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Abbey Gate College Scholarships

Abbey Gate College Scholarships at Abbey Gate College in Aldford, Chester this co-educational (boys and girls are taught together) school accepts children from ages four to eighteen, part of Abbey Gate College in Saighton Grange, Chester is the Infant and Junior School in Aldford, Chester.

Bursary Scheme

Scholarships available include a Bursary Scheme, Academic Scholarship, Music Scholarship, Sports Award and Sixth Form Scholarships, the Sixth Form Scholarships include an Academic Scholarship, Music Scholarship, Art and Design Scholarship, Drama Scholarship and Sports Scholarship.

School Scholarships

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Abbey Gate College Bursaries

Abbey Gate College Bursaries are for school pupils joining the school in year seven and students starting sixth form at the school, the bursary is a financial award to allow students who would not be able to afford to attend Abbey Gate College to enrol at the school.

All the bursaries available are means tested, this means that the students academic ability as well as the parents ability to pay is considered when making a bursary, students will need to be academically able to pass a school entrance test and the parents will need to show their financial status (usually by showing the school their annual tax returns or child benefit award letters), so the school will asses that the child has the grades needed to do well at the school and that the childís parents really cannot afford to send the child to the school and this gifted child would be denied a high quality education if it was not for the bursary.

Itís not just the family income that is considered, the income of both parents working, but also the income from any assets like homes and savings, parents will need to provide all this financial information to prove that they do not have the money to send their child to a private education, this process is required to prevent parents who could pay the school fees from being able to claim that they cannot pay the school fees and receive a bursary for their child when really they should have paid for the education themselves.

The school will ask for bank statements (showing several years worth of headline figures), payslips, council tax payments, rent receipts, tax returns and child benefit letters, these are required to support the parents case that the parents cannot afford to send their child to Abbey Gate College and yet the child is academically gifted and would benefit from the school.

Itís not just bursaries that are available for the child to attend the school in the first place, but when at the school there will be expenses that the parents must meet in order for the child to get the most from the school, these might be everyday items like school uniforms or extra curricular activities like school trips, a bursary can be applied for to help students meet the cost of the school uniforms, the child does not have to have a bursary or scholarship in order to also claim for a uniform bursary, two different bursaries can be applied for and awarded at the same time, major school trips to other countries can also be sponsored by a bursary where the educational value of the trip would leave the student at a disadvantage to their classmates if they to did not attend.

When parents claim for bursaries and scholarships to Abbey Gate College, the information given to the school will remain private and confidential, financial details provided by the parents are not shared widely so other children at the school will not know whether a particular child is receiving a scholarship or bursary unless you or your child make the fact known, however there is no shame in letting it be known that your schoolchild is a scholarship winner, only the brightest students are able to win scholarships.

Academic Scholarships

The Academic Scholarships available for the academically gifted student are offered for year seven students, these students in what is in effect secondary school rather than primary school, the reason the scholarship is awarded at this time, is that at this later age the student is aware of how important studying is and can apply themselves and their academic ability can be more easily realised.

Four Academic Scholarships are made available each year to study at Abbey Gate College, that does not mean than only four scholarships are available, there are a great many subject based scholarships and activity based scholarships are also available, but for general academic ability only four scholarships are available.

The Academic Scholarship offers a twenty percent discount in school fees, no money is given to the student or parent with the academic scholarship instead the school fees are lowered by twenty percent for academic scholarship winners. The Academic scholarship is for good grades in English and Mathematics at the students current school, the assessment extends further than this though and students will need to sit an entrance examination where they will sit mathematics and English tests as well as a reasoning test.

References will be taken from the students primary school teachers this will be a written reference on a form provided by Abbey Gate College, if the student is already at the infant (primary) school and just wishes to stay at Abbey Gate College then external references will not be taken up. The headmaster of the students current infant school if the student is coming from another school can also provide details of any other areas of special ability the student has so that Abbey Gate College can asses their potential.

The purpose of the Academic Scholarship is to award the highest achieving primary and junior school students with a scholarship to come to Abbey Gate College, the highest achieving student means assessing the academic ability of the student and the financial ability of the parent, the school will identify students who have the highest academic ability and whose parents could not afford to send their children to this private school without financial assistance.

As well as the Academic Scholarships which award the student with a twenty percent discount on the school fees there are also subject scholarships where a student who is gifted in a specific subject can gain a scholarship depending on their ability, a Music Scholarship is available which offers the student a twenty percent discount on school fees, (twenty percent discount on each terms school fees), the two Music Scholarships available are the Daphne Herbert Choral Scholarship and the Music Exhibition Scholarship.

Choristers Award

Also available is a separate Choristers Award for students who join this signing group, the Choristers Award has a value of £800 per year and is available to all students who become choristers (a member of the school choir).

Sports Scholarship

Abbey Gate College also offer a Sports Scholarship which is worth fifteen percent of the tuition fees, meaning students will receive a discount of fifteen percent of the terms fees, students will need to show an aptitude in a sport played at the college, application forms for this scholarship and all Abbey Gate Scholarships are available from Abbey Gate College Bursary.

Students wishing to attend Abbey Gate College sixth form either as direct entry from another junior or secondary school or as an internal entry from a student already at the infant or junior school will have to sit an audition or a practical assessment the reason there is no examination involved to qualifyfor these scholarships is that these scholarships are arts based scholarships and not academic.

Sixth Form Academic Scholarship

Other than the Sixth Form Academic Scholarship which is assessed on the students examination results for English, Mathematics and reasoning (assessed from the previous examination results at junior or secondary school, and also assessed by entrance examinations), the award offers a twenty percent reduction in school fees for the student.

Sixth Form Music Scholarship

There is also a Sixth Form Music Scholarship which again offers a twenty percent reduction in term fees (the award is for the entire length of the Sixth Form but is awarded on a term by term basis), another non academic scholarship available which also offer a twenty percent reduction in tuition fees is the Music Scholarship.

Art And Design, Drama And Sports Scholarships

Also available are separate scholarship awards which offer £500 per year as a cash payment, these subjects include Art and Design, Drama and the Sports Scholarship. Students must have studied music, sport, art or drama at A-level in order to apply for the scholarship at sixth form, the student need not have studied for their A-levels at Abbey Gate College and could instead have studied at a private or public school.

Sibling Discount

Abbey Gate College and Infant and Junior School (both the college and the school are run by the same body), offer a Sibling Discount, a five percent discount is available for parents who already have one child at the school, if the parent already has two children at the school then the discount rises to ten percent discount off the term fees, additional children (beyond three children) will also receive a five percent discount for each child at the school provided that each child is at the school at the same time.

Supplemental Activities

The college buses and extra curricular events like music and drama lessons are chargeable, parents need to give one half terms notice to end these additional (supplemental) activities, so parents should think about the ongoing cost of these supplemental activities before enrolling their son or daughter on the activity as no scholarship or bursary is available for these supplemental activities.

Old Saightonians Alumni

Abbey Gate College in Saighton Grange gives its name to former pupils of Abbey Gate College by calling their alumni Old Saightonians, for parents thinking of applying for a scholarship or bursary at Abbey Gate College or itís associated infant and junior school, I say go ahead, what have you got to lose, if your child is academically able then why not try to get a scholarship, itís not only the high standard of the education that your son or daughter will receive that should be a guiding thought behind your application but also the opportunities that will present themselves to your children because they have been to Abbey Gate College or a similar independent school.

Winning A Scholarship

There is no embarrassment about applying for and winning a scholarship, only the brightest and most gifted students will be selected for a scholarship the students receiving the scholarship are at a much higher ability than the paying students because only the best students are awarded the scholarship after sitting a rigorous test and examination programme with the school.

Thereís a range of scholarships to choose from, not just academic scholarships for English and Maths but Music, Drama and Arts based scholarships, so if your child has sporting ability, artistic ability or acting ability then they too can be offered a scholarship. Parents will have to decide if a twenty percent reduction in course fees is affordable for the parent, the academic scholarships provide free tuition for the student whilst the sports and arts based scholarships provide a discount. There are Student Loans available for students which can be used at Abbey Gate College as well as school fee refund programmes.

School Fees Refund Programme

With the school fees refund programme if your child cannot attend school for a period due to illness or being in contact with an infectious person or is injured and cannot attend school then your school fees will be refunded to you. There is a cost to join the school fees refund programme, for day pupils itís 1.5% of the school fees, an additional amount your need to pay each term, if however your concerned about having to pay school fees when your son or daughter is absent from school then you might find this worthwhile.