Abingdon School Scholarships and Bursaries

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Abingdon School

Abingdon School Scholarships and Bursaries are awarded for academic excellence as well as talent in art and design technology, drama, music and sport, there’s also a means tested bursary which provides for a free education at this independent school.

Independent Or Private School Scholarships And Bursaries

As well as Abingdon School other independent or private school scholarships and bursaries you may be interested in include Scholarships for Girls at Roedean School, Abbotsholme School International Scholarships and Abbey Gate College Scholarships.

Scholarships For Eleven And Thirteen Year Olds And Sixth Form

Scholarships are awarded for children entering the school (or applying if the student is already at Abingdon School) in years eleven, thirteen and in the sixth form. The scholarships are available to both students wishing to come to Abingdon School for the first time and students already at the school who would like to apply for a scholarship or bursary.

Students can apply for and be given more than one scholarship or bursary, students applying for the talent based scholarships in art design and technology, drama, music and sport must also meet the academic requirement of the school to be accepted at Abingdon School. All scholarship and bursary application forms are available from the Admissions office of Abingdon School.

Academic Scholarships

The Academic Scholarships are for students who have high academic ability, the scholarships are merit based meaning the students with the highest score after sitting the entrance examinations will be offered a scholarship to Abingdon School. All the examination papers for the scholarship application for Academic Scholarships are compulsory except for the Latin and Greek papers, some students from certain preparatory schools will be excused from sitting the Latin and Greek papers (students from preparatory schools where Latin and Greek are not taught), but bare in mind as a merit based scholarship your competing against students who have studied and can pass the Latin and Greek papers.

Special Talent And Language Students

If the scholarship student has a special talent or speaks another language or has a special interest then Abingdon School will set an extra paper or interview to highlight the students special abilities, note that these examinations are for the Academic Scholarships and talent based scholarships like music, sports, art and design are considered separately.

For the Academic Scholarship students will sit a one and half hour general paper which assesses English comprehension, essay writing with a twenty minute interview about the general paper just sat, poetry questions about a poetry piece given to the student in the examination and questions about a piece of art shown to the students.

There will also be an English paper which students will have one hour and fifteen minutes to complete, students will be given a piece of prose (standard written text) and asked to comment on its poetic elements and then the student will write an essay (continuous writing) on the poem that they have extracted from the prose, then a piece of writing chosen from descriptive writing, narrative writing and persuasive writing must be written.

The next paper the Academic Scholarship student must sit is the Mathematics paper, this is one hour and thirty minutes long and is usually seven questions taken from the common entrance syllabus (pages two and four), the questions are designed to test mathematical intuition and potential, the ability to see into a problem, note that the maths questions will be unique to the examination.

The science paper lasts for one and half hours and all questions must be completed, the paper will contain Physics, Chemistry and Biology questions with all science subject areas of equal importance, the questions will be based on (but not taken from) the Common Entrance Syllabus (National Curriculum Level 6).

Latin Examination Paper

The Latin paper which scholarship students may or may not have to sit depending on which preparatory school the student attended (students that did not study Latin at preparatory school will not be required to sit the Latin paper). The Latin paper takes one and half hours to sit and requires the student to translate a passage that they have not seen before and show comprehension of Latin writing and depending on the preparatory school will translate sentences from English to Latin or harder comprehension and linguistic questions for students who have studied Latin in depth.

French Language Entrance Examination

The French language entrance examination includes thirty minutes of listening comprehension, listening to passages on tape and questions in French and reading comprehension for thirty minutes with some questions in French and some questions in English. Then there is forty five minutes of essay and grammar tests where the student must write one hundred and fifty words after seeing a picture given to the student in the exam or given instruction on what to write in either English or French.

French Oral Examination

Theres also a ten minute French oral examination with general conversation in French between the student and the examiner, the topics the examiner might cover are home, family, friends, school life, leisure activities, holidays, illness, town or country. Abingdon School are looking for scholarship students that show potential as linguists, not just the ability to pass the examinations but a true calling as a linguist, using the language the student learns with confidence.

Humanities Examination

In the two hour Humanities paper scholarship students will answer questions on Geography, History and Religious Studies, there’s also an essay, the Geography questions will be map based. For the Greek language examination the student will be given one hour and thirty minutes and have to translate Greek to English, students must complete as much of the examination paper as they can, students who have not been learning Greek for long will not be marked down.

Neil Coulbeck Scholarship

As well as the Academic Scholarship, scholarship applications will also be considered for the Neil Coulbeck scholarship automatically as part of the Academic Scholarship application process.

Art and Design Technology Scholarships (Boxhill Awards)

The Art and Design Technology Scholarships require that a portfolio be submitted, with digital photographs sent in by email and 3D artwork photographed and emailed, art scholarship students will also need a reference letter from their current art teacher. The Art and Design Technology Scholarships are called the Boxhill Awards (an area of Abingdon), the art scholarships are worth three hundred pounds, this will be deducted form the students tuition fees each year. The scholarship of three hundred pounds can be supplemented with a full bursary which the student can also apply for, meaning the student can have a free education as an Art and Design Technology Bursary winner.

The Art and Design Technology Scholarship is available to both students currently studying at Abingdon School and students applying to Abingdon School for the first time. Art scholarship winners must still meet the academic entrance requirements for all scholarship students. Art students can enter the school at thirteen years and older or into the sixth form.

Art and Design Technology at Abingdon School means painting, drawing, ceramics, print making, sculpture (wood, metal, plastics), product design and Computer Aided Design And Manufacture (CADAM). The Abingdon School Art Scholarship is designed to reward ability and potential for students that are gifted or design focused.

Art and Design Technology scholarship winners are encouraged to use the schools facilities not only in lesson time but in their free time to explore their art. Students will follow art and design related GCSE courses at their junior or middle school and a related A-level subject, students on the art scholarship will be more art focused than academic focussed and the majority of their time will be on their art, however satisfactory progress throughout the school must be maintained.

The art portfolio submitted as part of the scholarship application should included personal work undertaken by the student in their own free time and not just classroom work, typically fifteen A1 sheets or two sketchbooks are to be submitted. Work submitted should be exploratory sketches and experimental in nature. Students will be invited to come to Abingdon School for half a day to produce a piece of mixed media work on paper which will be an observation of a still life, students will also be invited for a half day interview to talk about their portfolio and their art interests.

Design Technology Scholarship

Design Technology scholarship students should submit a digital portfolio as part of the scholarship application, this might be a PDF file (Portable Document File), Microsoft Power Point Presentation or Internet Web Page. The portfolio should include both artwork completed in school and in the students own time. CAD (Computer Aided Design), sketches, photography or videos are all encouraged as part of the application process, students should bring an example of their 3D or model work to the interview for discussion.

Interview Day

During the interview day, students will conduct a product analysis, students will look at a range of iconic products and be asked about their strengths and weaknesses, sketches will be submitted to aid the discussion. Students will attend an interview with Abingdon Schools Head of Design to discuss not only their portfolio but their design inspiration.

Drama Scholarships

Drama Scholarships are awarded to students who show significant ability as a stage performer, scholarships are awarded for drama in the third year (thirteen plus entry), fourth year entry or sixth form entry. As well as winning the drama scholarship successful applicants must also meet Abingdon Schools general entrance requirements in order to attend the school.

Drama students should have taken part in many school plays and extra curricular activities like out of school drama clubs, students are also expected to have studied GCSE Drama or Theatre Studies, the scholarships are reviewed each year and successful academic progress must be made for the Drama Scholarship to be awarded for the next year.

Drama scholarship students must submit a CV Curriculum Vitae listing their performances and interest in drama, short-listed students will be invited to attend for both an interview and an audition, students will perform a two minute speech from a drama script, the student can prepare for this before arriving for interview. Students will also take part in group acting and improvisation (improv), there will be an interview with the drama department staff and an interview with an academic member of staff, students will also need to provide references form their schools headmaster and head of drama.

Music Scholarships

Music scholarships are awarded to students after a round of auditions where each student will be assessed for their musical potential as well as achievement to date. Music scholarship holders will also need to satisfy the general entrance requirements of Abingdon School in order to be offered a scholarship place.

The music scholarship will continue for each year of the students time at Abingdon School provided that their music and academic ability is maintained to a high standard. Music scholarship students are accepted at Abingdon School in years eleven, thirteen and sixth form. School scholarships cover some of the school fees whilst bursaries cover all of the school fees and will enable the bursary winner to attend Abingdon School for free.

Free Music Tuition

All scholarship holders receive free music tuition for up to two instruments with the addition of a voice coach at the discretion of the school. Music scholarship students who have experience in a school choir or cathedral choir are a particular interest, for the interview process candidates will be asked to play two contrasting pieces of music on their main instrument.

Sports Scholarship

The Sports Scholarship is awarded to students at age thirteen plus and sixteen plus, sports scholarship holders will need to show significant skill and proficiency in their sport, students will have represented their school at regional or national level in their sport to be considered for the scholarship, sports scholarship students can also enter directly into the sixth form where scholarship winners are expected to lead and inspire the school in their chosen sport.

Sports scholarship applicants at the age of thirteen plus will be assessed by Abingdon School coming to watch the potential scholarship student in a game at their present school, written references from the students current headmaster and sports coach as well as a five minute video showing the student playing their sport and highlighting their abilities, the student will also have a formal interview with the Director of Sports and a member of the academic staff.

For sports scholarship students making direct entry into the sixth form the student will need to send a sports CV (Curriculum Vitae) listing their achievements and undertake an assessment of the students sporting skills.