Academic Scholarships at the University of Kent

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Academic Scholarships

Academic Scholarships at the University of Kent at the undergraduate and postgraduate (research and taught) level, these scholarships are available across a range of subjects studied at the University of Kent including Business, Arts and Humanities and the Sciences for both UK, Commonwealth and Worldwide students.

Further Academic Scholarships To Consider

As well as academic scholarships from the University of Kent students should consider these scholarships from the following universities University of Nottingham, University of Glasgow, University of Oxford, London School of Economics, University of Birmingham, Bradford University and University of Westminster.

1st Formations Business Scholarship

The University of Kent offers the 1st Formations Business Scholarship, this is a scholarship worth 600 for any student studying at a UK university who has an interest in running their own business, the award is designed to cover some of the costs of studying and can be spent on textbooks or living expenses so its use is pretty open unlike some awards that will want the money to be spent on tuition fees only.

Any UK course studied at the undergraduate or postgraduate level is eligible for this scholarship, in addition the student will need to provide a letter from their course tutor describing the student's academic excellence (as the only requirement for the award is an interest in starting your own business and academic excellence), students will also need to demonstrate financial need, for example, that the student needs help with the rent on their accommodation or financial support to buy additional course materials (it's not enough just to apply for the award, you must show that you need the money to continue your studies).

Students will also need to submit a recent copy of their course grades along with the letter of recommendation from a course tutor and a five hundred word (or less) essay on why they should receive the scholarship, as the scholarship is for starting a business then detail the type of business that the student would like to start on graduation and how their current course is providing the knowledge the student needs to pursue their goal of running their own business.

Applicants can be made through the student support department or direct to 1st Formations which is a business that registers (incorporates) new companies, which as 1st Formations are in the business of incorporating companies may be of interest in future years to the student looking to start their own business.

Alumni Postgraduate Research Scholarship

If you are an alumni of the University of Kent (have previously studied for a bachelors or master's degree at the University of Kent) then your eligible to apply for the Alumni Postgraduate Research Scholarship, this scholarship awards over 14,000 per year, the award must be re-applied for each year (although the re-application process is easier than the initial application) and is for a maximum of three years of postgraduate study.

The award amount matches the money available to students who receive a UK Research Councils scholarship for students studying away from home, the award is not made by the Research Council, it is made by generous members of the University of Kent alumni and other financial gifts, but in order to offer a fair level of funding to students the university matches the funding available from the Research Council.

Academic Excellence

The award is based on current academic excellence for study at the bachelors or master's degree at the University of Kent (students must have studied at the bachelors or masters level at the University of Kent in order to be eligible for this scholarship, so it's worth choosing the University of Kent for your bachelors or master's degree if you know that given the opportunity and good grades you would like to continue to a postgraduate qualification).

Students will also be assessed on their achievements, for example how has the student furthered their understanding of the subject above and beyond the coursework, has the student volunteered within the community or started their own project that shows leadership skills, initiative and the motivation to succeed in their chosen subject.

Students who are successful in their scholarship application and receive the award will be made University of Kent Ambassadors which involves representing the university at a maximum of two alumni events per year and being featured in the University of Kent magazine, not much to ask for receiving over 14,000 per year.

Students will need to have received a 2.1 Upper Second Class Honours or first degree at the bachelors level or a merit or distinction at the Masters level in order to apply for the postgraduate scholarship and students will need to have applied for a place on the postgraduate course and be due to take up the place in the next academic year, students who have already started their postgraduate degree may apply for the scholarship but only in exceptional circumstances as students are normally required to apply before they start their postgrad.

Alumni Of The University Of Kent

As students applying for this award need to be current alumni of the University of Kent they will need to show how they have contributed to the University of Kent, maybe by being active in the student union or other university activities like volunteering. Students will also need to be able to present both to a group and to an individual to highlight that the student is able to describe their research work to others who are less well versed in the subject (laymen) and to be able to pass on their interest and excitement for the subject to others.

Students applying for this award will also need to become a University Ambassador attending a maximum of two alumni events a year and attend an interview in Canterbury prior to the start of their postgraduate degree (which as the student must be a current student completing their bachelors or master's degree in Canterbury should not cause concern).

Students can apply for this scholarship through student services at the university if Kent.

Armed Service Bereavement Scholarship

Also available to students wishing to study at the University of Kent is the Armed Service Bereavement Scholarship, this is an award for students who wish to study for an undergraduate (first) degree at a UK university and have lost their mother or father, who was at the time of their death was a serving member of the UK armed forces.

The Armed Forces Bereavement Scholarship Scheme is open to all chidden of servicemen who have been killed in active duty since 1999, this could be the Iran, Iraq or Afghanistan wars but excluding the 1982 Falkland war. The award is designed to cover tuition fees and maintenance costs (accommodation, food, clothing etc.).

The scholarship was conceived to give the children of those who lost their lives serving their country a head start in life, to try and redress the balance of these children losing their mother or father and give the child an education that will see them excel in later life.

MOD Benefits Scheme

To qualify for the scholarship the child's parents must have died whilst on active service with HM Armed Forces and the parents death must have been attributed to the Armed Forces, additionally the child must be the recipient of a MOD benefits scheme in order to be eligible to apply. Biological children (related by blood) as well as adopted children and children for whom the parent is the legal guardian are also eligible to apply for the award.

The scholarship will provide the money for a child of the bereaved to study at university for a first degree (bachelor's degree) for three years, or to study at a further education college or at school for GCE and A-level qualifications, if A-levels or GCSE qualifications are being studied the financial award will be for two years, if the A-level for some reason extends to three years then the scholarship will cover the three years of study but retaking exams will not be covered by the scholarship.

For a first degree scholarship, whilst it is expected that the scholarship would cover three years of an undergraduate degree if the first degree is longer than that for example a four year degree course then the scholarship will be extended to cover all years of the degree which is a generous offer considering most other scholarship awards will only cover three years maximum.

As tuition fees vary depending on the university attended, course studied and location of the university the scholarship award will be increased or reduced to take account of the actual cost of study, this makes the scholarship suitable for all students whether they want to attend a prestigious university or their local technical college.

Maintenance Grant (Living Expenses)

The actual scholarship amount awarded is a maintenance grant (living expenses) of 4,950 per year and tuition payments of up to 9,000 per year the actual tuition award will be the amount needed for the specific course of study up to the 9,000 maximum. If the degree involves foreign study outside the UK the scholarship will continue to pay all fees whilst the student is studying abroad provided that the study is an integral part of the degree course.

Students must have been offered a place at a UK university before they apply for this scholarship, student's resident in Europe or Commonwealth countries can also apply for this scholarship if they have lost a parent through HM Armed Forces.

An interesting point to note is that the scholarship payments (maintenance grants and tuition grants) issued by HM Armed Forces are not subject to tax, so the amount you receive for maintenance is yours to spend on accommodation, food, clothing etc. without having to worry about losing some of their award in tax.

The MOD scholarship is not based on academic merit or financial status, students can apply for other scholarships or government aid as well as for the MOD scholarship, students will not be denied the scholarship because they do not have sufficiently high grades or because they or their families financial status mean they would be able to pay for the education themselves, the only requirement is that you have been accepted onto a course of study (first degree or GCSE or A-Levels) and that your parents death is the fault of HM Armed Forces.

Army Medical Services Scholarships

Army Medical Services Scholarships are also available for undergraduate degrees studied through the University of Kent, these awards are known as AMS Financial Incentives and are designed to offer students studying for a Healthcare qualification a bursary and to consider joining the Army Medical Services Reserves which will then make the scholarship available to them in return for their service in the Army.

Students have to apply and attend Initial Recruit Training (boot camp) after which the scholarship is paid to the student for use both for tuition fees and maintenance. Students can apply for this award through Student Services at the University of Kent or through the Army Recruitment Service.

Army Medical Bursary

The Army Medical Bursary is also available for postgraduate degree study as well as undergraduate study, for postgraduate study both taught degrees and research degrees are eligible for the award. Healthcare professionals would join the Army Medical Service based in Maidstone, Kent which is near the University of Kent campus. Students will receive 2,500 after receiving officer training.

The Army Medical Scholarship is only available to postgraduate degrees in the following fields Primary Dental Care (PDip), Primary Dental Care (MSc), Pharmacy (MPhil) and Pharmacy (PhD), these are subjects of direct relevance to the Army Medical Corp and it is hoped that students who complete officer training and receive their bursary would want to continue in the armed forces after their postgraduate degree.

Consortium for the Humanities and the Arts South East England (CHASE)

The University of Kent is part of the Consortium for the Humanities and the Arts South East England (CHASE), this body awards postgraduate taught and research degree scholarships in Arts & Humanities from the in Arts & Humanities Research Council (AHRC). Other member institutions of the CHASE consortium include The Courtauld Institute of Art, Goldsmiths College, the Open University, the Universities of East Anglia, Essex, and Sussex. SOAS and Birkbeck College.

Students wishing to apply for this scholarship must first apply for a PhD course at the University of Kent, courses and departments eligible for the Arts & Humanities Research Council (AHRC) scholarship include the Centre for American Studies, School of Anthropology and Conservation, School of Architecture, School of Arts, School of Engineering and Digital Arts, School of English, School of European Culture and Languages, Classical and Archaeological Studies, Comparative Literature, English Language and Linguistics, French, German, Hispanic Studies, Italian, Philosophy, Religious Studies, School of History, Kent Law School, Centre for Medieval and Early Modern Studies and School of Music and Fine Art.