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Welcome to Free Scholarships where your find all you need to know about getting National Scholarships at the University of Exeter, Academic Scholarships at the University of Kent, Scholarships for Students at the University of Edinburgh, University Scholarships at the University of Glasgow, Student Scholarships at Kingston University London, College Scholarship at University College London UCL, Full Ride Scholarships at Cardiff University, Full Scholarships at The University of Sheffield, Graduate Scholarships at the University of Leeds, Scholarships for Graduate Students at Swansea University or Student Grants at the University of Bristol for an undergraduate degree or a postgraduate degree like a masters or doctorate, your find information on how to apply for a free scholarship as well as what free scholarships are available.

Institutional Scholarships like the Fulbright Scholarship, World Bank Free Scholarships for Developing Countries, College Bound Scholarship, Scholarships for African Americans at the University of Oxford, Scholarships for Minorities from the National Film and Television School, Art Scholarships from the Leverhulme Trust, Hispanic Scholarships at ARTES Iberian and Latin American Visual Culture Group, Free Scholarships for Hispanics at Kings College London, UNCF scholarships, NAACP Scholarships, AB540 Scholarships, Sallie Mae Free Scholarships, Free Spirit Scholarship in Journalism and Channel 7 Free Scholarships.

Scholarships for women like Nursing Scholarships, Scholarships for Single Mothers at the London School of Economics, Scholarships for Women the Jeanette Rankin Women's Scholarship Fund and Engineering Scholarships from the Women's Engineering Society. Independent school (private school) scholarships like Scholarships for Girls at Roedean School, Abbotsholme School International Scholarships, Abingdon School Scholarships and Bursaries, Ackworth School Scholarships and Bursaries, Ampleforth College and St Martins Ampleforth School Scholarships and Bursaries, Free Scholarships and Bursaries At Ardingly College, Prep School and Nursery, Ashville Independent Day and Boarding School in Harrogate Yorkshire, Bablake School Independent Co-Educational Day School For 3 To 18 Year Olds, Bancrofts School Scholarships At 7, 11 And 16 Plus, Bedes Nursery, Prep School, Senior School, Summer School and Legat School Of Dance Scholarships and Bursaries, Bedford Modern School Bursaries In Performance Arts, Music, Art, Design, IT, Sport and Academic Subjects and Abbey Gate College Scholarships.

University and College based Scholarships like Free Will Baptist Scholarships, Maru a Pula Free Scholarships, Free Scholarships for International Students at the University of Birmingham, Free Scholarships to Harvard University, Free Scholarships at Brandman University, Free Scholarship Programs at University of Michigan Flint and Free Scholarships at Bradford University, Free Scholarships at UMSL, Free Scholarships At Wake Tech Community College in Raleigh and information on the qualifications your need to get a free scholarship.

You might be looking for a free scholarship because you can't afford to pay for your own education or you might be a parent looking for options for your son or daughter, or you might just be interested in the fun scholarships available like The Big Bang Theory Is Making Students Dreams Come True. I know from personal experience what it is like to want to continue your education and how important it is to be able to find all the scholarships available.

I've worked in higher education for many years and have helped many students achieve their lifelong ambitions by studying for a first or second degree, of course you might be thinking of studying abroad or in your own country so you'll find details of free scholarships available in many different countries for both public scholarships like the Bill Gates Scholarship and company scholarships like the Coca Cola Scholarship, Pepsi Scholarships, Walmart Scholarship, McDonalds Scholarship, Burger King Scholarship or Tylenol Scholarship or grants like the Pell Grant.

Higher Education

These free scholarships and loans like Student Loans from SLC the Student Loans Company have different entrance requirements, some scholarships are for minority groups only or for sufferers of specific medical conditions or from specific social backgrounds, other free scholarships are available for everyone, some are assessed by writing an essay, other scholarships are awarded simply by being selected after you have made your application.

Many scholarships require applicants to apply whilst located in their country of birth, these scholarships are awarded to students from specific countries, where there are specific entrance requirements I'll list them and I'll offer tips on how to apply for a free scholarship.

A word of warning about websites that require you to register for a free scholarship or apply to win a scholarship, these types of websites are rarely offering a scholarship and just want to bombard you with advertisements for paid scholarships, it's a sad yet obvious state of affairs that universities are looking for foreign students who will pay for their education.

Scholarships Change

As governments around the world remove or reduce funding for universities, the universities themselves must find a way to be self-funding, this has led many modern universities to be more like businesses than the centres of learning that you would hope and imagine they would be, that's not to say that there are not free scholarships or endowments available, there are but you need to know about the free scholarships in the first place, how to apply and how to make the best impression with your application form and that's what I aim to do with the information on my website.

You won't find any requirement to register or pay for any information like other websites, there are advertisements on the site to help pay for providing this free service to you and if you find the adverts relevant and interesting then feel free to explore them, if you just wish to read the free information about scholarships then I also welcome you, your never be asked to register or fill in forms and I'll always direct you to the best free scholarships available.

Scholarship information changes, old scholarships are withdrawn and new scholarships are created, scholarship entrance requirements change and universities target different types of students each year to meet their quotas, some years students from Africa will be in demand and so entrance requirements for African students will be lowered, other years students from China are in demand to meet quotas and Chinese students will find that more scholarships are available or entrance requirements are lowered that year.

Scholarships from Different Countries

It's not just students from different countries that are in demand for scholarships, but subject popularity changes year by year with increased quotas for say engineering students one year and then increased quotas for fashion design degree courses the next year, course popularity changes each year and universities have to meet quotas for all courses, they do this by making it easier or harder for students to get a place at university, for example what's called STEM courses are currently in demand, that's students studying Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics courses, so your find it easier to get a scholarship in one of these disciplines currently.

Many students worry about the level of English required to complete a course of study at the degree level whilst studying abroad, so students often decide to pay for extra English language lessons or qualifications to improve their English, always check the English requirements and qualifications accepted for a scholarship before you pay for a English language course, you don't want to find that the English language qualification you have been studying hard for is not accepted by the university as a suitable entrance requirement.

If you're looking to study a specific subject at university say marine engineering for example then you might find that a scholarship is only available for say agricultural engineering so your have to apply for the agricultural engineering scholarship if you want an engineering scholarship, you're usually be able to specialise with different modules on the course so you will still be able to customise the course, but it's worth remembering that if you have a free scholarship the university or a company or individual that is making an endowment and that will be for a subject that they want to see studied.

Prestigious Universities

You can study in many countries around the world with a free scholarship from the USA, Canada, UK, Germany, France, Italy and many other European countries as well as Russia, China, Australia, Singapore and many more countries around the world, wherever there is a well-established university there will be scholarships available.

These scholarships come from some of the most prestigious universities in the world like Oxford University or Cambridge University in England or MIT or Stanford University in the USA as well as many prestigious universities in Europe, Australia and across Asia.

In many universities the degree will be taught in English so you don't have to worry about learning a foreign language, of course some universities will have lessons taught in the local language and here you will often be offered and be required to attend language classes as well as classes for your chosen subject of study, for other scholarships you will be required to know the language before you attend the university.

Undergraduate and Postgraduate

You can get a free scholarship for both a first degree like a B.Sc. degree or a B.A degree or for a second degree like a M.Sc., M.A or PhD course of study, in fact currently universities are taking more foreign students for undergraduate courses of study than they are for postgraduate courses of study which is actually very surprising as for many years most foreign students would go abroad to study a postgraduate or second degree such as a master's degree or a doctoral degree.

Whilst some free scholarships or endowment programmes will also give you money for flights home and living expenses, even finding an apartment or room for you to live in whilst studying many scholarship programmes will not provide extra funding and your have to get a part time job to help pay for living expenses like food, rent, clothing, entertainment and books, many countries will have legal restrictions on how many hours a foreign student can work whilst undergoing a course of study, but you should be able to work enough hours to both support yourself financially and complete your studies.

Some foreign students will want to go home after they have studied abroad and other students will want to stay in the country in which they have studied and become accustomed to live in, some countries and indeed subjects studied make it easier to apply for a visa after you have studied, for example England currently needs more science graduates, so your find it easier to get a visa to stay in England if you have a science degree where as a student with an arts degree would find it harder to get a visa in England.

Entrance Requirements

Where this information is known, your find it listed with the specific scholarships, you can always check the home office or visa websites for the country your interested in to see which subjects are in demand, many students think that there must be some sort of secret list of degree subjects which are accepted for visa applications, but the truth is that this information is commonly available and not secret at all, where I have any information on specific universities requiring specific subjects and a history of helping students with their visa applications, I'll list the requirements along with the scholarship information.

If your concerned that you don't have the correct entrance requirements for a undergraduate course you can often do an access course or foundation degree course, these access courses or pathway courses as they are also known provide the prerequisite experience before you start the proper degree course, this extra experience might be foreign language skills, English skills or a grounding in mathematics, science or any other discipline connected to the course as well as more basic skills like how to learn properly and how to study at a higher level.

Students are often concerned about how they will be received in a foreign country, will they face discrimination or will there be many students from foreign countries in their class making it easier to settle in, I include this information where it's relevant for any scholarships so potential students won't be so worried.

Do You Have Questions

Also if you have specific questions I haven't covered then feel free to contact me through the link at the bottom of each page, I'll often create a page to answer specific questions I get through email, I do get a lot of questions through email though, so I prefer to add a page to the website for the benefit of all rather than answering individual questions.

I strongly encourage all students looking for Scholarships for International Students from Chevening or How to get Scholarships from the Commonwealth Scholarship Commission or International Undergraduate Scholarships from the University of Westminster to Study Abroad or find a free scholarship to not pay for any information but instead use this website and university websites directly to find out about scholarships, most websites asking for money don't have scholarships available but instead want you to pay to join a list of potential scholarships, think about this for a minute, you're looking for a free scholarship and a company or website is asking you to pay, they obviously don't have any free scholarships because if they did they would just publish the information.

You might be the first person in your family ever to consider studying for a degree, you might also be the first person in your family ever to go abroad or study abroad, I understand how frightening and yet exciting that is, I also understand that without finance many students just can't consider studying abroad and that's why I made this website to give all students from around the world the same opportunities to study that I had, a degree or postgraduate degree not only gives you a qualification that helps you to get a good job but studying abroad expands the mind and makes you a more rounded individual, as the saying goes, travel broadens the mind and combining travel with studying is one of the best ways to spend your youth, your gain valuable qualifications that can be used to gain a good job either in your home country on in your adopted country and studying in and living in another country will prepare you for working in that country or if you return home your have the skills you need to work for international companies.

Apply for Free Scholarships

You can apply for a free scholarship directly to the university, company or institution offering the scholarship, you don't need to visit the university to make your application you can do that electronically over the Internet, you might be required to attend a Skype or video conferencing interview of even a telephone interview, but these will be much later in the application process when there is a good chance that your application will be approved.

Explore the website, learn all about free scholarships and apply for any scholarships you are interested in, I wish you good luck in your scholarship application and your study abroad.