Ackworth School Scholarships and Bursaries

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Ackworth School

Ackworth School Scholarships and Bursaries are need based scholarships and financial hardship bursaries for students at ages 11+, 13+ and 16+ offering Academic Scholarships, Music Scholarships, Art Scholarships, Drama Scholarships, Sports Scholarships, GCSE Award and the Religious Society of Friends or Attenders Scholarships.

Private School Scholarships And Bursaries

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Ackworth School is an independent school (private school), the school is a co-educational (accepts boys and girls) school, as a Quaker school the school is focused around the Quaker religion but accepts both Quakers (friends) and non Quakers (non friends) at the school. Whilst the school is classified as a Quaker school the religious teaching would in no way impinge upon any other faiths and all faiths are welcome.

Ackworth School is located in Ackworth, Pontefract in West Yorkshire, England and accepts local students as day pupils as well as boarding students from England, Europe and worldwide. Prospective scholarship and bursary students will need to sit the schools own entrance examinations and Ackworth School will need a reference about the student from the students previous school.

For scholarship and bursary students looking to make direct entry into the sixth form, Ackworth make conditional offers dependant on the students GCSE examination results or equivalent qualifications, the student will also need a reference from their current school. A three hundred pounds acceptance fee is payable by all parents whose students are accepted at Ackworth School, scholarship and bursary students will also have to pay this fee.

Students can enter the school at various ages, the youngest age a child can join the school is at four years old or greater, where the student will be joining the Ackworth Junior School, perspective students and parents are invited to a taster day where an informal assessment is made of the student prior to the offer of a place at the junior school.

Students can also enter the school at aged seven or older, the student will be joining the Junior School and at this age, entry is by an interview and a test, the test will focus on literacy, numeracy and reading, not just the students current abilities but also their potential achievement levels.

Students entering the school at eleven or twelve years old will enter directly into the senior school, students at this age will be required to show a reference from their current school as well as attend an interview at the school (if possible) and a test in Mathematics, English and Reasoning, the test is provided by and conducted by Ackworth School.

At ages thirteen and fourteen students wishing to join the school will sit Mathematics, English and Reasoning tests at the school and attend an interview at the school and show a student reference from their previous school. At age sixteen plus students will be required so show satisfactory completion of their GCSE results, attend an interview at Ackworth School and submit a school reference from their current school.

International Students are welcome to apply for scholarships and bursaries at Ackworth School, foreign students must sit the Ackworth School English Test at the school and submit a report from the international students current school. For international students wishing to take the IGCSE (International General Certificate of Secondary Education) students will need an IELTS (International English Language Test System) score of 4.5.

Overseas Students

Half of the boarders at Ackworth School are from overseas, so overseas students will be welcome and are sure to find other students from their own country. Students can board for the full year only going home for the three major holidays or students can go home more frequently than that with more local boarders going home every weekend if they wish.

Scholarships Are Awarded On Merit

Scholarships are awarded on merit, meaning the student with the highest grades from Ackworth School assessment papers or from GCSE or equivalent results will be offered the scholarship, bursaries are available for students with financial need where the parents are unable to pay the school fees, the amount of money given as a bursary depends on the financial status of the parents, the less the parents are able to pay the more the school will be able to offer for the bursary.

To summarise, scholarships are a financial reward for the brightest of students and bursaries are a financial reward for students whose parents are unable to pay the school fees, for a bursary the student doesn’t necessarily need the highest grades to get the bursary although the student will still need to pass the entrance examinations.

Students can apply for both a scholarship and a bursary, the financial award given to the student on a scholarship is decided by the Headmaster, exceptionally talented students who would be an asset to the school are more likely to get a scholarship than students with average grades. The parents ability to pay for both a scholarship and a bursary will be considered, an academically gifted student from a poor family is more likely to get a scholarship or bursary than an academically brilliant student from a family who are able to pay the school fees, but it must be said that academically brilliant students regardless of the parents financial status will be considered on their academic merits.

Quaker Joint Bursary Scheme

As a Quaker School Ackworth School has access to the Quaker Joint Bursary Scheme which provides bursary support to students and parents who are members of the Society of Friends (Quakers) themselves.

Scholarships are offered to students at three different age groups eleven, thirteen and sixteen year olds, some latitude is available around the exact age of the student, but these are the most common ages for students to join the school on a scholarship or bursary. Scholarships are available to students who are not yet studying at the school as well as students who are already at the school, either way the student will be invited to participate in the scholarship assessment process.

Parents can apply for a scholarship for their child through the school at any time, scholarships awarded are for multiple years usually until the student reaches the end of the fifth form, scholarship students will need to make sure that their academic progression and good conduct remain otherwise the child may lose their scholarship for failure to achieve expected grades or for refusal to be an active and willing participate in school activities.

Sixth Form Scholarships

Sixth Form Scholarships are offered for the two years of the sixth form, however the scholarship student will be assessed after the end of the first year to make certain that the scholarship should continue into the second year of study (that good grades and exemplary behaviour have continued).

Scholarship students are expected not only to do well academically but also to be an active and happy participant in all school activities (extra non-curricular activities).

Academic Scholarships

Academic scholarships are offered for students to join the school in the First Form which is for students aged eleven or greater and the Third Form for students aged thirteen years or older, academic scholarship students also must sit the Ackworth School entrance examinations in English, Maths and Non Verbal Reasoning (NVR), the students school will also need to provide a student reference directly to Ackworth School and the best students selected (the students with the highest marks in the scholarship examination papers) will be invited to attend an interview with the headmaster where the student will need to give a presentation.

Academic Scholarships for Sixth Form students are assessed by the Sixth Form Scholarship Examination, the most successful students will also be invited to attend an interview with the Headmaster.

Music Scholarships

Music Scholarships are assessed through practical assessments and auditions, students who receive a Music Scholarship will receive free individual lessons for one musical instrument or free lessons for their voice. Sixth Form Music Scholarships are offered following the recommendations of the Ackworth School Director of Music who will set a practical assessment for the scholarship student as well as interviews with the student to assess their suitability.

Art Scholarships

Art Scholarships can be won by showing your portfolio and passing the scholarship practical assessment, students can show their portfolio to the Ackworth Head of Art before they submit their portfolio for an art scholarship as the Head of Art will give the student valuable feedback on their likelihood of being awarded an art scholarship.

As well as art scholarships that can be applied for by a student in any year group (if already at the school) or any age group (if looking to join the school), there is also an art scholarship specific to sixth form art students, the Head of Art will need to recommend the student for the scholarship (after seeing the art students portfolio) and then there is a consultation with the student and a practical assessment by the Head of Art of the students abilities. There will also be an interview with the Head of Art.

Drama Scholarships

Drama Scholarships at Ackworth School are for students who show exceptional ability in drama, the drama scholarship is award after an audition and practical assessments, as well as Drama Scholarships that are awarded for all ages of student there is also a specific Drama Scholarship for Sixth Form Drama Students where the potential sixth form student will need to be recommended for the scholarship by the Head of Drama, the student will also be consulted with and interviewed by the Head of Drama and a practical assessment of the students abilities will be made.

Sports Scholarships

Sports Scholarships are awarded to students already studying at Ackworth School as well as students wishing to get a scholarship to join the school and are only awarded for exceptional potential in both team sports and individual sports, the sports the student has exceptional ability in must be sports currently played at Ackworth school. A practical assessment is used to determine if the student is exceptional at sports. As well as sports scholarships for students lower down the school there is also a sports scholarship for Sixth Form Students, the students must be recommended for the scholarship by the Head of Sport and a practical assessment and interview will take place to assess the students abilities.

GCSE Award

The GCSE Award (General Certificate of Secondary Education) is for students already studying at Ackworth School and is awarded to the student with the best GCSE performance across either one GCSE or multiple GCSE’s depending on the level of ability required, the GCSE Awards are made at the discretion of the Headmaster.

Students looking to enter the sixth form, either students already studying at Ackworth School or students looking to get a scholarship to the school can get a scholarship on the strength of their GCSE results, these awards are known as GCSE Scholarships and are different to the GCSE Bursary which is a sum of money for getting the best GCSE results while the GCSE Scholarship is continued financial support whilst the student is in the sixth form. Generally the GCSE Scholarships are awarded directly to high achieving students rather than the student having to specifically apply for the scholarship, however parents can ask that their student be considered for the scholarship based on the financial circumstances of the family.

Highest Scholarship Award

The 'Highest Scholarship Award' is a sum of money awarded to the student for achieving the highest A-levels at Ackworth School, the scholarship is assessed by the Headmaster.

Bursaries are means tested, the award of which is only made on the strength of the bursary application form, the student is not required to interview, be assessed or present portfolios of achievement, just the answers to the questions on the Bursary Application Form are enough, with a bursary students can have a one hundred percent free education at Ackworth School. Which students get a bursary is assessed every year to make sure that those in the greatest need are receiving the money they need to continue their education at Ackworth School.

As a Quaker School there are two types of Quaker Scholarship that students both at the school already or looking for a scholarship to attend can apply for, if the student is of the Quaker religion then the Friends Schools Joint Bursaries Scheme is the best scholarship to apply for, however non Quakers may also apply for a scholarship and these are called Non-Friend Bursary Support Scholarships.