Scholarship

The 16+ Examination for an Academic Scholarship is for entry into Ampleforth’s Sixth Form, these examination papers are always sat at Ampleforth College rather than the students current preparatory school (if any). Specimen papers detailing what the students are typically asked in these scholarship applications are available directly from the Admissions Department for students wishing to see practice papers.

Students should pick three examination papers that they would like to sit that best match their interests and abilities, students can choose from English, Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Latin, French, German, Spanish, Design and Technology, History, Geography and Christian Theology. There is also a general examination paper which all scholarship students must sit, this paper will take about forty five minutes.

As with the 13+ examinations, students will also be interviewed by a small panel of staff from the college.

Scholarship Programme

Those students awarded a scholarship must attend the colleges Scholarship Programme once they have been offered a place at Ampleforth College, the Scholarship Programme is a programme designed to encourage lateral thinking, debate and curiosity amongst the students, activities for the Scholarship Programme come from across all academic subjects, typical scholarship events might include ‘What are human rights?’, Feeding the planet in the 21st Century’ and other thought provoking topics.

Scholarship students are encouraged to join the various intellectual societies available at the college these include the Philosophy Society, Astronomical Society and Debating Society, senior scholarship students are also required to deliver lectures to the younger students, sixth form scholarship holders are also encouraged to apply to Oxford and Cambridge Universities and extra lessons are laid on to support students wishing to apply for Oxford or Cambridge University.