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Abbotsholme School

Abbotsholme School International Scholarships and Bursaries for year 7, year 9 and lower sixth form students, all scholarships are merit based on academic excellence and offer a 50% discount on the school fees.

Private School Scholarships

As well as Abbotsholme School other school scholarships and bursaries you might be interested in include Scholarships for Girls at Roedean School, Abbey Gate College Scholarships and university scholarships like the National Scholarships at the University of Exeter, Academic Scholarships at the University of Kent, Scholarships for Students at the University of Edinburgh and University Scholarships at the University of Glasgow.

A.L. Price Sixth Form Science Scholarship

One of the lower sixth form scholarships is called the A.L. Price Sixth Form Science Scholarship which is named after a former Head of Science and Deputy Headmaster at Abbotsholme School, this science scholarship also comes with a money award for textbooks and supporting materials, the award is made by the Abbotsholmians Club.

Armed Forces Scholarships (British Army, British Navy and RAF)

There are also specific bursaries available for students with parents in the armed forces (British Army, British Navy and RAF).

Scholarship Exam

Students will need to sit a scholarship exam at Abbotsholme School to assess eligibility for the scholarship, it’s the students general academic ability that will be assessed, the student will also be invited to a ‘taster day’ before they take up their offer of a place at Abbotsholme School, this is to make sure that both the student likes the school and the teaching available and for the school to further assess the suitability of the student.

For these scholarships its not only children from other state, private or independent junior and secondary schools that can apply for the scholarships but also students already studying at Abbotsholme School who would like a scholarship to lower the cost of tuition.

Where year 7 and year 9 students from other junior or secondary schools are applying for a place at Abbotsholme, the school will require a student report from the students current school, students will need to supply the headmasters contact details so that Abbotsholme School can make contact with the headmaster and enquire about the suitability of the student applying to Abbotsholme School, questions will be around whether the student would fit into life at Abbotsholme and the academic and personal achievement of the pupil, their record in sports, music or charitable activities for example.

The scholarship examination for year 7 and 9 pupils will involve a Maths and English examination which will each be one hour long, students will also be required to sit a non-verbal reasoning test of thirty minutes duration and a free writing test where the student will be asked to write on any topic, potential students will also have an interview with one of the teachers from Abbotsholme School.

There are no sample papers available for the scholarship exams as Abbotsholme School want to see the students innate ability to answer questions using their judgement and previous knowledge rather than learning a test by rote, the examination will test the students IQ (MENSA IQ Intelligence Quotient) and measure of how intelligent the student may be, an IQ over 125 is expected.

Sixth Form Scholarships

The Sixth Form Scholarships are awarded based on the students GCSE (General Certificate of Secondary Education), sixth form candidates will also be required to sit the same scholarship examination stages as students entering year 7 or 9, there will also be an interview with the Head of Sixth Form, this interview will look at the students suitability for Abbotsholme School Sixth Form and the suitability to receive a scholarship (only the most academically gifted students who the school feels will excel at Abbotsholme are offered a scholarship).

As well as sixth form students from senior school (independent) or secondary school (state) students already studying at Abbotsholme School can apply for the sixth form scholarship. For entry into the sixth form, students should expect to obtain all A grades in their GCSE’s with a minimum of five A* grades.

For all scholarships at Abbotsholme School, parents can apply directly to the school to be added to the waiting list of scholarship examination days were the student will come to the school for the day to sit the entrance examinations. After sitting the scholarship examination successful students will be offered a place at Abbotsholme School but this is subject to the student achieving all A grades in their GCSE’s.

Students who receive a scholarship are reviewed annually, not tested annually but their grades and behaviour throughout the year will be considered, the scholarship can be removed if the students grades fall significantly or their behaviour becomes below that expected, its rare for a scholarship to be removed, but not impossible according to the school rules. Scholarship students must take an active part in the school joining in clubs and societies and making the most of their time at Abbotsholme, more so than students who do not receive a scholarship because the school is looking to provide scholarships to students who will get the most out of their time at Abbotsholme School both in the classroom and in the wider school activities.

Means Tested Bursaries

As well as scholarships Abbotsholme School offers means tested bursaries, means tested is a phrase used to say that the parents of the students could not afford to have their child attend Abbotsholme School without financial support from the school in terms of a bursary, parents will need to submit child tax benefit documentation to show their financial status.

Bursary application forms are available from the school and once these forms are completed the student will be invited to attend a taster day and then an assessment day, the taster day will help the student to decide if they would like to attend Abbotsholme School and help the school to decide if the student is suitable for the school.

All the school bursaries are means tested against the income of the parents and the academic ability of the student, the exact amount offered as a bursary will depend on the family income, the less money the family have then the more the school will contribute. Parents may be asked to submit child benefit documentation, bank statements, tax returns and any other financial information the school can reasonably ask the parents to help them make the decision of if the student should be funded by a school bursary.

Before the bursary is awarded a member of Abbotsholme School staff will visit the student and parents at the family home, this helps the school asses the level of support the student will receive from the parents and the financial status of the parents and their ability to support the student both financially and with time and support for the student.

Old Abbotsholmian Bursaries (OA Bursary)

The Old Abbotsholmian Bursaries (OA Bursary) are Alumni Bursaries awarded to students through funds raised from previous students at the school who have now graduated. Abbotsholme School alumni are members of the Abbotsholmians Club, the other alumni bursary available is called the Marsden Bursary, both these awards are to help previous school alumni send their own children to Abbotsholme School, the headmaster of Abbotsholme School decides who to award these alumni scholarships to each year.

Abbotsholme School is a boarding and day school for both boys and girls, the school accepts international students with students from overseas countries within the European Economic Area Switzerland not requiring a visa to attend Abbotsholme School. Overseas students who require visas to attend Abbotsholme School can be sponsored by the school as Abbotsholme is licensed by the UK Border Agency to sponsor children to attend boarding school from overseas.

Overseas Students

Overseas students accepted at the school will be given a CAS number (Confirmation of Acceptance) which will be required when the parents apply for the students visa to the UK passport authority. Parents applying for a visa for their son or daughter to study at Abbotsholme School should apply for a tier 4 student visa, Abbotsholme School Admissions office can support your visa application and advise parents on the best way to obtain a student visa for their children to attend school.

Overseas students will require a guardian in the UK who can take responsibility for the child in the event of an emergency, the guardian will be required to sign a declaration that they are aware of their responsibilities and will take charge of the child in the event of an emergency.

Sibling Bursary

Abbotsholme School offer as Sibling Bursary where two or more children from the same family attend Abbotsholme School at the same time, a fee reduction will be offered by the school.

Both teaching and non teaching staff (support staff like cooks, cleaning, maintenance etc.) are eligible for a Staff Discount so their children can attend the school and receive discounted tuition, indeed it is not uncommon to find parents actively seeking non teaching jobs within the school to allow their own children to attend Abbotsholme School at a discount.

When parents complete the registration form requesting a place at the school for their child, parents will need to include a non refundable registration fee of £60, along with the registration form parents will need to include character references from the headmaster of the students current school, the headmaster will need to comment on the students academic ability, attitude to study and behaviour in the school as well as activities undertaken in the wider school, such as clubs and societies joined and actively participated in as well as special talents the student may posses for example sports or music.

Disabled And Special Needs Children

Disabled and Special Needs children are welcome to attend Abbotsholme School and the application form should include an assessment of the needs of the child, although Abbotsholme School will also make their own assessments.

UK Border Agency Overseas Applicants

To comply with UK Border Agency rules overseas applicants will also need to submit evidence of their English language ability such as English language test scores and an English essay, overseas students will also be invited to attend a telephone or Skype video conferencing call with the head of school admissions, this is to asses the level of English the student has and their interest in attending Abbotsholme School.

All Round Ability Scholarships, Musical Scholarships and High Academic Achievement Scholarships

Abbotsholme School also offer All Round Ability Scholarships, Musical Scholarships and High Academic Achievement Scholarships, scholarship entry is for students aged eleven, students aged thirteen and students entering the lower sixth form.

International Students

International students are accepted at Abbotsholme School, if the student does not speak English well then language lessons will be provided, the school also have many school trips to places of historic interest in England where students can learn about British culture. International students can also meet with otter international students from local schools so there will always be students from the same country as you to talk too.

I.G.C.S.E International General Certificate Of Secondary Education

The I.G.C.S.E International General Certificate of Secondary Education in English as a foreign language is taught to international students in years ten and eleven, students who enter directly into the lower sixth form are offered the I.E.L.T.S. (International English Language Testing System) study and lessons in Academic English.

When it comes to applying for university, students at Abbotsholme are guided in their applications, international students will receive additional support to help them apply to university, Abbotsholme have a hundred percent success rate at placing international students who have studied at Abbotsholme into university places to study the degree of their choice.

E.A.L. (English As A Language)

E.A.L. (English as a Language) students for who English is not their native language have been offered places at English and Australian universities due to the quality of study at Abbotsholme School. International students can come to Abbotsholme School from the age of nine years old as a boarding student, international students can study for their GCSE’s and A-levels at Abbotsholme with a choice of a pre-GCSE course lasting three years and the GCSE course lasting two years, studying for the pre-GCSE year allows the foreign student to learn English well prior to studying for their GCSE’s.

Pre-GCSE Course

The pre-GCSE course is only run as a three year course, the first year is the pre-year and the additional two years are the GCSE study. The pre-GCSE year cannot be studied on its own. Pre-GCSE students join the school in year nine so the student can make friends with other boarders, enjoy school trips and lessons and learn English prior to their GCSE’s.